Friday, September 3, 2010

One Life To Live Recap Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blair shot Eli. John arrives in Tahiti at the police station. Eli tells Blair he loved her, and knocks over a candle that sets the place on fire. John tells the police they got the wrong guy. Curtains go up in flames  Blair tries to put fire out.with blanket catches it on fire, throws it across the room, spreading the fire. John is on his way. Blair is trying to get Eli up off the floor.  John opens door ceiling falls, just misses him. He goes in and gets Blair tells her he will go back for Eli, John gets Blair outside, closes the doors behind him and says tell me how was he hurt. Blair, I shot him. John makes phone call hands phone to Blair says report the fire. He goes back in, there's a bunch of ruble burning on the floor where Eli was, can't tell if Eli is there or not. I'm guessing he'll show back up later. Ross arrives, wheres my brother? wheres my brother?

Starr still mad at Cole won't answer his calls. Starr runs into James, he asks her if she wants to talk about it. He said we are trying this friends thing right?  Starr says she doesn't think its a good idea to talk to him about this. James, your right because I would have to tell you you are wrong. James tries to convince Starr her mom will be fine. Todd calls, Starr says she has to go.

Ford continues the lie to Langston that Eli was threatening her, Langston says she's not buying it. But I think she might be. Ford giving a big line telling her he got jealous when she went out with James. He's different now. Promises it won't be like before.  Kisses her. He can't do that if he is her teacher.

Shaun comes back to diner and tells Nate and Destiny that they were too late for Dani to see her mom. Destiny crying. Greg arrived. Shaun starts yelling at Greg, what are you doing here, weren't you going to personally escort Tea's ashes back? So where are they? Where's Tea? Greg the cremation was going to take longer than expected, something came up at the hospital so I arranged to have the remains shipped securely. Shaun, What does that mean? You paid a few extra bucks. Destiny tells Shaun not to blame Greg.  Destiny decides they need to order everything on the menu and take it to Dani and Todd. Greg says he'll pay. I think Shaun knows Greg is up to something. Shaun talks to Dr Wright tells her something is off with Greg.

Dani trying to deal with her mom's death. Doesn't want to go out or eat, going through Tea's things. Dani throws it all at Todd and says he can have it all. Todd says don't you want any memories of her. Dani, I already have memories and they all suck. Dani throwing a tantrum. I'd say she's going through the anger stage.
Doorbell rings, its Destiny and Nate at the door. Todd says we don't want any. Destiny, its free and Dani needs her friends. Dani runs and hugs Destiny. Todd is being a jerk, calls Greg a looser. Destiny says she's an understanding person and she'll give him a free to be a jerk pass for a couple of days, when people are grieving they says things they don't mean. Todd, no I meant it. Destiny, Well I mean this too, gives him a hug and says shes sorry for his loss. Doorbell rings. Todd, No you stay I'll get it, to Destiny. Destiny, even freak shows have feelings. Starr, Vicki and Jessica are at door. Dani thanks Nate for being there.

Jessica goes to doctor and tells her she needs the prophylactic for the Rh factor. Doctor says they have plenty of time. They can do that after the paternity test. Jessica says she doesn't want to have the paternity test until after the baby is born. Vicki runs into Jessica at hospital starts questioning her about why she is there. Todd calls, Vicki ignores the call.

Greg calls Eli and leaves message they need to talk about Tea's death.

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