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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 3

"View From Shore"

At the table are Captains Andy, John, Keith, Sig and Elliott Neese. Johnathan is there with oxygen on. He apparently left the hospital to do the show. His idea. Then he went right back after the show was over. Mike Rowe teases him about the bull they call Snowflake. Johnathan says he had a crushed lung, 4 broken ribs one in three places and a hurt pride. Captain Keith says he shouldn't have hurt pride he got on a bull. Elliott, you cowboy'd up. Mike Rowe, you went almost point eight seconds. Everyone is laughing. Captain Sig  the table saying don't make him laugh. Captain Johnathan says you know what there was no lesson to be learned. Andy laughs. Johnathan says he just cowboy'd up. I find it interesting that we didn't see Captain Andy on a bull, with all the horse back riding he does. Was he smart enough not to do it or did they just not show us?

Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 13 Recap


The Time Bandit is pulling into the harbor and starts listing. They are all iced up.

The Ramblin' Rose, Wizard, Kodiak and Northwestern are at the dock. They show a picture of a smaller boat that appears to have sunk at the dock. The ice pack has come down to far to crab so the guys are going to head home until it pulls back some. Nick Mavar says ironically this is the nicest day they've had since they have been there.

Jake Anderson is giving Jake Harris a pep talk. Jake Harris doesn't appear to be paying attention. Jake Harris says he has a reputation where he doesn't need to be pushed. Jake Anderson says what is your reputation? It's in the stinker dude! Jake Harris, you guys act like what I'm doing right here is going to benefit me on a multi-million dollar operation that we got going on over there. It ain't nothing like that.

Edgar Hansen hits the switch and the boat goes dark. Time to go home.

Captain Keith and Monte roll the dice to decide whether to keep fishing or not. Captain Keith thinks they can get another week in. They roll the dice, get double fives. They decide to keep fishing. They just delivered 398,000 pounds.

The Time Bandit is coming in with 40,000 pounds of ice on it. Even Travis' mustache has ice on it. Captain Andy can't see out his windows. He yells at Mike Fourtner to clean  the windows so he can see. Neal is in the wheelhouse. The Time Bandit is leaning to the port side. If Captain Andy can get to the dock in time he may be able to secure the boat to counter the list otherwise he risks rolling into the dock and rolling over. Mike Rowe says the skipper has one chance to pull into the dock. They make it. Scotty says that is the closest they've come to rolling over, he was a little scared. Mike Fourtner says in his 14 years on the boat he has had more firsts this season than they have ever had. Mike says that is the scariest tie up he's ever had. Captain Andy thinks the ice is trying to tell him something.

On the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott is talking to one of his kids on the phone. He has been at the dock for three days. Aaron Steiner says he went up to talk to Elliott but he was on the phone and ignored him. This operation seems to be falling apart. Nick Dryden says this is a chicken shit operation. Elliott says the guys are mad they haven't gotten any settlements in six months now. One of the guys called the boat the Rusty Rose. Elliott calls Lenny to tell him the guys are upset about loosing money. Lenny informs Elliott there ain't no money, because you're losing money. He has got to be able to cover expenses. The fact that they can't he blames on Elliott. Lenny tells Elliott every decision that was made was the wrong one. It's a disaster. Elliott tries to explain to Lenny that the guys want to go home. Everyone else is going home. They want a vacation. Lenny tells Elliott he thinks its him that wants to go home not the guys. He says you can't take a vacation in the middle of crab season. Lenny tells him to fly home and if the crew doesn't show back up when it's time to show back up then you don't have a job. Lenny hangs up on him.

Elliott goes and tells the crew they can go home. Elliott leaves to go home. The guys on the boat talk about leaving. They think he cares more about himself than the crew and he brings his family problems to the boat.

On the Seabrooke. They are still fishing. Creeping through an ice flow. They pull up a pot full of crab. 945 jam packed pots. Mac White is impressed. He says that's an Opie mountain. 1075. Junior says he went big everyone else went home. The pots keep coming up full. Even though they are on big pots Junior doesn't set back he says you have to keep moving. The crew doesn't understand why they aren't resetting. Junior says this is the kind of trip that will be legendary.

The Wizard heads out. Captain Keith knows where Junior is fishing so he is going to look for fresh grounds.

Captain Scott wants to fish right up next to the ice.

On the Kodiak they are almost ready to go home. Captain Bill goes to talk to Jason Rainwater before he goes home. He calls him to the wheelhouse. Captain Bill tells Jason every confrontation they have had he has been in. He thinks it would be better if  he finds another boat. Jason wants him to rethink it. Jason asks for one more chance promising not to argue or fight. Captain Bill says no. Jason is not what he is looking for in a deckhand. Jason wishes these guys would go tell Captain Bill to give him a chance. This is a huge deal and bad for his reputation. I guess he should of thought of that before he was fighting with everyone. I don't think they'll go save his butt. 

Elliott gets home to Homer. His kids are happy to see him. Valerie Gunderson their mother, not so much. Val informs him this isn't home. Elliott wants to get his girl friend back. She says he had seven years to get it right, he just couldn't. They start arguing and Valerie asks him to leave. He does. Elliott says he kicked dope way easier than he can kick that girl. He used to do a lot of cocaine and quit it cold turkey. He says he physically hurts not having her.

Captain Sig is home in Seattle Washington. Captain Sig talks about how Jake Anderson has stepped up and Jake Harris has got to understand that other people rely on him.

Josh Harris heads over to see Jake Harris. I could be wrong but that looks like Josh's house. Kind of odd to see him knocking. Jake tells him working on the Northwestern is different and he misses the Cornelia Marie. Jake tells Josh he wants to work with him. He misses him. Josh reminds him they run a straight boat, which Jake says is getting old. Josh says they have to make it work or they are going to be bankrupt.

Jake Anderson drives out to the area where his dad went missing. This is the second time I'm watching this and it is once again it's giving me goose bumps. The remains of Jake's father were found last Tuesday and them airing this this week is just freaky timing I guess. I still can't believe they found his dad so close to where he went missing and they didn't find him before now. Jake complained the police weren't looking. It certainly  makes it seem like that was the case to me. Hopefully now that they have the remains, the family will get some answers to what really happened. I won't say get closure because I don't believe you can ever really get closure. Jake talks about how when they buried Captain Phil he pretended it was his dad too and how his dad never got a funeral. He drives to the place where the truck was found. He says there was blood spatter on the key and the wind shield, when he saw that he knew his dad was killed. Jake says the police can forget about his dad and the community can look the other way, but he will never look the other way.

The Crab Count

Wizard 885,000
Seabrooke 580,250
Northwestern 510,315
Time Bandit 377,125
Kodiak 315,200
Ramblin' Rose 108,300

Captain Keith says he is making the boys dinner. He fills a plate with candy bars and  takes it to them.

Captain Keith has 240 pots he wants to catch 400,000 pounds. If they average 350 a pot they can do it in 8 days. Captain Keith talks about being 3 million dollars in debt 3 years ago. Now it is only half that much. The guys are pulling up nice full pots.

On the Seabrooke. Junior has moved closer to the ice edge. Mac White says the crab like being near the ice. They like that cold water because in the end they are going to be in hot water. LOL They pull up a pot,  it looks pretty small. The pot is full of females and juveniles. Junior says the females are usually in the shallows. He's never seen them out here. Junior says two miles to the east they were getting thousands. He was hoping to top off his tanks with these two strings. Captain Scott is dumb founded. They rail dump a pot. Captain Scott says the glory hole is dried up.

Elliott is home looking at the ice chart. The same one I was looking at all season. That's funny.

Captain Scott had surgery this morning to have a kidney stone removed. Yep he's still getting those darn things. I hope all went well and wish him a speedy recovery. I told him to quit eating rocks, but maybe he's sneaking over to the east coast and eating stone crab. 

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Johnathan Hillstrand - Time Bandit

I see a lot of people searching Johnathan Hillstrand sick or on oxygen. So in case you haven't seen the episode or didn't read it. Johnathan went bull riding when he was in Breckenridge Colorado for After the Catch. The bull bucked him off, he broke 4 ribs in 7 places and punctured a lung. That info is straight from him via Twitter.

Hopefully he will be back to 100% soon. But if you've ever had a broken rib then you know they smart for a while. Feel better soon Captain John. I hope you finally got your iPad.

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