Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Young & Restless Recap August 31, 2010

Time for Phyllis to get even. She's working on her new blog, The Real Home Wreckers of Genoa City.

Ashley and Lauren at spa, Ashley signed over half of Fenmore's to Jill. Jill's already making changes. I smell a fight coming on. Ashley arrives at Fenmore's, goes in her office and Jill has moved a desk in, said she is entitled to half of the office. Ashley goes back to the spa to work. Must be nice. Finds out Jill canceled a meeting. Ut oh now Jill is at the spa. Lauren says she's messing with wrong woman, having some kind of phone texting battle or something. Lauren puts Jills hand in goo. Now they are in the sauna making it over steam. Lauren rips Restless Style Magazine in half and gives it to Jill saying halves all the way. Jill and Lauren walking around spa fighting, kinda comical.

Nikki pouring herself a drink. Op, just a dream. Nikki goes to spa and meets up with Ashley. Discuss Victor and Nikki getting married. Rehashing old stuff, Ashley is happy for the two of them. 
Vitoria and Mac on yoga mats, Chloe arrives. Chloe sees Victoria's tattoo of  Billy on her back. Mac defends Billy and Victoria to Chloe. Phyllis sitting outside yoga class listening. 

Now Chloe at coffee shop, runs into Heather says no matter how many times she tells Chance to stay away from this case he won't listen. Chloe, well maybe you should try and talk to him when your not naked or horizontal. LOL Chloe said I tried to tell him not to cheat on me he didn't listen. Chloe tells Heather she returned Chances ring. Heather says Ronan is a pig, and Chloe just uses him to make Chance jealous. Heather tells Chloe she'll probably be much happier with Ronan.

Victoria talking to Ashley at the spa, tells her her and Billy bought a house. Ashley says its a bold move, your fathers shadow looms, but once your out from under it, its a huge sense of accomplishment.

Phyllis takes Summer to park, runs into Sharon. Tells Sharon if she wants to shack up with Nick, don't include her daughter. Sharon has moved out of tack house, tells Phyllis Nick wasn't staying there with her. Phyllis tells Sharon about the blonde bimbo Nick was making out with at the bar.

Nikki goes to talk to Catherine is talking about her urge to drink. Nikki thinks the dream about drinking is a message she shouldn't remarry Victor.  Nikki says Victor is a part of her soul. Catherine tells Nikki to get married stay married find a new hobby other than divorce.  Where the heck is Murphy?

Now Abby at spa with Ashley. Abby says she wouldn't cross the street for a guy, because of Ashley ??? Ahsley said the stuff that happened with Victor was because of Adam. Abby, its because of all the other ones, she is not going to make decisions based on a man. No man will turn her into arm candy. Ashley says she won't let it happen again. Abby, what if the man in your life can't be trusted. Oh, you mean like Tucker?

Phyllis now at coffee shop with Chloe. Phyllis, wasn't ease dropping but heard you having a heated conversation with assistant district attorney. Chloe, yea about how my engagement got broken off. Phyllis, sorry about that. Chloe, I guess it means all nice guys can't be trusted. Phyllis, so I guess you just go for the guy that's up front about being a jerk. If you do that please don't whimper and whine about being disappointed and then pretend like your being all brave about it. I hate women like that. Chloe, okay what did I say. Phyllis, Nothing , nothing, I'm just so tired of patsy's and pollyanna's, put your big girl pants on and get going,  do something about it. That's what I'm doing. Ohhhh Phyllis' revenge is gonna be sweet.

Chloe calls Ronan, leaves message she wants to see him.  Phyllis send new blog link to everyone.

Nov Chloe, Heather, and Sharon are at the spa. Abby calling camera crew, everyone gets text about Phyllis' blog. The Real Home Wreckers of Genoa City. Phyllis arrives at spa, everyone reading comments from blog. Everyone thinks the blog comments are about them and are giving Phyllis crap, except Abby who requests if Phyllis is going to talk about her that she link to her page. LOL

Nikki goes home and asks Meggie to make her another delicious smoothie.

Someone at the store buying a pregnancy test. Hum??? Heather?,  Mac?, Victoria? Wonder who it will be? Oh, Maybe Ashley.

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