Saturday, September 4, 2010

General Hospital Friday Recap, September 3, 2010

Lisa's back to work. 

Brenda meets Murphy. Guess it was him on the phone. I thought it was a setup. Sonny still doesn't see them. Woman talks to Sonny at cafe. He's telling her his life story. 

Murphy tells Brenda Suzanne called him. Two men have a picture of Brenda and say this is the woman we're looking for. Brenda and Murphy fight about him coming there. Murphy leaves mad. Brenda chases after him. Brenda going down elevator, two guys with the picture have gun, Sonny's watching door to hotel. Brenda gets off elevator, Sonny turns away from door.Brenda walks outside. The two guys are trying to drug Murphy while he is struggling with them the gun goes off, Brenda now outside hears the shot, Sonny walks up behind her, Brenda turns and smiles at him. Gee you would think Sonny would recognize the sound of gun fire. I guess they are just so much in love they can't pay attention to the world around them.

Jax is trying to figure out what Carly is up to. Jax thinks Carly is jealous of Brenda.

Jason, tells Sam Brenda was a pain in his butt, she's used to people falling all over her, she feels entitled. Sam, she was your wife. Jason, that was blackmail. Sam, oh I get it, its the same as when I was pregnant with Sonny's baby. Jason, no it was different, I wanted to help you. Her mother had some kind of mental illness where there was a high chance she could pass it on to Brenda, once Brenda got that in her head she thought she was going to go insane. So she figured as her husband I could commit her when the time came. Sam, well did she inherit the gene. Jason, no that's what I'm talking about she was addicted to the drama in her own life.We did not have to get married but we did.  Sam, after all these years do you still feel obligated. Jason, what are you worried I might like Brenda? Jason tells Sam she is nothing like Brenda.

Micheal trying to get his answer from Johnny. Johnny lies to him, says Sonny shot an unarmed man. Michael screaming at Johnny to call the cops and tell the truth. Lucky comes in and tells Micheal to back off before he finds himself in so much trouble no body can get him out. Lucky sends Micheal out of the room. Questions Johnny about why he was walking down the street without a weapon. Johnny, says how would you like a new job? Lucky says if your gearing up to offer me a bribe I have no problem arresting you right now in the ICU. Johnny, I don't want a cop on my payroll I want Lucky Spencer. Lucky, what are you suggesting I quit the force and work for you. Johnny, ten times the pay, ten times the freedom, wouldn't you rather laugh with the sinners than die with the saints.

Patrick gets a surgery that requires an orthopedist. Gives it to Dr. Tydal. Lisa goes up and tells Dr Tydal a story about some woman being mad and going to sue him so she can take the surgery away from him. 

Christina tells Michael she wants to go to PC High. Michael tells Christina he's thinking about dropping out.

Lucky goes to Lulu and tells her about Johnny's offer. Says there was a part of him that wanted to say yes. 

Dante goes to see Jason to see if he knows where Sonny is. Says he doesn't believe Sonny is guilty, but he has no proof. Dante tells Jason  you have no limits and you have Spinelli. (Time for Spinelli to find the shooting on a traffic cam) Dante opens the door to leave and Carly walks in, Dante is behind the door and Carly doesn't see him. She says I can't tell you how crazy it makes me knowing Sonny is off, she turns around and sees Dante who says Sonny is off with who? 

Robin leaves her lab, when she comes back someone (Lisa) has a teddy bear boiling. ?? Fatal Attraction, Really, come on writers get original. What did you want to leave work early? 

I didn't watch General Hospital when Brenda was on here before. I keep hearing Spinelli refer to the regrettably pink room, is there a story to that or did Brenda just paint it pink when she lived there.

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