Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Life To Live Tuesday Recap August 31, 2010

Shaun is onto Greg. Todd and Dani say they've got to figure out how to move on. Greg lies to Shaun and says Tea, never asked for Todd and Dani. Todd tells Dani they should go home. Dani wants to get Tea's things. Wonder what Greg really did with Tea, and how is he going to explain all of her things being gone when she wakes up? Tea is expecting Todd and Dani to be there when she wakes up. Is Greg going to keep her asleep until she dies? Did he "Jack K." her?

John & Bo think Eli is arrested. Can't believe the police didn't have a picture to know they got the wrong guy, and Ross has lived there so long you would think the Tahitian police would know who Ross is. Kinda stupid. Johns getting worried there is a problem in Tahiti. John wants to go to Tahiti and get Eli, Bo says yes he can go.

Star & Langston register for school. Langston is suspicious about David's disappearance. Langston got her hair cut, not sure if I like it or not. I mean its not a bad cut, I just think I like the old doo better. Langston got into the writing class she wanted. Star wants to get into pre-med, going to take writing class with Langston. Guess who's teaching writing class. Yup, Ford.

James & Ford in sauna, agree not to let a woman come between them again. Nate shows up. James wants to get to know him. Nate says its a huge deal to have two brothers, James is willing to give him a chance. Ford is being an ass.  Nate goes to see mom at work and runs into Bo, Matthew comes in and finds out Bo hired Nate's mom, now he's mad about that. I don't like Matthew's new attitude or his whacked out hair. Why when someone starts acting different do they think they have to make their hair stand on end or be all crazy?  Matthew fights with Bo to fire Nate's mom, Bo of course isn't going to do it, so Matthew tells Bo he's going to work with Uncle Clint.

Clint tells Matthew Asa wanted him to run BE. What is Clint up too? Is he trying to keep David out of BE? Tells Matthew he has killer instinct.  Nope like I said previously Clint's mad about Kim leaving. Clint tells Matthew he knows what he did to Nate. Clint says he won't tell Bo, there is no reason Matthew can't be the next CEO, wants him to start working part time at BE to learn the company from the bottom up. Clint says he'll learn more at BE in one week than he will all year in school, starting with how to make sure no woman ever hurts him again.

Blair confronts Eli. Tells him there's a warrant for his arrest, that he wasn't in a hurry to marry her, he's running from the cops. Blair's spilling all she know from Kelly to Eli. Probably not a smart move. Eli says alright I confess. Fact is I have been lying to you in a very long time. Eli's blaming it all on Ross now, says Ross killed all those people and he was trying to protect him. No surprise there. But a lie.  Eli says if he flew to Tahiti by himself to warn Ross it would have raised to many red flags. 

OOh! Eli says you believe me don't you? Blair says not for one damn second as she pulls a gun on him. Go Blair!

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