Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Monday August 30, 2010

Jana tearing up pictures of Chloe.(I'm seeing another stalker plot coming)

Kevin got divorce papers from Michael. Chloe asks Kevin if he sees any other way out of this than divorce. Kevin, no. Chloe, then don't put off on signing.

Victoria tells Billy he should put on a shirt to cover up his tattoo (He's going to gym). Looks like Victoria combed her hair today. Billy, nobody knows its that Victor, they'll just think I'm gay. Victoria tells him he is not buff enough to be gay. LOL Good one! Gloria calls and says new house is ready.

Victor to Nikki you didn't sleep well last night. Nikki tells Victor she has the urge to drink. What she didn't figure out her drink was spiked? Didn't even get a little buzz?  Says she will talk to Catherine.

Jack to Ashley, Jack's upset because Adam dropped the lawsuit against the Newsman's and not the Abbott's. Says Victor loves that the Abbott's are swinging in the wind. Ashley says she will talk to Adam. Jack, good luck with that. Jack's going to talk to Skye, Ashley says she will occupy Adam, Jack tells her stay away. Ashley of course isn't going to listen.

Skye says the longer it takes to get the word out about the fund the less money they have to play with. Adam tells her they would have had plenty of money if she hadn't interfered with law suit. Skye, it doesn't make since to be suing one of their investors Jack Abbott. Adam - Jacks not going to get off that easy.

Victoria tells Nikki about the new house and that she and Billy are buying together. Nikki not surprised. Nikki, What are you trying to prove, have you thought about Reed, everything is backwards. You had sex with him before you liked him, you married him before you loved him and now your buying a house before you have a commitment. Victoria, if everything goes to hell we'll sell the house. Thanks to Billy I'm moving on with my life and having fun. Nikki, I suppose you want me to tell your father. Victoria, you can tell him or not, I don't care if he approves or disapproves. He can yell his head off if he wants to.

Victor is at gym with Billy, asks him what's that on your shoulder. LOL Victor sees Billy's shoulder asks him if he lost a bet or what? Billy, has nothing to do with you. Victor, what do you mean it has my name on it, is that thing for real? Billy, I love you big guy, it's all part of the big plan to drive you crazy. LOL Tells him about the tattoo guy. Victor, laughing. Good scene!

Jana tells Chloe that everyone that loves Kevin is upset with her. Asks Chloe if she is involved with Kevin. Explains she screwed up, says all Kevin wanted to do was help her, she just wants her life back. (crying) Amazing how quick her brain trauma healed. Kevin interrupts asks to speak to Jana, gives her the divorce papers, Jana runs off crying. Kevin finds her out on the patio and tells her its all pretty basic, not much to split. Jana, you were trying so hard, why couldn't I feel anything then, instead of now when its just killing me, asks for another chance. Kevin, I think that would be more painful for both of us, we need to just get through this. Jana cries and hugs him. Kevin says good bye. Jana gets an evil look on her face after Kevin walks away.

Jack runs into Gloria whose waving her commission check, Jack tries to take it, says she still owes him a lot of money. Gloria, puts the check down her bra and says fight me for it. Jack, My lawyer will be in touch.

Jack meets with Skye. Jack, somehow Victor got Adam to drop the lawsuit. Skye, I'm not prepared to discuss that, unless of course there is something in it for me. Skye tells Jack she wants all his friends to invest in Newman Fund. Jack makes a call and recommends fund. Skye tells Jack Victor didn't get Adam to drop the suit she did. Skye told Jack she threatened to testify that Adam helped faked her death. Says she needs Adams full attention to get the hedge fund off the ground.

Ashley to Adam You took my daughter from me and nearly my insanity and now you want my money. Adam, this isn't about money, its about my reputation. Ashley, You killed my daughter. Adam, I know your devastated with your loss, and I understand you'll try and blame anyone you can. Ashley, this is the part where you remind me what great friends we were, I can see right through you. Adam, I think we should probably talk through our lawyers. Ashley, your not going to sue me Adam, I'm gonna find out what Victor has on you and nail your ass to the wall. Jack calls Ashley and tells her she can leave Adam, they have what they need.

Billy tells Victoria Victor likes his tattoo and that her dad laughed. She said her dad has been known to soften people up before he goes in for the kill. Knock on door, its a tattoo guy, said Mr. Newman sent him. Billy's tattoo is completed.

Victor boxing at the gym recalling events about Ashley and Adam. Victor calls Ashley.

Skye tells Adam turns out filing this law suit against the Abbott's was a brilliant move on his part. Said Jack would do almost anything to make it go away. Adam, how much did you tell him. Skye, hardly anything, but if you don't call and drop the suit against the Abbott's I'm going to spill my guts.

Jack and Ashley meet at Gloworm, Victor shows up. Ashley had invited him. Jack tells Victor he knows why Adam dropped the charges and knows why. Victor, did it surprise you how Adam blackmailed Dr. Taylor? Skye wrote a phony diary, at the urging of Adam. Jack, and who convinced you to tell us. Victor, I was going ot keep this under wraps but your sister has gone through enough. Victoria and Billy show up at Gloworm to pick up keys to house from Gloria. Victor sees them from across the room. Jack tells Victor they bought a house. Victor goes over and congratulates them. Victoria, Asks Victor not to cause a scene. Victor asks Billy if his tattoo came out okay. Victoria, says that's it? Victor, I'm not in the habit of wasting time on lost causes. Tells her to do what she has to do. Hairs getting skanky again. Victoria has such beautiful hair, I just don't know what's going on lately.

Chloe to Kevin, Is it a done deal? Shows him the cover of them on Restless Style, tries to cheer him up.

Megge spiking another drink, a smoothie this time, just happens to have two when Nikki comes in. Nikki says its good. (I guess since Megge's a bartender she knows how to make drinks that don't taste like alcohol, I still think Nikki would know she's had alcohol)

Ashley goes to Adams room to confront Skye and Adam. Ashley tells Adam she's going to take everything away from him just like he tried to do to her.

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