Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Life To Live Recap Wednesday September 1, 2010

Starr and Langston still at registration. Ford and James show up. Ford says he's teaching class. Langston, then I'm not taking it. James, wait a minute is that the class you said I should audit. Starr, then I'm not taking it either. James, if you want to take the class go ahead, I can always audit next semester. Ford, no you need the class now, once you pass the GED, I can make your case to the admissions office. It will be that much stronger if you are already taking the class. Starr, Lang this is a pre-requisite you have to take it. Langston, I'll take another section. Ford, there's only one section and I'm teaching it. Langston, well I'm sorry but I've already learned everything I want to from you, Bobby. Ford, this isn't high school, if this is going to be your area of concentration, you either need to take these classes or transfer. Ew Ford almost sounded adult. Langston and Starr go aside. Langston I have to take this class, maybe me being his student will make it easier, he can't hit on me. Starr, remember Hannah. James, tells Starr he doesn't have to take class, Starr tells him its okay.  Langston tells James she can't go out with him anymore. Ford goes and starts fight with Cole over Hannah and Eli, Starr panics she didn't know about Eli, tries to call Blair.  Starr yelling at Cole for not telling her. Cole, couldn't because John was in the middle of investigation. Tells her Eli is under arrest she doesn't need to worry. Starr still yelling at Cole for several minutes for not telling her and putting her mom in danger, letting her go off and marry him, tells Cole not to touch her and leaves. Langston tells Ford she will take class because she has to. Ford tells Langston Eli was threatening his brother and her. Lie

Inez and Clint at Country Club. Inez, I was looking for my son, we must of gotten our wires crossed, he must be at the police station. Clint, the police station? Inez, Oh he's not in trouble I work there. Clint, I hope you don't mind my saying your the prettiest cop I've ever met. Inez, I'm not a police officer, I'm Commissioner Buchannan's assistant, but thank you. Guess Clint will make a move on her now to further his plan, whatever that is. Introductions. Clint, I've never seen you at the station. Inez, I just started there and I've already made enough mistakes to get myself fired twice over. Bo has been very understanding, Clint I'll bet he has.  Inez, Nate is at police station, have to get back to work.

Bo, so your Uncle Clint offered you a job. Matthew, Not really a job at least not yet anyway. See Grandpa thought I would be the one taking over BE someday. Bo, and Clint told you this. Matthew, well Grandpa, you know someday this is all going to be yours kinda thing. Anyway Clint wants me to start learning the family business since I'm old enough, you know like an intern thing. Bo, you should be focusing on school. Matthew, I was in the top 1% for PSAT's I'm not worried, Bo, what about Basketball? Matthew, so I'll work on weekends. Bo, you'll have plenty of time for your internship. Right now you need to focus on all your other options. Matthew, like you did? I'm sure you had a lot of options for an assistant but no, you had to go and hire the mom of the guy who stole my girlfriend.  Bo, there's not a woman worth her salt that can be stolen if she doesn't want to be. Matthew, this coming from a guy who stole his brothers wife. Bo, I don't think your mother would appreciate that talk. Matthew, well I don't appreciate you telling me losing Dani was my fault. Bo, thats not what I'm saying. What I'm telling you is maybe the girl wasn't the right fit, or the timing wasn't right there are a lot of factors and you can't force any of these things. Matthew, thanks for the advice. Starts to leave. Bo, wait a minute, lets start over, you came in here and wanted to talk about a job. Matthew and you still haven't given me one good reason why I shouldn't do it.  Bo, I gave you about half a dozen. Matthew, Is this about Uncle Clint? Bo, I don't have a problem with Uncle Clint, he's forgiven us, we're past that and its time you were too. Nora comes in they fill her in.  Bo says Matthew should be concentrating on college. Matthew, and having experience at a company lilke BE, colleges love that stuff. Nora agrees. Matthew, Besides shouldn't I decide if BE is for me before I go to college, that way if I hate it I won't take up business in college I can take up law or medicine or something. This is for grandpa. Nora, feels like Clint is going out of his way to extend an olive branch. Nora, I'm alright with it.  Bo, concerned about Matthews work load. Matthew, I can handle it. Bo, well I'll just have to honor your decision. Matthew, Thank you, just wish I could say the same to you. Leaves. Nora, what was that all about. Bo, he's not happy that I hired Inez. Nora's agreeing with Matthew when Inez comes up and listens at door. Bo, Inez was the best canidate for the job her and her son were living in the shelter and she needed a job.  Bo, we can't coddle him. Nora, I just feel bad for Matthew. Bo, he'll have to get over it. Inez is just trying to take care of her son. Nora, did you ever get over your first love. Matthew goes and tells Clint he will work for him.

Cole and Nora discuss Hannah still being in a lot of trouble. Nora, obstruction of justice is a very serious crime, because of Hannah's lies,  Eli has gone free. This a maximum penalty. Cole defends her. Nora, what is your interest in her? Why are you defending her. Cole, I know what Hannah did, but she has suffered a lot. Nora, Hannah still has to be found confident to stand trial. Cole, how long will that take. Nora, its gonna be a while. I'll keep you posted.

Marty goes to visit Hannah who just happened to be writing her a letter. Hannah, I just wanted to apologize, now that the truth is out and nobody can get hurt. I jerked you around and it was a cruel thing to do. Marty, John told me you swallowed all those pills to save Cole, I am truly grateful you saved my son. Hannah, your thanking me. Marty you've been through a lot, I'd like to help with your treatment.  I'd like to speak with your parents about continued treatment. Hannah, like they care. Marty, well they've been willing to pay for your treatment up until now. Hannah, sure they're great with the checkbook, but have I seen them, or gotten a package or phone call or anything. But sure if you want to call them knock yourself out, but be prepared because they can be chilly. Marty, would you like me to ask them to contact you. Hannah, I'm an embarrassment they don't want anything to do with me. Marty, you young lady can have a wonderful life with  the right help. Hannah, why do you want to help?  Marty, because I understand what happened to you didn't happen in a vacuum and probably had little to do with Cole. Hannah, I know, not that he isn't a great person but really he could have been anybody just somebody to love me. It doesn't matter what I did nobody can break up Starr and Cole.

Rex, You were the one that got Ford to come forward, if he hadn't signed that statement John wouldn't have gotten the arrest warrant. Kelly, It was nothing compared to what you went through, Eli poisoned you, you almost died. Rex, it was nothing, quit hitting me. Kelly, quit calling me out on my stuff. Rex, its right there at the bottom of the contract call Kelly out on her stuff. Kelly, you came through for me you found my mothers killer and I owe you one. Hug. Enter Gigi, Am I interrupting? Kelly, just thanking your boyfriend, If you ever need a recommendation give me a call. Kelly leaves.

Rex, are you okay? Gigi, sure why wouldn't I be? Rex, because you walked in on me in the arms of a beautiful blond. Gigi, you think she's beautiful? Rex, got you! You are the only woman for me, you know that. Gigi, what I know is we are supposed to be taking things slow, so if you want to see someone else. Give me a break already.  Rex, but I can't help it if I'm so resistable, Gigi hits him. Rex, why is everyone hitting me today. Gigi, you deserve it. Rex, yes we are taking things kinda slow but I thought we were going steady. Gigi, you wanna go steady with me Balsom, kinda of a big step don't you think for a guy with so many options. Rex, and only one chance to get it right. Gigi, yes were going steady. Gigi has to leave to register for school. Rex I got Shane covered. Gigi, Am I being stupid everyone is going to be so much younger than me I'm not going to fit in. Gigi going on about expense of school.  She's gonna be late.

Rex gets undressed to get in shower, Kelly comes back in. Rex, Oh really its not like you haven't seen it like three times before. Kelly says she relized she hadn't payed him, she payed him way more than agreed upon. Rex tells Kelly if the reporter thing doesn't work our she'd make a good PI.

Gigi at school $500 for books, she eyes grant poster. James comes up looking at grant poster. Gigi and James both take grant info.

Blair, this gun doesn't belong to Ross does it and you were going to use it on me, well let me return the favor.  Eli, put the gun down Blair before someone gets hurt. Blair, stay where you are. Eli, You can't seriously believe I'm a serial killer do you have that little trust in yourself, you married me. Blair, that was a mistake. Eli, no trusting Kelly was a mistake and I'm not even blaming her she's concerned about you but it wasn't me it was Ross. You know him, you know his history. Blair, I know where Ross was when you were off getting married killing all those people that got in your way, he was right her on this island married to Tea Delgado. un hu think about it he couldn't have done all of the things that you said he did, so give me a break. You killed those two women, you killed my Aunt Melinda. Eli, go ahead and shoot me then. Blair, no your going to confess. Eli, I can't confess to stuff I haven't done. Blair, stop lying I deserve an answer. I deserve the truth why did you make me fall in love with you? Why did you marry me? You don't have an answer you know what I do. Good bye Eli. Eli, you cant shoot me Blair you love me, you just said so. Blair, I'll get over it. Eli, your my wife. Blair, so were those other two women and you killed them didn't you.  Eli, its different with you I really really loved you. Blair, you admitted you were married before. Eli, yes. Blair, Its just like Kelly said your a serial killer and a con artist. Eli, its not like that with you. Blair. no what's it like with me why don't you tell me since I'm so completely different. Who are you? Why'd you kill all those people, come on tell me. Eli, If that will make you happy. Blair, I am so far from happy because of you. Eli, fine I was Bennett Thompson and I did everything they said I did. I married you because I loved you I was ashamed of what I did. The only way to start over was to become another person and then I met you and your so free and loving and kind.  I fell in love with you, but then that mental patient Rodney had to go and recognize my picture, and that photograph that Melinda showed him of the two of us I didn't want to kill her but I had no choice, and then Kelly had to go and bring John McBain in to it. Blair, oh my god. Eli, Yeah I had to figure out a way to get back from California. Blair, OMG you pushed Marty down the stairs you killed their unborn child. Eli, actually that was an accident I just wanted to startle Marty enough so John would come home. You have to believe everything I did I did for you, we can still have a future together. Its still possible this doesn't have to end badly. Blair, how can you not think this isn't going to end badly. Eli, we can run away together. Blair, your so delusional. Eli, why not I've done it before twice. I never wanted to hurt anybody. My first wife was a drunk she fell no one would have believed me, so I buried her and started over. Blair and your second wife? Eli she threatened me when she found out about my first wife. Blair, do you really think I would leave Llanview, leave my family, and start a life with you a murderer. Eli you already have. Blair, no I'm going home. Eli, you chose me because you love me and you have a thing for dangerous men. Todd, John, Ross, me. Blair, no its over. Eli, a little bit of danger that's what turns you on isn't it. Blair, don't make me shoot you. Eli you would have shot me already if you really wanted to be honest with yourself.  Blair you want me now more than ever. Eli, loving a man who crosses the line, you just have to give in to what you want.  Blair, I will pull this trigger Eli. Eli, and ruin a good thing.  Struggle for gun. Eli kisses Blair while struggling for gun, gun goes off.  And of course we don't know who is shot. Gee and its not even Friday.

Whew, busy day today. Word out today that Cole is definitely leaving the show. Also rumor out that Gigi may be leaving the show.

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