Tuesday, August 31, 2010

General Hospital Recap Monday August 30, 2010

Lisa runs out in front of Robins Car. Robin jumps out of car says are you okay? Lisa says you tried to kill me. Yeah right! Psycho Bitch  Robin tells the police Lisa just jumped out in front of her car. Patrick just standing there, says he didn't see the accident. They get to the hospital Steve tells Robin Lisa filed a complaint against her because of the locker. Lisa tells Mac she slept with Patrick and Robin ran her down on purpose. Time for Anna to come kick some Lisa butt! Mac needless to say is mad at Patrick. Mac says Lisa is doing an excellent job of making Robin look disturbed and dangerous.

Sam and Jason still pinned down in fire fight. Lucky comes shooting through the door ??What  Lucky said Sonny was in trouble and Jason wasn't around, so he went looking for him. No gunpowder on Johnny's hand. Sam, Jason, and Lucky working on escape plan, when a blazing bottle comes through window.

Carly and Brook Lynn meet. Carly wants pictures of Brook Lynn and Dante having sex. Brook Lynn, says she didn't have to have sex, Lulu walked in, Lulu's imagination will do it all. Brook Lynn tells Carly Dante and Lulu are broke up they have been fighting every one in the building can hear them. Carly, then it shouldn't be hard to get a recordings. Brook Lynn going on trying to convince Carly to write her a check for 50,000. Carly keeps starting to write the check and stopping, says it bugging her that this all went down while she was out of  town,  then finally says to Brook Lynn who the hell do think your dealing with. Carly says you don't get paid for trying, you get paid for follow through. Brook Lynn threatens to go tell Dante and Lulu that Carly was paying her. Brook Lynn then goes and tells Lulu the truth. Lulu doesn't believe her. Then Carly shows up at Dante's. Lulu says Brook Lynn's lying I just need you to look me in  the eye and tell me the truth. Woah! Carly said Brook Lynn is telling the truth.

Sonny is making arrangements with Bernie to jump bail to Rome. Bernie says Diane is not optimistic. Sonny says Diane likes to say that so she can charge him more. LOL She needs more shoes. Sonny, tell Jason he's trusting him to take care of his children including Dante, and to convince the children that he is doing this to protect them. Olivia shows up. Sonny thinks she is going to accuse him of shooting down an unarmed man. Olivia knows Johnny would not show up unarmed. Olivia leaves, Michael shows up wants to talk to his dad. Michael tells Sonny to run, said he's been to prison, guards and half the inmates hate you. They will try and kill you. Sonny says tell the other kids, how much I love them. I thought there was a road crew worker standing in the back ground when Johnny was shot, I figured it was Michael, but he hasn't said anything.

Diane has now arrived at PCPD. Arraignment is in 5 minutes. (but Bernie needed more time to set up bail money.)

Dante and Lulu discuss the Johnny shooting. Dante believes Sonny, thinks Johnny had a gun. Lulu says she hopes Sonny doesn't let him down.

Brenda/Murphy heading back to Rome. Brenda tells her assistant Suzanne she agreed to marry Murphy. Says she wants to go to Russia this winter. Suzanne said why run from the Russian mob when you can go straight to them. Then questions Brenda about whether Sonny is out of  her system and if she loves Murphy.
Of course Brenda says he is.

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