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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 7 Recap

"I Don't Wanna Die"

We start off with a recap of Chris Scambler and Captain Keith making the Coast Guard call again.  The Coast Guard is 15 minutes away. Good thing they weren't farther away, Chris isn't looking too good.

The person on the radio asks Captain Keith if they have administered any aid at this time. Captain Keith tells her what they have done. The guys are pouring Gatorade down Chris's throat. It's been 45 minutes. Captain Keith says he needs some bodies on deck real quick.

The USCG helicopter arrives, they put a swimmer on deck to assess the patient. Gary Soper is on deck with Freddie. Gary says he's never been in a medevac rescue like this. Kind of has him nervous. They set the swimmer down on top of the pots.

Captain Keith tells Soper to take the wheel and monitor the helo. The USCG guy goes to Chris, he asks him his name and if he can hear him. Chris responds but I don't know what he said. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Chris or Scambler. The USCG man asks Captain Keith what happened? Captain Keith tells him he literally walked off deck complaining of numbness, tingling and he started convulsing. The USCG man tells Chris they are going to lower a litter and get him to Cold Bay.

They lower the litter and strap Chris Scambler in. They take him up on deck. His hands are still are cramped up like claws. They get on deck and put the litter on the crab table so the helicopter can lift him off. Then Chris informs them he has to pee. Captain Keith, Lenny Lekanoff, and Freddie Maughtai get up on the table, turn the litter sideways and Captain Keith holds Chris's pants open so he can pee. I really can't believe they are showing this on television. LMAO Chris is okay. I can laugh now. Nice steady stream. I'm going to say he's not to dehydrated. Okay so I'm not a big Captain Keith fan but I gotta give props where props are due. The man gets credit for helping the dude to pee and probably getting pee on his shoes. That gets bonus points in my book and he hardly even knows this guy. I sure hope they bleach that table. Ewwww! Boil your crabs for sure people. They might have been on that table. 

They load Chris into the helicopter and then the swimmer successfully. Captain Keith goes back to the wheelhouse where Gary Soper is. Everyone is just standing around in shock, I think just trying to figure out what the heck went wrong with Chris. Again, credit to Chris Scambler, he did work until he dropped. Better than a lot of the greenhorns we've seen.

Captain Keith says he doesn't know what to say, he is speechless. What do you do? One minute you are setting gear, the next minute you are in the middle of a major medical emergency. Mike Rowe says the crew is shell shocked. I'd say that about sums it up. Now Captain Keith wonders it he made a mistake keeping someone that was incapable of doing this job, doing this job. There is no question he was a fish out of water. Captain Keith worries they did something wrong or were too tough on him. I don't know. Last week they showed Chris eating a pretty good meal before he went out on deck. I don't think he was seasick from what they showed us. I think he must have had a medical condition he didn't know about. Maybe we will find out eventually.  Freddie would like a chance to apologize to him, he says he feels like an ass and feels sick to his stomach.

Captain Keith goes out to tell the guys they did a stellar job during the emergency and that Chris was in good hands. Captain Keith thinks the best thing to do is to start setting gear to get their heads back in the game. Do what they do. They are going to dedicate the first string to Chris.

On the Northwestern, Time Bandit, Seabrooke and Ramblin' Rose. They are listening to a weather report telling them an Artic hurricane is on it's way. Captain Scott, Jr says they are talking about this is the storm of the century. Two storms are colliding creating the most severe hurricane to hit the Bering Sea since 1977. It will blow through the blue crab grounds and then the red.

Most of the fleet is hiding behind St. Matthew's Island. Mike Rowe says retreat is not an option for the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott tells the crew about the weather. They are upgraded from 45 to 70 and 20 footers to 35 footers. That they are actually calling it a hurricane. Elliott tells them the weather man could be wrong, they are still going to haul gear, they have a job to do. He's not going to get much gear hauled if he gets his crew killed. The crew is not happy and knows it's going to be bad. They are not confident that Elliott will worry about their safety. Elliott can hear them on deck. He doesn't seem to be bothered by their comments. I wonder how far the hurricane will move set pots? They pull up a pot with one crab. The waves are getting rather big. Elliott's response. The guys are young they can handle it. Shaking my head and biting my tongue. After six hours of pulling pots with one's and two's. The men say it just isn't worth it. Elliott calls down and tells Kado he doesn't want to hear another word. Someone says this is crazy it doesn't make sense. He's a f'ng idiot. One of the guys says he's going to kill us. He's going to grind us until we fall. I think it was Steiner his friend that said that.

A call comes in from the owner. Elliott tells him they have 15 pots left in the string. The owner tells him to anchor up with the rest of the fleet.  Elliott isn't happy. He still doesn't trust the weather report. He says it was blowing 55 yesterday, it went up 5 knots, now it's a big deal. He shuts the crew down. Elliott is pissed off, but it isn't his boat he is putting at risk. Not to mention the crew.

Captain Keith looks at the storm on the radar. He says that's a huge storm. It's covering a 1000 miles and it's heading for Elliott and Captain Scott, Jr. He says if they aren't anchored up behind that island they are crazy. So does Elliott not have the same radar? Can he not see that too? Why doesn't he believe the weather report or the radar. I'm trying really hard here not to call Elliott names.

Captain Sig Hansen is almost finished. He is trying to top off his tanks before the storm hits. He wants a 1000 crab or better. Jake Anderson wants to get home to his fiance and new house. Jake Harris is hoping to get invited back for opies. Jake Harris says he is just trying to sit back and do his job. Captain Sig think Jake is awfully quite. He wonders if he is home sick or what is going on. Captain Sig says it doesn't feel like he is part of the gang yet.

The storm is rolling in as the Northwestern pulls up on their first pot. They pull up the pot it is half full. Nick Mavar says this is a plane ticket right here. Someone yells way to go Hansen! 52 crab in that pot. The next pot is equally as full. They get to the last pot. Edgar has a hook with gloves on it. Two white gloves, one for his dad and one for Captain Phil Harris. A black one for his mother in law that just passed and a green one for Jake Harris because he is still a little green. LMAO Jake Harris says aw come on. He sets the hook on fire. Captain Sig says if you get the pot it's good luck for the next season, if he misses he'll kill him. I always wonder why the fire doesn't burn through the rope and they don't loose the hook. Jake throws the hook and gets the pot.

Captain Sig invites Jake Harris back for Opies.

On the Seabrooke, Captain Scott Campbell, Jr is the last man out fishing. He says he hasn't seen the fleet take cover like this ever. UM Dude you only have one engine. Get out of there! Captain Scott is trying to bring in more crab than anyone else. He wants that legendary status. We want you to have that status alive Captain Scott. I don't like this, get out of there. They pull up a pot with 23. He's still doing way better than Elliott. The next pot has 29. The weather is getting worse. It's blowing 60-70. Junior says it's not gusting, it's just blowing. After six hours Junior is finally forced to quit and go to St. Matthew Island which is 34 miles away. Captain Scott now says we should have left earlier.

Seabrooke 184,450
Northwestern 151,000
Wizard 112,500
Kodiak 104,750
Ramblin' Rose 93,400
Time Bandit 89,500

On the Ramblin' Rose, now anchored behind the island, Elliott is checking the anchor and playing in the wind. He says it blowing 75-80 gusting at 110. He's now glad he's where he is. He says they are a quarter of a mile from the beach and they are taking green water over the bow. Good thing the owner is smarter than he is. One of the guys says he's glad he sent his check home because if they went out they could use the money to bury him with. Now that's just sad that the crew has so little faith in their Captain.

The Seabrooke is still limping to the island with her one engine. Captain Scott says it's like driving 50 mph with a flat front tire. I keep thinking of a photo I saw of the Seabrooke in port listing to one side. It looked pretty bad. Bob Perky said it had something to do with the way the tanks were filled, that it always did that. Well the tanks are full now. So is she listing as well as limping to the island? They are going through the Sarichef Strait. A narrow four mile long channel between St. Matthew and Hall Islands. It's strong currents and reefs are known for shredding boats. Mike Rowe says the violent water around St. Matthews has claimed 7 fishing vessels and 58 lives. Captain Scott cannot even see the Island visibility is so bad. He is relying on his depth finder. Captain Scott says if they loose their engine they will be on the beach so fast it isn't even funny. Mac White says you can hear the wind howling, he hasn't heard howling like that in a while.  Captain Scott says it's so turned up right now he's bearly getting a reading on how deep it is. Alarms go off. The depth gauge fails. Scott says it's like shooting in the dark.

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  1. I'm not a fan of Keith either but I applaud him for his determination in getting Chris the help he needed!

  2. At least he can do one job of a captain. He is such a loser. He can't keep staff,but it is never his fault. He admitted he needs to less of a tyrant, but blames editing for the fact he looks like an a**hole on the show. Why was his boat ever picked for this show?


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