Friday, September 3, 2010

All My Children Friday Recap September 3, 2010

The party goes on.

Kendall to Liza, The Liza Colby I know would never let a man keep her from enjoying a party. Still trying to keep her from going to her office. Liza, Why do you care? Kendall, your right there is no reason I should care about your love life except for Zach. How would you feel if the woman who had an affair with your husband was available again. Liza, Really is that really what this is all about a fling? Cause that's really all it was. Kendall, Well maybe you could explain in detail why you are so sure of that and I would get the assurance I need. Kendall's working hard to keep Liza there. LOL Liza, you need a shrink or a marriage counsel. I said I'm going to leave, I'm leaving. Kendall, calls Ryan.

Asher at Chandlers with Colby. Colby, so why did you lie. Asher, about what? Colby, you said you didn't own a tux. Asher, its a rental. LIE Colby, It doesn't look like a rental. They start to leave JR comes in. Colby, have you met Asher? JR, yeah you were hanging around the house yesterday. Colby, as my guest. JR, and your here today. Tell me is it my sister or our family's house you can't get enough of? Colby, tells JR Asher saved her life and Asher is also the reason she is considering working for Chandler.

Security guard going in Liza's office. He gets a call on his radio, says it must be mice. He leaves. Big mice.

Greenlee trying to convince David to leave in the morning instead of tonight. David grabs her. Greenlee, Ow your hurting me. David, I know everything. I saw you in the park with Ryan, laughing, laughing at me. All this time everything you've done, everything you've said, has been one big lie. Greenlee, whatever you think you saw or heard. David, Stop don't insult me anymore than you already have. When I think of all the times these last few weeks when you told me that you were trying, that you wanted to get back the closeness that we had. Was any of it real or was it one big lie from the beginning ? Maybe we should discuss this over a drink but not here. Greenlee, why not. David, I don't think you want everyone to overhear what I have to say.

David, I never thought you would do this to me. Greelee, you've been blackmailing me. David, If you'd of ever believed in us you wouldn't have pushed me so far to do that. I did it. Greenlee, you did it for us right? David, did you ever love me? Well I guess that's my answer. Greenlee, I'm glad this is happening, because you are right what we had was all a lie, one that gets more twisted by the day.  But now its been blown out of the water so maybe its time we face the truth were over, were finished. If we drop the games and the pretense maybe we'll both be better off for it. David, I'm not going anywhere and neither are you.

David grabs Greenlee again. Greenlee, David your hurting me. I warned you what would happen if you let me fall in love with you. It would bond us together for ever. Greenlee, The only thing bonding us is this so called evidence linking me to Erica's plane crash, but once I get my hands on it. David, no no no your not getting your hands on anything even with Ryans help. Your going to get him to back off. Greenlee, you know I can't force Ryan to do something he doesn't want to do. David, you'd better try because we both know he has no business being involved in our life at all and he needs to know that too, you get that. Greenlee, Is that a threat? Are you threatening to hurt Ryan? Greenlee, Are you threatening Ryan? David, I don't give a damn about Ryan, I'm the one standing right in front of you, and I'm telling you I'm not letting you go, no matter how much you've hurt me. Greenlee, It's over David. David, no it doesn't end like this, it doesn't end with you walking away and me letting you go. Greenlee, promise me you won't hurt Ryan. David, what if something happened to him by accident? kinda like his aneurysm you gonna blame me again for that. Greenlee, nothing will happent to him though will it, David its a very dangerous world out there. Greenlee how could I have ever loved you. I believed you were a decent person. David, your not thinking clearly right now. Greenlee, you think I'm going away with you. David, yes, because you get it, you understand I will never let you go. David walks away.

Tad calls JR and tells him to come to party. JR agrees.

Bianca tells Caleb he doesn't hate this as much as he pretends too. Caleb, I'd rather be chasing Miranda around the living room.

Asher and Colby arrive at party, Colby is explaining the Cortlandt Chandler feud. Still no clue as to who Asher is.

Frankie questions Madison about where Ryan is. I guess Randi is still out of town.

Kendall tells Greenlee Liza went back to her office. Greenlee says she'll handle it.

Ryan finds locked file drawer. Hears elevator, Liza comes in Ryan tells her he's breaking into her office to get the evidence David gave her to implement Greenlee in Erica's plane crash. Liza plays stupid. Ryan explains whats going on and begs for the evidence. Liza's phone rings it's for Ryan. It's Greenlee who tells him to get out of there she doesn't want his help anymore. David watches Greenlee from across the room.

Asher asks JR for a job. Says he's pretty good at computers. JR gives him card and tells him to call.

Ryan goes back to party, Greenlee tells him she decided to stay with David. Ryan, I can't believe that, Greenlee tries to convince Ryan to stay out of it. Ryan, if I can't get the truth out of  you I will get it somewhere else.

David, goes back to his room with two drinks, pacing and twisting wedding ring.

Iris tells Liza she will be the interim District Attorney. I wondered if that would happen before David died at least that's the rumor that David is off the show.

Madison drinking heavily. Told Frankie all this time she was worried about Greenlee, maybe she should have been worried about Ryan.

Kendall is trying to get Greenlee to tell her what David did. She finally tells Kendall she and Ryan had a fight because she is staying with David to keep Ryan alive.

Ryan goes to David's room. David opens the door and says I've been expecting you. Ryan, what did you say to Greenlee. David, wow you really get right to the point don't you. Ryan, what do you have that your holding over her. David, why don't we discuss this like mature adults.what do you say. Ryan, there has been nothing adult about any of this. This is just another one of your sick and twisted games. David, I brought us some drinks, why don't we just sit down and try to talk about this. Ryan knocks the drinks out of his hand sending them flying across the room. The door is open, Colby and Asher are in the hallway, Ryan and David are fighting. Colby, I'm thinking this isn't a good place to be right now. They leave. haha Ryan has David on the bed. 

Caleb makes his speech, he's starting to see what Uncle Pete saw in this town. The proceeds from tonight would make him very happy. Tells about how the Chandlers and Cortlandt's are like the Hatfields and McCoys. Caleb will change his name to Cortlandt.

Ryan, What did you do to her? David, why don't we talk about what you did, filling her head with all these lies, making her believe that she doesn't need me any more, that I'm not good for her. Ryan, Are you kidding me! What have you done, you blackmailed her, you brought her back to life to own her like some kind of possession, you are sick and she deserves someone so much better. David, Oh you mean someone like you? Ryan, no this has never been about me and her it's about her getting the hell away from you. David, you will never taker her away from me get it through you thick skull. Greenlee is mine, Greenlee will always be mine. Ryan, punches him in the face a couple of times, both punching each other. Ryan knocks him out! Ryan leaves.

David comes back to party all bloody and falls in the middle of the floor.  That's a Friday for ya!

I don't think Marissa went to the party, I don't recall seeing her.  Annie and Scott must of finally left for their honeymoon, didn't see them either.

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