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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 16 Recap "Season Finale"

"Mohawks & Madness, Goodness & Gladness"

This is so exciting and sad all of the same time. It’s about seven in the morning and I’m just getting to watch the show now, but I can tell from the hits to the blog already that something good must have happened. I wish I could’ve stayed awake to watch the show with all of you on Twitter, but my body just wouldn’t cooperate.

It’s sad because the season’s over and now we have to wait until April again for a new episode.

415 miles to the northwest of Dutch Harbor. On the Wizard, Captain Keith Colburn is still yelling at camera man Brad Carper. They show the scene from last week where Captain Keith is pushing Brad down the hall and confining him to quarters. Mike Rowe, After eight hours pulling empty pots, Captain Keith Colburn cracked under the pressure. Captain Keith, if I don’t snap over something small a lot of it piles up and finely I snap. Brad, he asked me to make him an F’ng pot of coffee. That’s f’d up dude. Captain Keith, for some reason I get all spun up. It could be that the frustration I have with some of the really bad numbers we had is finally starting to bubble out. Mike Rowe, while captain and camera man stew, out on deck. Gary Soper, we don’t belong here. We are right in the ditch, it’s not a good night. Mike Rowe, a fourteen hour grind, plagued by sand fleas finally comes to an end. Kevin Stafford, it’s not quite the numbers we’re looking for. Captain Keith, this area is not working, it’s not what we’re looking for. I gotta try and move the gear again. Every time he moves I think of Captain Sig on After the Catch saying he kept going back and forth and back and forth.

Downstairs Freddie Maughtai is getting a mohawk for good luck. He also gives Kevin Stafford a Mohawk. Captain Keith comes down the hall and laughs. Freddie, what do you think cap? Keith, I think it looks good man. I would do it too but I don’t have the proper hairline. Captain Keith pulls off his ball cap and of course he is bald all the way down the middle of his head. He has a reverse Mohawk. Do you think that’s the cause of this bad luck? Freddie tells him he can do it as he starts to shave Lynn Guitard’s head. Lynn Guitard, I hope this brings us some good luck. Captain Keith, move out I’m going in. Freddie, awesome, awesome. Captain Keith, this better work. Freddie, it will work. Lenny Lekanoff says what are you doing Keith? Lenny has his camera filming it. LOL Captain Keith, breaking the bad streak Lenny. Well it worked for the Cornelia Marie I hope it works for the Wizard. Freddie looks like he has a nasty bruise on his face.

The crew goes out on deck, Lenny Lekanoff and Paul Edgren maybe? Now all have mohawks. Gary Soper had his rain jacket hood on top of his head so I couldn’t tell if he went for it are not. I wonder where Monty Colburn is I didn't see him.

Captain Keith is up in the wheelhouse calling them screw balls. He says I think that the screws have completely rattled free from the boat now, as he pulls off his cap in rubs his bald head. The theme skinhead and mohawk is now officially a work.

Kevin Stafford, I feel the luck coming on we’re going to get some crab now. Danni Maki, we are about to do the lucky hair in the bait technique right now. He has a white bait jar and the bottom of it is covered with hair from their heads. This is getting a very voodooish. LOL I hope it works.

Captain Keith, time to get back to work. This is one season I want over with. How many times have we heard that this season? I think everyone’s ready for this season to be over with. At least the fishermen not me.

30 miles away, the Cornelia Marie stares down her final haul. Mike Rowe, 28 hours ago Josh Harris set his first 30 pot string. Which for the Cornelia Marie might be her last. You need to stop that right now Mike Rowe.

Captain Tony Lara, if we get good numbers were gonna start stacking. Jake and Josh Harris both have potential I’m rooting for them, I really am. I believe he is. Who knows what the future is going to bring. Josh, I’m taking this personal this is all my crabbing experience. I am hoping to see good numbers.

Dale Pruitt, I’m definitely blaming Josh if anything sucks. Josh is excited he wants to see some crab in this string. The pot is coming up, it looks good. Captain Tony, at least we know there’s crab here. Jake Harris, if this keeps up we will not make fun of him. Well aren’t you just the sweetie Jake. LOL Troy Huls, the fish couldn’t be much better than this man. Josh Harris, amen to that brother. Captain Tony, that’s probably 600 crab. Mike Rowe, the bounty offers the boys a glimmer of hope.

Josh Harris, probably the best string we’ve had all season right here. The numbers are great the crab are big and palatable. Their good fortune continues straight through until morning. They pull the last pot. Captain Tony tells them to dump the crab. Yea! That means they caught all of their quota. Hopefully anyway, I’m thinking Captain Tony can count better than Captain Elliott did that one time. I’m sure Captain Tony knows how big the tanks are on the Cornelia Marie. They dumped the pot and Captain Tony Lara says see you next year guys. Mike Rowe, with the fate of the Cornelia Marie still hanging in the balance, the crew heads to town. Each man pockets $21,000.00 for his efforts. Jake Harris, he said something about worth it, but I'm not sure what he said. We’re going home.

330 miles northwest of Dutch Harbor is the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen, we only have a day or so to get the pots on, stack them and get out here. With the southwest 50 looming in the next couple of days all we have is a small window of opportunity. And we’re going to take it. He must be talking about the storm captain Keith showed this last week. The two storms coming together. They still need another 40 to 50,000lbs. of crab in the gear to call it a season.

Matt Bradley, we need about 300 crab per pot to get us home right now. Captain Sig, if we don’t see the crab right now we will probably have to dump it back, go back in, and come back out again. So it’s all or nothing really. The pot comes up, dun duh dun, it’s full with riders. Captain Sig Hansen has a big ole Crabby smile on his face. The boys are all screaming we’re going home baby. Captain Sig, are we’re going home? They have 400 or 500's. Captain Sig says they have enough here to throw the pots on and get out of here before we get nailed. Nick Mavar, that’s going home material right there.

Captain Sig Hansen, tells Jake Anderson this is all you man so take control. If they don’t listen just let me know. Mike Rowe, The crew must build an intricate 170 pots stack without Edgar Hansen. Jake Anderson, what he means is I will be running the crane with Nick. To stack on top which is scary in a 40 knot wind which is what we will be dealing with. I didn't think about that Edgar was on board to help them stack them all before they left.

Captain Sig Hansen, normally this would be an Edgar show. Now Jake is stepping in there to pretty much take over, so it’s a lot. Out on deck, Jake Anderson asks the other deckhands for a deck huddle. He tells them; combined you guys taught me everything I know out here. I just want to say before we start be safe. He puts Matt on the hook and Nick on the stack. Northwestern go team! I wonder if that is something Edgar does or if Jake just did the huddle on his own. I don't remember Edgar doing that. Very cool Jake.

Jake has a pot on the launch pad, it is attached to the crane and goes running down the deck. He apologizes. Someone says he’s going to kill somebody. Nick says he’s not ready for this. The only way he is going to learn his if he does it. They fast forward through pots being hauled and stacked. Then you hear someone say wait a second Jake. Someone else says oh my god, and someone else says that’s just not good. Jake has a pot up in the air with the crane. I’m not seeing the problem yet. Captain Sig over the loudspeaker, get control of your pot instead of running around like bleep bleep bleep. I guess we’ll just have to imagine what Sig said. I'm not sure what happened, I guess the pot was swinging. The snow squalls have started. The boys just wanna get the rest of the gear on the boat and get home safely.

Captain Sig, it’s in the early morning and it looks like this storm is coming sooner than we expected. We have a lot of snow squalls and now it’s starting to pick up more and more.

Jake Anderson is still on the hydraulics. Jake, I’m looking at this stack and biting my nails here. Captain Sig says there is only really one way to learn it and that’s to do it. I just said that. Jake, next to running the boat, this is the highest pressured job you can do out here. Okay now I’m scared. Looking at the men standing on top of the stack and thinking about that pot swinging on the crane like it has done several times while Jake is learning, he could very easily knock one of those guys off the stack into the ocean.

Captain Sig, after stacking 60 pots he’s been grinding all night, he did good he screwed up a couple times which is okay, but he is doing good on the overall it’s fine. I still get tickled when I hear Sig praise Jake, he's been on his case so long it just gives me warm fuzzies to hear the praise. Mike Rowe, Jake begins to find his stride. Someone I think Nick or Matt holler’s you’re doing a great job Jake. Jake Anderson, I can go home and tell my mom that she can be proud of her son. My dad is watching me in heaven right now. Okay that’s about the third time I’ve teared up, they need to stop this. Jake you have got to know your momma is proud of you and I'm thinking millions of other people are too. I know I am. I came a long way. I came from off the streets. That’s true he talked about that when he was on Dr. Drew he means literally from the streets. I’m happy but I’m not walking through the front door yet. Mike Rowe, with 40 pots remaining Jake Anderson the aspiring deck boss gains the trust of his crew.

Captain Sig Hansen, Jake is doing good, a couple of glitches here and there he hasn’t cracked yet. He is so passionate about what he is doing out there. He is all about the fishing. That is one thing you can’t buy, you can’t buy a passion. So true. Six hours later as they are pulling up another pot someone is screaming we are going to get rich and go home. Nick Mavar, all right he didn’t kill us. Jake, I think I sh$t my pants though, I’m pretty sure Uncle Nick, I sh$t my pants. Matt Bradley, Jake Anderson proved himself pretty worthy on the crane he got all of the pots on. He pretty much pulled it off. It sure is nice to see Matt Bradley congratulate and talk well of Jake after all of the fights they’ve had on the boat. I remember when I first heard That Matt and Jake were friends off of the boat and hung out together. I was so surprised because I sure couldn’t tell it from the first couple of seasons of Deadliest Catch.

Captain Sig is headed out on deck. He punches Jake in the arm and says awesome, see you did it. Jake, I still can’t believe I did it. I really can’t. Sig, that was good. One big miss and we gotta give him a stripe. I didn’t get that I thought they get stripes for doing good. Why would he get a stripe for a miss. Captain Sig goes back inside. He comes back out with a machete and tells Jake on your knees, we're going to Knight you. What are we going to call him? Someone says Edgar Junior? Jake says no. Sig, how about Edgar Want To Be. ROFL He looks like he’s about ready to get is heads chopped off rather than getting a stripe. Sig, Sir Jake of The Northwestern? Deck boss of the Northwestern he taps the blade on each of Jake shoulders. Dang it tears again. Sig gives him the sword. Jake pumps fists with Matt and Kevin Blakely. Sig, Lets go home.

Across the fleet the crews are trying to finish up their quotas and go home.

Bob Perky is still at the wheel of the Seabrooke. Captain Scott Campbell Junior is still in his bunk trying to pass his kidney stone.

On the Kodiak Captain Wild Bill says we’ve had some highs and lows this season it’s nice to end on a high. Jake Jolibois says take me to town Bill.

On the Time Bandit, Captain Andy Hillstrand says get this pot aboard, chain it up, and were headed for town. Mike Fourtner, 600,000lbs. just like that. Justin Tennison is standing there shaking his head a very happy man. Tears again. It’s just so sad every time I see Justin, I think about his kids. The Time Bandit is headed home.

Captain Sig is plotting his revenge. I need something, something that will shut him up for a long time. He got me, he got me good I'll admit it. How do you teach you a little child when he does something wrong? You give him a little time out. So I think it’s time for children on the Time Bandit to have a little time out. Jake Anderson, we owe them now. Matt Bradley, team Time Bandit and now I’ve go to return fire. He’s kneeling on the deck with what I can only guess is explosives of some kind. Jake Anderson has a box with five or six tubes coming up out of it labeled bourbon bomb. I’m not quite sure what that is, but it looks like something that shoots explosives. I think they’re trying to tie it to the deck. Captain Sig says payback time is coming.

390 miles to the northwest is the Wizard. Captain Keith says he is about fed up with this trip. It has become the trip from hell. It’s time to get out of hell and get this season over with. Kevin Stafford, this is the mohawk string we’re gonna go pull. It should be pretty good. Gary Soper, let’s get this boat held up and go home. Captain Keith, we certainly aren't going in there light and stranding any crab. Freddie throws the hook. The pot comes up with crab, everyone is happy. They have found some big opies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen opies that big. Captain Keith, Finished this trip in style dog gone it man, that’s just the way to do it. Last pot coming up. WOW! Each crew member rates an $81,000.00 in cash. I don’t ever remember seeing a number that high. Captain Keith has something glued or taped down the middle of his head on his head. He says that a mohawk. As superstitious as Captain Keith is, he might make that the official haircut of the Wizard.

360 miles northwest of Dutch Harbor on the Seabrooke Bob Perky says pass that stone Junior. He told me just drive to the next string I’ll be fine. He wasn’t. He was all curled up on the floor in the bathroom. Poor Junior. Mike Rowe, Captain Scott Campbell Junior may be in dire need of medical attention. Mac White, we don’t know what’s going on but hopefully he will be all right. Mike Rowe, and now the boats entire season is on the line. Derek Haist, we only have like a day and a half left. Taking this Skipper to Dutch Harbor will tack on another week of fishing to their season. After a gut wrenching fourteen hour fight, Captain Scott has passed the stone. The actually show it in the commode. A tiny little bugger for all that pain. Captain Scott says it will be like peeing razor blades for the next twelve hours. OUCH! Back to work, you don’t get days off around here. He goes back to the wheelhouse and relieves Bob Perky. I imagine he is just plum worn out right now. Bob perky ask him if he needs anything? Scott says no.

Captain Scott, I’m gonna have one time through the gear, I’m going to get what I get. This could be a big success or it could be a huge bust. With their final offload in 36 hours the Seabrooke's fate comes down to this one last string. I could pull 100 average or I could pull blanks and be waiting another ten days to deliver. We need a miracle to make it. There is a lot riding on this. Mac White, happy thoughts man, happy thoughts. I just love him. The pot comes up about half full. Everyone is excited. Captain Scott, this is exactly what these guys needed after being up 36 hours. They can ride this high, get this crab down, get the tanks full and get out of here.

The crew hauls into the night. Mac White, we’re kicking a$$. They have a crab count of 1120. Again wow! Captain Scott, I'm like a kid in the candy store. I would never ever have dreamed in my life that I would see this fishing. Someone, it looks like Chris Welch says pretty impressive. Chris went home so that can't be him right?. Bob Perky, that’s the biggest pot I’ve ever seen. Maybe the extra long soaked helped. Another pot has 1285, a new record. They pull the last pot. They’re going home. The men go home with $40,000.00 each. Captain Scott we get better each season. I want to be the best, I want to catch more crabs than anybody else. Don’t you have to have more quota than anybody else to be able to do that? I wanna be a legend. That's just how I roll I will never change. There’s nothing wrong with that Junior.

The Kodiak is pulling into Dutch Harbor. Captain Bill is out on the bow. Adam McCalden is driving the boat, Jake Jolibois maybe is standing in the wheelhouse talking to him. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bill up on the bow while the boat is moving before. Adam, I don’t think anybody has. Jake, not in 30 years. Captain Bill, the thing is he wants to drive, he’s not quite there yet, but this is a small step in showing him I’m making the effort. I figure I better throw him a bone before he has a breakdown. Or you throw him overboard. Adam, it’s very cool to see Zach and Bill up there together. I’m pretty sure that will never happen again. Each crew member received $70,000.00.

The Time Bandit has Dutch Harbor in sight. Captain Andy Hillstrand is feeling good being finished. Scotty Hillstrand and Justin Tennison are in the galley of discussing going home and seeing their kids. Scotty, he is just getting old enough to where he notices I’m gone and wondering why. He wants to come see me. Justin, It gets better brother believe me, it gets better. Scotty, how old are your kids now? Justin, Carter is six he just started school this year. Dakota is fifteen she is a sophomore. Scotty, good thing she looks like her mom. They both laugh.

Ut oh! Captain Sig is heading the Northwestern into Dutch Harbor and sees the Time Bandit. He says it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. They have to come around the corner, it’s just a matter of when. Captain Sig calls Captain Andy on the radio and tells him he has a little shake in the back. I don’t know if we have a line or a bag caught or what I can't see what it is. Ohh! He is luring him. Captain Andy, do you want me to swing by your stern and see if I see anything? Captain Sig, yeah nice and easy, come in close. Captain Sig, when I tell him there’s a vibration back there I think I might have line in my wheel, it’s believable to a fisherman because it’s happened. They’ll come and help. Even if they get a little leery they will stick to the code.

Captain Andy holler’s hello Northwestern! I think John said I miss them guys. Jake Anderson is aboard the Northwestern with some big ole yellow shield. He says he’s battle ready. Captain Sig, come on boys, come to poppa. Payback is a B. They are lighting something from two different places. They scream fire in the hole. Andy starts screaming hey guys the Northwestern is shooting at us. The Time Bandit crew is down in the galley eating. Captain Andy, we are under attack! Get you’re a$$es on deck. Captain Andy screams "in coming!" The crew goes on to the deck to return fire. Well looky there, they have a supply of bourbon bombs too. Imagine that! LOL Captain Andy screams get ‘em boys! It’s a battle of fireworks. Captain Sig, they’re shooting back, take cover man! Someone’s screams get me fire! Now even Captain Sig is out on deck firing. And I probably don’t even need to say it but yes Jonathan Hillstrand is out on deck firing what looks like a fireworks gun. He's shooting something. LOL You know Jonathan. Captain Sig just ran back into his wheelhouse for cover. Captain Andy, Oh man this is good. Ceasefire! Ceasefire! Sig is laughing because they’re calling for a ceasefire. He hollers out to the crew to ceasefire. There are a lot of empty fireworks on those boats. Captain Andy, you got us good you albino bleep.

Captain Sig, you know the problem with this kind of warfare is always expect the unexpected, I didn’t think they would be ready for us. Sig you didn't think the Time Bandit would have fire power? It's hard to think of a show where they didn't? You didn't think that all the way through Sig. Great prank still. Mike Fourtner, that was one way to finish off our season man. Captain Sig we got them boys. Lets fire the rest of these up in the sky.

After 42 days on the Bering Sea the fishermen on the Northwestern take home $46,000.00 while the crew of the Time Bandit walks with $72,000.00. There is a serious fireworks show going on.

On the Cornelia Marie 50 miles outside of Dutch Harbor. Jake Harris, I’m kind of sad to think this might be our last little crabby hoorah. Mike Rowe, the battle tested vessel faces an uncertain future. Josh Harris, we definitely have to do whatever we can to keep this going for ourselves and for dad. Jake, what’s holding us back? The sky’s the limit. Josh, Just know the type of captain we want to be is the type of captain that people respect. Jake, I’m pretty sure I want to take the bull by the horns and beeping ride that puppy until it bucks me off. It is the right way. Don’t be scared Josh. Josh, It’s not being scared it’s being smart. Your fast tracking it. Jake, I have worked on this boat for eight years. Josh, but you haven’t been driving the boat for eight years. Jake, everything I’ve done in my whole entire life has led up to right there. He points to the Captain’s chair. Dad sat up in that chair when he was 21 Josh. Do you think he had all the answers? No I don’t think so. But he had the will and that’s exactly how you do it. You jump in the saddle and you do it. How many years do you have to sit back and watch somebody else run your boat? Josh, bottom line is this, if you wanna do things your way then you can go out and get a loan and get your own boat. Jake, and then you can hire somebody to run your boat so you can work on the deck of your own boat. That would be awesome. Jake leaves the wheelhouse.

Out on deck. Troy Huls, Are the kids ready to take it over? Ryan Simpson, I don’t know maybe they can maybe they can’t. This could be the last trip for me on the Cornelia Marie. I don’t know. It’s hard to say what the future holds you know. Dale Pruitt, it’s not as easy as I think they think it is. Troy Huls, I don’t come out here for fun. I come out here to make money. It’s sweat, misery and pain. The boat passes Captain Phil’s final resting place. Josh, hopefully he’s proud of us were trying. Doing our best. Jake, well Pops I know it killed you, but I know you loved it too. Here’s a smoke for opies. Jake throws a cigarette overboard. Josh, I miss the old man. I miss him a lot.

The song at the end was "Again" performed by Trampled by Turtles written by Dave Simonett, David Carroll, Ryan Young, Erik Berry, Timothy Saxhaug.

Jake, when all is said and done it was a whole lot of laughs, good times. Hard times at times. Not having the old man here, but all in all life goes on.

Mike Rowe, After 21 years of surviving the deadly Alaskan crab grounds, the Cornelia Marie’s storied legacy falls on the shoulders of two young fishermen. The boys turn off all the lights. Jake, It’s a family business so we’re doing what we can to stick together and make things work. Josh, I had a rough go the last couple of years and this is our redemption season. We will do everything in our bleeping power to keep it going.

The Crab Count

Time Bandit
Ramlin' Rose
Cornelia Marie

I've been waiting for the cigarette prank all season and got nothing. What the heck?

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  1. Captain Keith grew some hair back while celebrating the first full pot of the last string, then lost it again one shot later ;)

    Nice re-cap, for people who do not watch?

  2. you left out the in memory of Justin Tennisson (1977-2011)


    It is with great sadness that the Time Bandit family announces the deathjustin_3_thumb of crew member Justin Tennison. Justin died peacefully in his sleep the night of February 21, 2011.

    Justin fished commercially for many years, living in Alaska for 28 years. He worked on the Time Bandit, alongside his second cousin, Eddie Uwekoolani, Jr., serving as Engineer during the tendering seasons, and joined the Time Bandit crew as a deckhand fishing the Red King 2010 and Opilio 2011 seasons.

    Justin was tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand. The Captains and Crew appreciated his hard work and many contributions this past year. We will miss him terribly and wish his family all the best during this most difficult time.

    Justin is survived by a son, daughter, sister, father and grandparents. He was 34 years old.

    A trust has been established for the children of Justin Tennison. Anyone wishing to make a contribution may do so by sending a check payable to the JUSTIN TENNISON MEMORIAL ACCOUNT at the following address:

    Justin Tennison Memorial Account
    C/O Wells Fargo Bank
    88 Sterling Highway
    Homer, AK 99603

  3. Anonymous 07/28/11 6:53am

    Nice catch, I didn't notice that about Keith, I'll have to watch again. LOL

    And Thank you.

    I do a full recap for people without DVR's that might have missed the show, or watched and missed something. I put my comments in blue, so if you've seen the show you don't necessarily need to read the whole thing. It also makes a nice resource for referring back to things. :)

  4. Anonymous 07/28/11 7:31 am

    Thank you for adding the information I had not seen that on the Time Bandit site.

    I also added the information on the post about Justin Tennison.

    Thanks again. :)

  5. Great recap as ususal! I really enjoy them, thank you.

    I think the cigarette prank must've happened during king crab season because Edgar was there. I don't know why the didn't show it :(

  6. Anonymous 07/28/11 9:48 am

    Thank you,

    LOL See you know more than I do. I just knew Mike Fourtner had sent a greenhorn to the Northwestern to steal the cigarettes.

    I think seeing any of the fisherman without their smokes would have been hilarious.

    I imagine they would make a trip back to Dutch Harbor for more smokes. Priorities. LOL


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