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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 26, 2011

Rachel Reilly, Porsche Briggs and Kalia Booker are playing this game with the Rice Krispies box again. They called it Manapaula but I think they mean Mancala. Daniele Donato is watching them play.

Dominic Briones went into the kitchen and was talking to the girls for a little bit and I noticed he has a bald spot on the back of his head, so either someone got crazy with the clippers or he is going bald awfully young.

Brendon Villegas, Jeff Schroeder, and Dominic Briones are playing pool. Shelly Moore and Jordan Lloyd are on the couch outside.

Rachel Reilly is in another shirt with her bra straps showing. Is this a new fad? Does this annoy anyone else? Or is it just one of my quirky pet peeves?

Jeff Schroeder has been called to the DR several times. Rachel asked him what was up he said he left his card in there. Rachel asks your America’s Player card? Jeff tells her no it’s not America’s player anymore, it’s a fortune teller card. I think they were just messing around, but we don’t know what that Fortune Teller machine is about yet, if anything.

The girls have decided to play The Dating Game. One set of girls and then one set of boys. Lawon will give everybody’s answers since they all know each other’s voices.

Lawon Exum is in getting dressed as the host. He has put on the afro wig and shades.

The guys all think this game is stupid. I have to agree with them. Rachel was telling them how the game is played, what she is describing is not the dating game. So now the guys are blind folded. Lawon Exum asks a question, one of the girls answers and the guys have to guess which girl said it.

Kalia Booker is on the couch with Porsche Briggs. Kalia tells Porsche she was prepared for her and Lawon Exum to be on the block. She was surprised when they weren't. I'm not sure if this means the veto wasn't used or Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd got put up. They are the only other couple left that can be put up.

Lawon is talking to Daniele in the have not room. Lawon, I was like whoa. Daniele, and if he's mad I don't think he can get Brendon and Rachel on their side because they are afraid to go against anyone in the house. Lawon, I agree with you then. Daniele, I don't know how we can save him. Lawon well he has our vote. Daniele, we have four votes. Lawon, Porsche and Shelly I can't figure them out. Daniele, Shelly won't vote to keep him. Lawon, you don't think so? Daniele, So it's a tie breaker. There's no way Rachel will go against Brendon, unless we can convince Jeff or Jordan. So the veto must not have been used, leaving Dominic and Adam Poch on the block?

Lawon, cause once he said  me and Jeff got into it, when we was outside. Dominic comes in the room talking about his pool games. He is changing his pants in front of Daniele and Lawon. They tell Dominic they were just talking about him leaving. He's trying to get them to continue the conversation so far they are talking about everything but. There is only ten minutes left in the show. I want to know about this fight between Jeff and Dominic.

They go to commercial when they come back Rachel is standing in the door way. Daniele leaves with her.

Dominic whispers to Lawon, dude I think I'm gone. Lawon, she just said that. Dominic, why did she say that? Lawon, Jeff and Jordan? Dominic, yes I think I'm gone. Jeff thinks it's me who tried to back door him, and right now they are too afraid to go against Jeff and Jordan. So if  Jeff and Jordan don't want me here they all don't want me here. I need Brendon's vote to stay. I have you, Danni, Porsche, I can get Kalia. I can't get Shelly. I can't tell you why, I'll tell you before I go. I wonder if Shelly told Cassi she voted for Keith before she left. She was feeling a lot of guilt about that. Maybe Shelly told Cassie and Cassie told Dominic. Lawon, come on. Dominic, Shelly is not trust worthy. Do not trust her with anything. I swear on your life I am not steering you wrong. Do not trust Shelly. Kalia comes in. Dominic, She knows too. I'm not kidding you, do not trust Shelly with any information.

Kalia Booker, Jordan and I were just in there chatting and Jeff came and snatched her away. Did they come and get Danni? Dominic and Lawon, yes. Kalia, even after all this crap they are still pretending to be a fivesome. Dominic, they are. Danni is going to be out the door first. Kalia, of course.

Kalia, I think they’re cracking at the seams and they’re trying to hold it together. Lawon, straight up with me how do you feel? Kalia, I think they’re cracking at the seams and they’re trying to hold it together they are cutting deals with everybody in the house. Dominic, yep. Lawon I will lay it out all out for you before I leave. But hear me when I say you cannot trust any of them. They’re not gonna crack they’re not gonna turn against each other. They will slowly pick us off one by one until they are down to the final five and then Danni’s out the door and they will go two on two.

Kalia, and the way they keep everybody happy in the meantime is everybody thinks they have a final six with them. I’m convinced of that. Dominic, they told me I have a final six they told her she has a final six they are telling everybody that. Kalia, well I wasn’t told I had final six. I was told I had jury. Lawon, honestly I assumed I was. Dominic, this all comes down to everyone in here not having the balls to go against them. Cassi told ya’ll back in the beginning. Dominic, Ya’ll run with the wolves. Kalia, no I’m. Dominic, I’m not saying you. Kalia and I’m not saying your right or wrong I think that whatever happens you kind of have to go where esspecially in the beginning when that first vote came in, I realized we like a sinking ship. I was like no way we’re ever gonna be on the same page. And I think everyone started to realize that but I don’t think anyone has a true true except for old girl.

Dominic, and you guys need to realize this right now. The only one that is going to be able to mix the house is Danni. If Dannie gets a little bit of power the whole game will change because she will go against them. Kalia, the thing that’s hard and she is not afraid of them and she has also been here before and been to the end. She is like who cares. Like balls to the wall. They’re talking on top of each other and hard to understand what they’re saying. Kalia, I told her it’s hard we still have another week until jury. So everyone is going to bide their time and hold tight until they at least get to that point. And then this next HOH is going to be a fight to the death. Lawon, oh honey I am gonna fight. Kalia, I don’t think anyone’s not going to. Dominic, I want to be here I wanna fight.

Lawon is telling Kalia how he’s been with her all the way. Kalia we made it. I think the only ones not gonna have to fight to hard is Shelly and maybe Porsche. I noticed she left herself, out of that mix. Kalia, and this is what always happens, and this is how these kind of people always make it to the end. They keep saying we’ll deal with them, we’ll deal with them later. Remember week one they said whoever is here we will deal with them on week five. And now everyone’s gonna gun and get the people out that they think are going against them.

Up in the HOH Room. Brendon, Trust and take it for granted that we are all on the same page at the same time. Jeff, where are you at Daniele? I just wanna know where you’re at. Daniele, obviously you guys have been acting weird to me and I’ve just been hearing things from other people and I was telling Brendon and Rachel, how am I supposed to feel when obviously I’m already the odd man out of the group. And then every time people wanna talk it’s the four people and I’m just like do to do. And then nobody tells me anything and then people just assume like about Dominic, Kalia and I staying up late at night. I know you assume something. I will say to you honestly swearing on my grandmother’s life that we don’t even talk game. Why we stay up so late at night is because that’s the one time we don’t talk game. It’s just complete and utter nonsense and a truly mean that.

And then I just think people see things, I’m sure it comes off wrong that we stay up until 6:00 in the morning just talking every night all night but I think people just take things the wrong way. You hear things and then things get taken a different way that I’m sure puts doubt in your mind, whatever. Then other things come back to me, it’s just relayed incorrectly. But as I said before and we had this talk earlier and the five that’s what we said from day one and I’m 100 percent in with that. Because I said before if it’s not gonna be me that wins I want it to be someone that has been here before rather than, a Lawon or Adam or somebody else. Brendon, and I agree. Jeff, so you’re still down with the final five. Daniel, yes.

Jeff, from my point here is what I saw. You just started one day acting weird. If I was in a room that you were not in it. I was like literally going to the clock like that was twenty seconds that was 30 that was 40 and it almost got to that point.

Daniele, Dominique told me that today and honest to god I don’t know the last two days I just haven’t been paying attention and I haven’t felt well and I’ve been staying in the room a lot. Genuinely it was not on purpose it wasn't calculated. I really mean that I truly apologize. If that’s how you took it, really when he said it I was like I haven’t noticed doing that and I apologize if I have.

Jeff, that’s what I thought because you just stopped talking to me completely. Like even when I would come up here to see what was going on you would leave period and you’re just always on the other side of the house and I see everybody run in and talking to you in the corner. For me it is just flash backs of before, here we go again everybody’s split up.

I was like why would she leave the final five? I’m down with that. We’ve had our bumps along the way. We say stupid stuff to each other, we fought but we get past it you know what I mean? Daniele, absolutely. Jeff, I think personally and the odds of us getting to the final five are unlikely and so it’s not like any ones in an order here. It’s not like when we get to the final five you’re out because you don’t have a partner. And if I get knocked out then you four go. And if I get knocked out of this game then I want her to have someone to play with and I don’t want her to be ostracized for no reason or myself either. And ended just felt like everyone’s going to that side of the house and when it came down to that veto. If I was on the block I would be like up my a$$. I would be Jeff where do I stand with you? They didn’t say anything not one word and not can I get your vote for this, not one word. So I’m like what the heck’s up?

Daniele, but Dominic's told to throw the veto, he throws the veto and. Jeff, I go in to go to the bathroom and Dominic says you know what’s up right? And I go no I don’t what’s up. He goes you don’t know and I don’t know, he goes never mind and he goes in the bathroom. Then he tells me after, that we’re going then he’s like dude I tried telling you. I go tried telling me what? You told me never mind because you didn't want include me. He goes I thought we were cool. I said cool what? This is the first time he talked to me, an hour before the veto ceremony. I’m like you want to ask me for a vote now an hour before the veto ceremony. I’ll be damned if anybody doesn’t comes and ask me for their vote and they don’t use that veto. If it was me I'd be like I'm on the block there's a chance they are not going to use the veto I want your vote. And they’re just all, comfortable and acting like the veto is gonna be used. I’m like why are they so comfortable?

Daniele, I know. The impression I was getting was that Dominic was told to throw the veto And then pretty much working with us to get to final six and that was the impression he was given. So he did do that and then and obviously there’s animosity and everything amongst him. That was the whole thing he thought he was safe because he did what you told him to do and then the tables liked are turned like that. It’s like what am I supposed to do now because I was left hung out to dry and after I did what I was supposed to do.

Jeff, well he didn’t include me in on the plan and I didn’t know any of this. And I didn’t hear that plan. Jeff, I remember him saying never mind and to me never mind  means go F yourself. And you don’t wanna include me in the plans? I don’t know where all to this came from, this Dominique thing. And because I remember before all this we stop talking. It was like cut and dried. You wouldn’t look me in the face and left. I was like what is going on? Then Dominique stop talking to me. Before all this happened you stopped talking to me. I was all for keeping Dominic. Now I’m really suspicious and I don’t wanna keep Dominic. We are being honest here.

Daniele, I’m not stupid and obviously I know that completely and and he knows that he thinks he’s going home on Thursday. I don’t know what you guys want me to say. I told Rachel, I just think it kind of sucks the way last week it was like Cassi is going to go home you work with Dominique get him over to our side. OK I did that. Jeff, he thought he was. Daniele, but that’s what I’m saying I don’t know I just felt like there was a switch out of nowhere and I understand what you’re saying were you felt something different. I know it was awkward between us and thought maybe it was a weird thing between the two of us I don’t know.

Jeff, I don’t know either. I was just like well what’s up and then I was hearing things from around the house from multiple people. Daniele, as did I. Jeff, what did you hear because it didn’t involve you it involved me. It wasn’t anything I said about you it was all directed at me and I wanna know where that came from. Daniele, I don’t necessarily know what you’re talking about and I’ve been hearing things about me going around the house and I didn’t know where they were coming from.

Even Shelly today making numerous odd comments out of nowhere and following everyone around the house is just like what the heck’s going on. And that’s why I just wanted to stay in the bedroom all day and stay away from it. Has anyone wondered why Shelly took a five hour nap today. For her first nap in this whole house. And it was like why do I have this following me all day. I just don’t understand what’s going on.

Jeff, if you wanna talk about weirdness I feel like when I go in a room and you leave Lawon comes in. Jeff, it probably means nothing and Shelly problem means nothing either I’m just getting suspicions. Daniele, I promise I know what you mean and promise you on my life I’ve never even talked game to Lawon it all. I really have no idea what he would do if he was HOH. I’ve never talked to the guy because I don’t trust him, nobody does. He’s been following me around,  he's been following Dominic round. Yeah I like hanging out with him at night when we don’t talk game but when he is paranoid because I guess he thought you guys were going to use the veto that he and Kalia got paranoid or whatever.

Jeff, maybe it was just as a misunderstanding ‘cause I heard some really weird stuff and as you didn’t talk to me and as people started to spread I was paranoid I was nervous for myself because I know I would go home and Jordan would be stuck here and odds are next week she wouldn’t go home so we would be split up for the summer. I can’t believe Brendon and Rachel haven’t cut in yet Jeff, so I thought that was pretty $hitty too. I understand it’s a game and I’m here to have fun. You guys can kill each other, stab each other in the back, whatever I’m gonna try my best to play the game and you guys play a different game. I’m just here to have fun and be loyal to the people I’m loyal

Wow that was a busy last ten minutes. Big Brother Leak put out on Twitter after the show ended that they all agreed to final five. As soon as Danni left the room, Jeff and Brendon were like do you trust her. No.

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