Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All My Children Recap Monday August 30, 2010

JR calling someone to tell them he's going to be running the Nano tech project while Scott is on honeymoon. Hum wonder if Scott knows this.

Kendall/Liza Kendall, whats the deal with you and Hayward? Liza, David is my client, why do you care. Kendall, Fusion has some legal matters that need handled. (Guess that means she's back at Fusion) Jack and Erica are out of country indefinitely (?? hope they are just on vacation) and the legal department is overwhelmed. I may not like you but your good at what you do. The only draw back is the David, could be  a conflict of interest. Liza, David is married to the co owner of Fusion. Kendall, yes but if it comes out that David had something to do with plane crash and your his lawyer that's a problem. Liza, there have never been any charges brought against David related to that crash. If I knew something about David and the plane crash I certainly wouldn't tell you, thanks but no thanks.

David tells Madison he could be her friend they both have same interests. Both want Ryan out of Greenlee's life.  Madison says everything is fine and none of his business. I can't make up my mind on Madison they keep changing whether she's good or bad so I can't trust her. Madison says she trusts Ryan, David should try it. David, I love Greenlee. Madison, yes but you don't trust her, so why are you married to her, better question why is she married to you.

Greenlee tells Ryan David has ramped up his search for the mechanic. Says she got herself into this marriage she'll get herself out. She doesn't want to put Ryan in the middle of things.

Annie and Scott in bed discussing beautiful wedding. Yuck! These two are nasty together. Phone rings someone calls Scott and tells him what JR is up too.

Marissa and JR discuss a peaceful divorce for AJ's sake. JR suggests they try the Tad and Krystal thing and that Marissa live there. I still don't like Marissa, just can't connect with her. She tells JR no to living there.

JR says he's going to concentrate on building family and company, offers Colby a job. JR says he's going to get rid of Scott. Colby says she won't choose sides, he's exactly like dad. JR says he's going after what he wants. Scott walks in and says and what's that? JR, I want you out of the company, house and my life. Scott, Annie and I are moving out as soon as we come back from honeymoon, as far as Chandler goes your stuck with me. Colby tries to stop fight. JR tells her get out, she slams the door and runs into Damon and Asher. (Thought: Maybe Asher is related to Scott, wasn't he adopted? I didn't watch back then, or maybe Asher is related to Cindy Scotts' mother)  Asher tells Colby she should take the job,  be in the middle of things to keep peace.

Annie/Marissa Cat fight over Marissa sleeping with Scott. These two are just sad.

Kendall updates Ryan he goes and runs into Liza, she tells him to back off too. Ryan tells Kendall Liza knows about the blackmail and he thinks Kendall should back off, Zach isn't going to like her being involved.

Liza tells David she is going to give the blackmail info back, she's not comfortable with it. David said he's thinking of destroying it. Greenlee's been trying really hard to prove she can be trusted, is committed to marriage. Liza, really. David, I'm tired of holding it over her head and I want her to love me for who I am.

Ryan tells Kendall he and Greenlee are done as soon as he gets her away from David. Says he can't do that again. (yeah, right)

Greenlee confronts David about talking to Madison. David, what if I destroy the evidence, I don't want to blackmail you, prove to me you love me and I'll get rid of all of it. Greenlee, I can do that.

Asher says his mom died when he was born, dad died in a car accident soon after, another relative later shipped  him off to boarding school. Says he has no real family.

Colby said she always wanted to work for Chandler she just never felt good enough and no one ever asked her. Decided to take job.

JR tells Annie she made a mistake and is going to have to wake up every morning with Scotts face on a pillow next to her. I'm so over Annie and her sleeping with everyone named Chandler who's next Colby?

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