Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All My Children Recap Tuesday August 31, 2010

Jake tells Angie again he really doesn't want Chief of staff job. Jake tries to convince Angie that she can continue working. Then tells her he will be Chief temporarily while she is on maternity leave and learns to deal with her handicap. Angie, tells him she's not letting him take the job. Says the person that takes the job has to be ready to fight David 100% says she has a backup plan. Her sight goes again. So if Angie caught this contagious eye disease from a kid, how come she's not worried about anyone catching it from her.

Bianca tries to get Caleb to help with Palmer's Party. Kinda cute, kids stole his pliers. Caleb, I don't do parties that is your mothers thing not mine, I am busy find somebody else, hire somebody. Bianca, what is it you think I'm going to change you into being. Caleb, ask him Uncle Pete, Palmer Cortlandt whatever you call him. He had his own way of doing things, he liked people I don't. Bianca, that is not true, you like my girls, yesterday I saw you teaching Miranda how to make a sundial. Caleb, so. Bianca, you enjoy company more than you let on, you might actually enjoy this party. Caleb, oh yeah phonies sipping cocktails talking about golfing. Bianca, actually this is a charity event. Caleb, oh good rich phonies that's even worse. Bianca, you actually care about something other than your self. Caleb, I am here for one reason only and that is to get uncle Pete's company back from Chandler. Bianca, and to help Angie. Miranda runs through an Caleb grabs her, she laughs at him for pretending to be mean. Bianca, your going to look great in your tux. I really like Caleb. I think there is a lot of potential with him.

Marissa tells Krystal that she and JR are going to tell AJ they are getting divorced.

Annie and JR fighting. Annie says she's over him, choosing Scott was not the worst thing in my life, you were. Enter Scott, what did you do to her. JR, nothing just wished her a happy honeymoon. I'm so over this whole Scott, JR, Annie thing. JR says he's trying to get back to work but your wife won't let me. JR exits. Scott, I almost feel sorry for the guy, his wife left him and now he has nothing better to do than harass us. Annie, you really feel sorry for him. Scott, no.

Marissa tells Krystal AJ is her twin sisters son and she loves him. JR agreed to sharing custody. JR and Marissa tell AJ they are getting a divorce. AJ says moms always leave. Awwww poor kid.

Caleb invites Krystal to the party with him. Opal says Caleb is a stubborn ole mule just like his uncle.  Jake and  Amanda arrive at Tad's to help with the party.

Angie goes to Caleb's. She's talking to Miranda and her sight goes out. Miranda runs to get her magic glasses, as she runs by a vent you see smoke coming out. Caleb comes in house, Angie still can't see tells him he has to find something on David, tells him she will eventually go blind. He needs to find something to bring down David, he knows about her condition and if she makes one mistake David will fire her. She says we need to stop him, I smell smoke. Caleb says if there was smoke the alarms, I was working on the wiring. Angie, Miranda went up stairs to find a toy. Caleb tells Angie stay right there, runs up stairs screaming Miranda. Caleb comes downstairs with an unconscious Miranda says the fires out but there is a lot of smoke up there. Angie has called the fire department, Angie asks if she is breathing.Caleb says I don't know, they won't get here in time you need to do something. Okay so if Angie does CPR is she going to give Miranda her eye disease? She hasn't given it to Jessie kissing him, but yet she got from giving CPR to the boy and not wearing glove. ???????????

Annie calls JR to meet her in the park to tell him what happened in the dining room can't happen again. OIY why do they keep meeting to say they can't keep meeting. Enough already.

Scott is with Marissa says JR isn't going to quit until he makes him pay.

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