Thursday, September 2, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Thursday September 2, 2010

Victor calls Jack to see if he has gotten a look inside the Newman fund yet?

Abby and Jack plot to get her trust. They are meeting with an attorney who turns out to be Adam's attorney Vance. Abby is mad at the attorney because he humiliated her mother on the stand. Jack says this is the guy to get your trust. Vance says Ashley won't be sued in the law suit. Vance says her portfolio has had a considerable loss in funds. Wants to know if she is ready for the press. Are you kidding me? It's Abby. Vance runs into Victor on his way out. Victor wants to know what he's doing with his daughter. Vance doesn't answer so Victor asks Abby, she tells Victor Vance was hitting on her, it was gross. Victor warns Abby not to cross him again.

Victor, Ashley and Tucker at coffee shop. Victor questions Tucker about his bidding on Maricela cosmetics. Victor says its not a good fit for Beauty of Nature but he will protect that division at all costs. Victor leaves. Tucker says its time to ramp up the attack on Newman Enterprises. JT arrives. Ashley tells JT they want him to be head of their intelligence operation. They want to know where Newman and Beauty of Nature are most vulnerable, nothing illegal. JT wants a guarantee he's protected. No memo's, nothing in writing. Tucker and Ashley agree. JT leaves Jack arrives. Jack tells Tucker Vance Abrams is going to proceed with Abby's lawsuit.

Chance is behind Jimmy's. Ronan arrives looking for Chance. Sid arrives, Ronan tells him he got a tip Chance was meeting a reporter. Sid, it's not gonna happen. Ronan, I got this covered. Sid, I'm gonna take care of the boyscout myself. They hear Chance talking to reporter. Sid goes to shoot him and its a tape player. Chance is in his car taking pictures. Sid says he's going to call a meeting its time to take care of Chance once and for all.

Heather is at home, Chloe comes in and wants to know who she just blabbed Chance's where a bouts to? Was it Ronan?

Victoria calling Billy.  JT arrives with Reed, makes some snarky remarks about their playing house.

Billy at Jimmies, Mac cuts him off and asks if he just said he was having another baby. Mac gives him coffee, asks if Victoria is pregnant, if she took a pregnancy test. Billy, I don't know I bailed. Mac, you have to go home. Billy heads home sees Victoria playing with Reed in the park. John Abbott is sitting on a bench says you aren't going to run away are you? Gives him the fatherly pep talk. Victoria leaves the park, Billy talks to John some more then goes home. Victoria you smell like a brewery, and now I'm the woman that says you smell like a brewery.  Billy tells Victoria he wants the whole thing with her, the kid, the house everything. I'm a bit arrogant, kinda lazy, way over the top sarcastic, and I gossip for a living, and I don't know why a woman like you would want a man like me.  WoA! Then he proposes! Didn't see that coming.

Chance goes to Chloe and accuses her of tipping Ronan off. Chloe denies it. Chance says it was all part of his plan. Chloe denies it again, and is mad because he expected her to betray him. Chance looks at her phone and see all the calls to Ronan.  Who else would have told him. Chloe, why don't you ask the woman who broke up our engagement. Go yell at her and get the hell out of my face. Chance asks Heather if she told Ronan, she confessed. He tells Heather she was the one person he thought he could trust. Heather, I didn't betray you, did you ever think you might be wrong about Ronan? Do you think I would do anything to hurt you, have faith in me. Chance that's the problem I don't. Heather, You know how much I care about you. Chance without trust we have nothing. Ronan gets off elevator seems like he can't make up his mind whether to go to Heather or Chloe's door. Decides on Chloe's. Chloe's drinking. Ronan wants a drink Chloe tells him go to a bar. Tells Ronan he's scared of admitting he's Chance's brother. He's afraid of committing to anything. He doesn't even have a dog. Fighting turns into kissing and more than likely sex.

Sid, Ronan and two others meet at bar. Sid tells them the boss wants them to take Chance out the sooner the better. Sid and bald guy still at bar discussing whether or not Ronan can be trusted and who the boss was going to get to kill Chance because they don't know.

JT tells Mac he agreed to work with Tucker.

Ashley and Tucker go to Gloworm. Tucker invites Ashley home after dinner. He goes to check on table, Victor comes up to Ashley and tells her he saw Abby with Vance. Vance comes in and serves Victor for mismanagement, irresponsibility and malfeasance of Abby Newman's trust. Victor, she sued me before and lost. Vance, I wasn't her attorney then. Victor tells Ashley after Vance leaves that if she persists in pursuing this I will dismantle her trust. This has Jack's name written all over this.

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