Thursday, September 2, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Wednesday September 1, 2010

Victoria and Billy are moving into their new house.

Today is Reeds first day of school, Mac is going to fix him his special first day of school breakfast.

Delia is going to her first day of tiny tots school. ?? 

Jana arrives at coffee shop to pick up her last paycheck, Kevin asks her if she signed the divorce papers yet, she hasn't. Kevin tells Jana, that Chloe always says life is like a closet, you have to get rid of things that don't fit anymore. Ouch!

Murphy, Catherine, Nina, Phillip and Chance all in living room. Chance tells Nina this drug mess will be cleared up soon, he has found a way to end it.  Sure am glad to see Murphy back. Nina makes him promise not to do anything dangerous. Phillip says when things settle maybe you can get back with Chloe. Chance doesn't see that happening, tells them she gave the ring back. Paul shows up, Nina tells everyone they may have a lead. Chance surprised Nina is really looking for his brother, thought she was just talking about him because of his birthday. Nina, just wants to tell him she wanted to keep him. Catherine tells her she can't look back only look forward. Paul gets a call from forensic photographer, say he thinks he can help. Nina, I'm going to get to see what my son looks like?

Sid and Ronan meeting at coffee shop. Sid tells Ronan he has a big score coming up, he could use an extra pair of hands. Heather shows up. The boys pretend to be talking about baseball. Sid leaves. Ronan tells Heather he needs her help. She gives him grief, then he tells her he needs her to spy on Chance. Heather still ticked cause Ronan got her fired. Ronan, one wrong move from a stupid jerk and he could end up dead. Heather tells him he and Chance are a lot alike. Then tells him no. Ronan, we can pin a purple heart on him after he gets killed. Heather, take your FBI badge and gritty experience and go back to Washington. Ronan, Your going to help me whether you want to or not. Heather, You can't push me around just because you have an FBI badge and a big ego. Ronan, I have a case to solve and if you don't step up a two year investigation is going to go down the tubes. Heather, all you care about is your precious case rounding up the bad guys, oh oops sorry lost a few of the good ones in my way, collateral damage. Ronan, that's right it happens. Heather, I don't want anything to do with it. Maybe I should go fill Chance in on what your up too. Ronan, I can imagine how he'll thank you for that. Heather trys to slap him in the face he grabs her hand and stops her, says that only happens once.  Heather and Ronan continue to go around, she says you can't make me help this isn't a police state, he says okay when Chance goes down its on you.

Jana applying for new job in art, Jana tells the lady she will volunteer for a week or two and if everything works out she can hire her. Ha, Jana is the new art teacher at the school. So much for teacher background checks I guess.

Victoria and Billy show up at coffee shop, everyone talking about kids and school. Victoria tells Reed he is going to come over to the new house after school and is going to be spending lots of time there. JT kinda rolls his eyes. Gloria now at the coffee shop questioning Kevin about how things are going he says on a scale of 1-10 a 20, but they were a 30 before Mac helped out. Gloria offers Kevin a job running accounting and computers at Gloworm.Says she and Jeffery want this and he can do it while still running the coffee shop.

Chance goes to Chloe and says really an envelope under the door that's how were going to call it off. Chloe, well you were really busy. Chance you heard me and Heather, Chloe, didn't want to spoil the fun. Chance, I know that your not going to believe me but I love you, Chloe, call me a sucker I know. Chance, will you take this back referring to the ring. Right, he sleeps with Heather Chloe goes to return his ring he's sleeping with Heather again, sure she'll take you back. Chloe, I'm not that much of a sucker. Chance, I'll never forgive myself for hurting you, you changed my life everything about it. Chloe says I know I'm not going to be your last, but I'm glad I was your first.

Chance leaves, phone rings inside Chloes apartment it's Chances. Chloe looks at it, knock at the door, Chance forgot his phone. Chloe, why is Teague Harding calling you? Chance Teague's a buddy. Chloe, he's also a reporter. What are you up to? Chance says they are going to meet in an alley behind Jimmy's, he going to tell Harding about everything, Ronan, DA, and dirty cops everything. Chloe, your going to end up in a river, please don't do this your mother already lost one son. Chance, I'm doing it. Chloe, Ronan doesn't think.. Chance, I don't care what Ronan thinks. Chloe, I know that you don't trust him. Chance, and you do, tonight were going to find out whose right. Chance exits. Chloe calls someone presumably Ronan and says I need to see you right away.

Billy wants to take pictures of him and Victoria and the new house, goes in her purse for camera and pulls out the pregnancy test.  I forgot they ended the show with someone buying a pregnancy test yesterday. Well now we know who bought it. Billy, when were you going to tell me. Victoria, I didn't want to get our hopes up. Billy, No sense in waiting right? Hands the test to Victoria.

Heather comes home Chance is sitting in her apartment. Said he still had a spare key hope she didn't mind. Told her he ended things officially with Chloe. Told her that he told Chloe he is not giving up on drug ring, then he tells Heather he wants her beside him. 

Chloe meets Ronan at coffee shop. Says she wanted to apologize for over reacting at the apartment the other night. Flirting with Ronan. Ronan, why did you want to meet, what's going on with Chance? I trusted you enough to tell you he's my brother, you can trust me, now what do you know.

JT got Mac a present. Hand towels, big box little towels?? JT and Mac make out, then go pick up Reed. Esther picks up Delia, Jana says oh I was expecting Chloe.  Esther, she's busy.  Jana busy with Uncle Kevin. Esther, I don't know she just said she was busy. Jana calls Kevin, Kevin ignores call and tells Gloria tell Jeff I'll take the job.

Chloe gets home Heather tries to get Chloe to tell her what Chance is doing and wants to know if she told Ronan where he was going. Chance is behind Jimmy's. Heather calls Ronan tells him where Chance is he leaves and Sid comes out of the shadows, and calls someone and tells them he just left.

Victoria comes down stairs and Billy is gone. Billy's at Jimmy's ordering a shot of scotch, says leave the bottle right there.

There are rumors floating around today that JT and Mac are leaving the show. I'm not sure that I should believe the rumors. There were also rumors that Victor, Nikki and Phyllis were leaving the show. I would hate to see them leave but it would be interesting if JT takes Reed and leaves town. Not only would Victoria be upset, I'm sure Victor wouldn't be too happy either. 

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