Thursday, September 2, 2010

All My Children Recap Wednesday September 1, 2010

Greenlee on phone to Ryan, searching her room for key, she finds it and David walks in.  David asks whats going on? Greenlee, I did all this. I was awake all night had a bad dream, tells him about a dream of the accident and that he wasn't there to save her. Tells David I want to hate you but I can't, not after what you did for me that night, I can't hate you. David, but that doesn't explain what you did to this room. Greenlee, says her ring was missing she was looking for it. David, stay right there, he goes and gets ring, says she took it off before she showered. Greenlee, says going to take a walk. David offers to go, she tells him no.

Meanwhile Ryan trying to get Greenlee back on phone. Calls Kendall says he's worried about Greenlee then says never mind I'll just go myself, opens door to leave Madison standing there. Madison, where you going, a fire? Gives him gift for party tomorrow. Cufflinks, dice with a three and four on them? Ryan leaves

Jesse & Iris - Mayor gives Jesse his job back but tells him to stay away from Hayward.

Caleb still holding unconscious Miranda, lays her on the couch, Angie checks Miranda still breathing. Angie still has no sight. She's taking Miranda's pulse and talking to her. Sends Caleb to look and see if David left a medical bag there. Caleb comes back with an oxygen tank. They put it on Miranda and she starts coughing. Hear ambulance arriving in background.

Jesse gets wind of the 911 call to Wild Wind. Goes to Wild Wind. Angie says she was so scared if Caleb hadn't of been there she never would have been able to help Miranda. Says she cannot be a doctor anymore. Jesse, so patient survives and doctor quits, I don't get it. Jesse convinces her she did a good job. Jesse, if I can get my job back, we can find a way to keep yours.

Caleb arrives at hospital screaming at everybody "Is she going to be okay?"  Frankie there, Caleb questions him about his last name being the same as Angie's. Frankie tells him he is her son. Caleb asks again if she's going to be okay. Frankie makes Caleb wait in the hall. Bianca arrives, Miranda tells Bianca Caleb saved her. Bianca thanks Caleb. They go out in hall. Caleb sits down, he says when I walked into the room and saw Sonia laying there, corrects himself, Miranda laying there. Bianca, Whose Sonia? Caleb not saying. Angie walks in, Frankie tells her Miranda is going to be okay. Miranda thanks Angie. Caleb tells Angie she was amazing.

Ryan and Greenlee meet in the park she gives him the key she found. I'll bet David is following her. Ryan says they are going to use the evidence to bury David. They discuss the night of her accident again,  There comes David around the corner with big bouquet of flowers he sees Greenlee with Ryan of course he miss reads Ryan holding Greenlee's hand. This isn't going to be good. David watching. Don't know if he is close enough to hear. The way they are playing it he can't hear them. Flowers on the ground he steps on them and squishes them. Ryan tells Greenlee just hang on until tomorrow then its over. Ryan's going to make a copy of the key for Greenlee so she can put the original back, he's going to go to Liza's office get the evidence, so Greenlee can confront David at the party.

David meets Liza. Liza, I think I'm being watched by Kendall and Ryan. They tried cozying up to me the other day, to find out about her relationship with him. They think he is involved in something, I'm sure they think it involves Greenlee. Liza, I'm trying to start a practice and it's not good being associated with you. David, then fire me make it as public as you want. Liza, what's the catch? David, I have a feeling you will be moving on to bigger and better things, and so will I. David, I understand you want to be new DA, Iris and I are old friends, I saved her daughter's life on the operating table a few years back. I think I can safely say with a word from me you will be the new DA. Liza, You would be doing this out of the kindness of your own heart?  David, You get the job you always wanted, I get a friendly DA. Liza, Just in case what? What are you up to now?

Ryan gets home, Madison is there tells her everything good, don't think we're going to have to worry about David anymore. Ryan thanks Madison for going above and beyond the call of duty. Madison, in a weird kinda way I'm glad all this happened. You've shown me what kinda man you are. Ryan, after tomorrow night at the party everything is going to change.

Greenlee gets home puts key back, David walks in and catches her again. Asks her how her walk in park went. Greenlee, I just love this time of year. Gave me a chance to think about things. I can't wait to go to that party with you, I think it will be a turning point for us. David, funny while you were out walking I was thinking the exact same thing. Greenlee, that's great its feeling more and more like it used to be. David, maybe even better Greenlee, I have such wonderful plans for us.

Angie/Jesse Angie you can't keep building me up and telling me I can do anything and then worrying whether I can get home. Jesse, Your right, in that case I will expect a hot meal on the table and an even hotter woman to greet me at the door. Angie, Well maybe Halle Berry will stop by. LOL You know I started out this day thinking I had to do exactly what David wanted, now I think I may have a few choices.

Liza, at her office looking at Greenlee Hayward file, doesn't open it. Stands in front of mirror pretending she's DA.

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