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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 5 "Wreckage From The Past"

"Wreckage From The Past"

Steven Adler has now decided to stay. Dr. Drew says his agression towards Amy Fisher cannot continue.

Dr. Drew, Shelly Sprague, and Dr. John Sharp are meeting with Steven. Steven apologizes he says he’s just sick and tired of having liars and bamboozlers in his life. He says his band did it to him and his mother did it to him and he doesn’t like it in his life. I’m not going to let this B ruin my program. Then Steven acknowledges that they’re out there and that he has to learn how to live with it. Dr. Drew, bottom line is no more attacks on Amy Fisher. Steven says his sobriety is everything to him right now. He has a career and he wants to take it to the next level.

Dr. Drew says Steven is compliant for right now but they will keep a close eye on him. If his agression towards Amy Fisher continues he will have no choice but to discharge him.

Day eleven 7:30 AM. They’re all carrying a book into morning meditation. I don’t know the name of the books they have. Sean Young reads a passage from the book “the weight of our resentments hinders our spiritual development, if we truly desire freedom; we will seek to rid ourselves of as much extra weight as possible. As we lighten up, we’ll notice an increased ability to forgive our fellow human beings for their mistakes, and to forgive ourselves for our own.” It might be the book Just For Today.

Shelly Sprague, resentment is the number one offender. It kills more alcoholics than anything else. We are human and fallible. If we can’t accept that in ourselves and another’s we’re going to be lonely and drunk.
They go to group and Steven Adler apologizes to Amy Fisher. He says he has issues of his own and he took it out on her. Amy accepts his apology and says that makes her feel a lot better.

Dr. Drew wants to talk about what’s motivating them to stay sober. He asks if everybody has hit bottom? Bob Forest, some of the people in this room have lost their careers, their families, got their freedoms taken away because of drug and alcohol and still we wanna figure have I hit bottom yet? Stevens the one I think of. Twenty years I’ve been listening to this stuff. I’m tired of it. You must be tired of it. Steven I’m exhausted. Bob Forest, do you get that it’s drugs that created this? Steven lying an deceiving and regretting is exhausting. Being sick and tired of being sick and tired is exhausting. So he is doing what he hates other people doing, the lying and deceiving when he is using.Dr. Drew do you regret it?

Steven, yes I regret being a drug addict. I wouldn’t have lost the job with my band. Bob Forest, does it piss you off or make you sad? Steven, it makes me sad. Bob Forrest, That’s a better response I think.Dr. Drew, it’s more realistic.

Dr. Drew, Bai Ling is there a moment that motivated you to stay sober? Bai, I never realized how horrible it could be, and I’m blaming it on men and all of that. But I think if I did not take the alcohol I probably would have treated it differently. Like this boy friend of mine I did not like him, but he took me to this fancy French dinner, and then he took me to his loft and slept with me. I was drunk. Every night he would make me different drinks. I don’t feel good of making love with him. One night I said I’m going to die, I can’t do this take me to the hospital. But if I don’t use that what am I gonna do. Learn to say no?

Dr. Drew, if you don’t use you might not have been in that position. Bai, not only that my career. I was a beautiful talented actress. I messed myself up. Being in this club and my nipples were all over the tabloids, like I was an idiot bimbo. I hate it. I hate it. I’m making myself like an idiot. If I don’t stop I’m dead. That’s bottom. Dr. Drew, two things, the solution is simple you don’t have to look for complex solutions. Bai, I have a problem, I’m allergic to it, what’s wrong with me? Dr. Drew, you are an alcoholic. Bob Forest, you shouldn’t be dating people. I hate to be practical. Bai, I’m alone what am I supposed to do? You need to be around other women and learn to be social and not drink and love yourself, so you are not attracted to these people that get you drunk and take advantage of you. Bai is crying she asked to leave the room for two minutes so she doesn’t disturb everyone.

Shelly Sprague is in Bai’s room with her she is still crying. Sean Young leaves group to go get Bai. She goes in her room and gives her a big hug. Awww. Shelly says Bai appears to be having acute anxiety. All they can do is help her to breathe and make eye contact. Sean gets her to quit crying and gets Bai to agree to go back to group. She tells her as they are walking back, she is not a bimbo and you are a talented actress. Everyone is going to get better from here on out.

Everyone thanks Bai for coming back. Bob Forrest says we don’t want to re traumatize ourselves over and over again with all these terrible things that have happened. Bai, I want to change. Dr. Drew, We know we are going to help you. Bob Forest, whatever has happened in our life, that doesn’t dictate what tomorrow brings unless we let it. Dr. Drew, We don’t let the past determine the future unless we allow it. You are doing very, very well. Bai, this is serious. Bob Forest, It is serious business for sure.

Family weekend is in a few days. The patients are getting their phones to call people to come visit them. Dr. Drew, most of the time the support of loved one’s is helpful. But one of the biggest threats to an addict is loved ones that are still using drugs. Michael Lohan is calling someone saying please be sober, please be sober, please be sober. He is calling Kate Major his ex fiancĂ©. He asks how are you feeling right now? He asks Kate to come to family weekend. She said obviously she needs her own therapy for different reasons. Michael, that’s not an answer. Kate, what I’m supposed to be like yea and jump up and down there. Like I'm getting a birthday party, like hello. Like vodka.

Shelly Sprague, Ever since Michael has gotten here he has been on the phone several times a day with his ex fiancée Kate Major. She is apparently an addict and it is counterproductive for him to be on the phone talking to her several times a day while she is in her disease.

Michael, are you drinking right now? Kate, no. Michael, be honest Kate. Laughing she says I said vodka. Michael, you’re not going to go out drinking tonight correct? Kate, I’m going to strap on a bar tonight. You hear her swallow. Michael, is that supposed to be funny? Kate no you asked me a question. Michael, so are you going to do that? Kate, if the price is right. Michael, I can’t do this, I can't do this. Kate, I can't either. You treat me like your daughter. I’m not Lindsay Michael. Michael, I know you’re not Lindsay she is far far beyond where you are. Trust me and she’s only 24. She wants nothing to do with you, you’re a piece of sh$t. You are a bum. Michael says good bye and hangs up. He says drunk drunk drunk.

Shelly Sprague, Michael is trying to get Kate to fly out for the weekend. One of the reasons people go to treatment is to get away from the stressors and triggers. So it really does create a problem for him focusing on himself. Michael is in his room folding clothes. The phone rings. It’s Kate Major looking for Michael Lohan. Shelly politely tells her hold on please. ROFL she then hangs up the phone and says oops and unplugs it.

Dr. Drew, says from previous conversations with Bai Ling, I know she was in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in Tibet when she was very young. And I suspect there is much more to her story.

Bai goes into Dr. Drew’s office. Bai says sometimes she is struggling not to feel them. Dr. Drew feelings? Do you ever journal? Bai Ling, it’s funny you ask that. In the army I used to journal everything. They would come to me and ask what are you writing? They would tell me if we don’t know what you’re writing, how can we know what you’re thinking. How can we help you? I think that is right so I showed them. Dr. Drew, what kind of things would you write about? Love of which man I like it’s very secret for a girl. 

Then one evening I come in and he’s standing there reading my diary to everyone. I feel betrayed because I trusted him, so I stopped writing. Dr. Drew, what about going back to that, writing? Bai, they feel uncomfortable. Dr. Drew, are there other things in Tibet that happened that you want to write about? What kind of things? Bai, I have different experiences with different from different general. Dr. Drew, what happened? Bai, this jeep came down from the mountains and then takes you up to the leaders. If somebody picks you up you become their favorite, of course one day it was my turn. I was so happy because I was curious, but some leaders are good and some leaders are not good. Dr. Drew, what did they do? Bai, they put me on their lap. Dr. Drew, naked? Bai nods, I don’t have a concept of relationships with men. Now I probably know more. At that time I didn’t know what was right or wrong or appropriate. Dr. Drew, how old were you? Bai, fourteen. Dr. Drew, you were fourteen when they started doing that? Bai, I was vulnerable and. Dr. Drew, how did that make you feel? Bai, looking at leaders I was hoping I could trust them and that they would love me. In it a way they do love me I feel compassion for them, their wives are not there they’re lonely. Dr. Drew, I have trouble finding compassion for the men. Bai, why? Dr. Drew, I find that not OK for older men to abuse fourteenth year old little girls. Bai, it is not OK but at the time I did not know what was abuse. Dr. Drew I’m just saying I would have trouble forgiving them. Bai, I do. Dr. Drew, You were able to you forgive them? Bai nods her head.

Dr. Drew, Bai’s story is heartbreaking. As a father I’m disgusted. What this woman has been through is just overwhelming and to think that her victimization was so severe she actually identified with the victimizers. She has a very long road of treatment ahead. I guess so. These sicko’s never think about what they’re doing to the kids.

It looks like it’s service day. Dr. Drew has taken the gang to a place called Homeboy Industries. It’s a place that helps at risk and formally gang involved youth to become positive members of society. Their motto is jobs not jail. Father Greg Boyle is the founder of the organization. They listen to three horrific stories of the three former gang members that are there.

The patients are back at the rehab center now getting something eat. The phone rings, Jessica answers it, the person asked to speak to Michael. She goes out on the patio and tells Michael crazy is on the phone. Michael comes in and picks up the phone it’s Kate. She asked why he didn’t call her back. He says because they can’t do this anymore. Kate, I’m not trying to argue, there is a situation with the car. Michael, tell me about the car.

Bob forest, we’ve been watching Michael on the phone, this person and now he has flown her out here for family weekend and there is drama, big surprise, when is enough enough with this guy?

Michael on the phone, it’s not there yet. When it is done getting fixed it will be brought back there. Kate, can you slow down I can’t. Michael, oh my god. Bob is sitting in a chair next to him and Shelly is standing in the office just watching and listening. Michael, I’m not even going to ask you what you did if you drank or not just whatever. It’s not my issue. It’s not my concern. Get the car and go to your meetings or whatever you wanna do. Kate, I just told you I don’t know where the car is. Michael, I just told you. I don’t know if it’s the prescriptions you’re on right now or if you drink on them or whatever, it’s not working because I hear it in your voice. Michael, I have to go. I will see you at the visit if you can. He hangs up on her.

Bob tells him to sit down. He asked Michael so how are you getting your needs met there? Look at your face is flushed, your blood pressure is risen, it’s not good for your heart. Michael, there is an issue with my car, it’s across the street I paid for it, it cannot sit there anymore. Bob let’s just lay our cards on the table. Your kids need you. They don’t need you to be boring or proselytizing. They just need to know you’re OK. I don’t think they’ve known you’re OK since the first time you got out of prison. So I wonder how you get better. These numbskulls you have in your life I don’t care about, I care about you. So you can be a dad. You’ve got to understand that for whatever reason you love chaos, you love rescuing the chaotic. You marry chaotic, you’re surrounded by chaos. Michael, it’s the opposite of what I want too.

Bob, the day you met Kate I guarantee you, your left brain said that girl is trouble, another part of you said I’d like to talk to her. Michael, no it wasn’t like that. She was a reporter that wrote a terrible story about my family. Bob, oh my god and so you got involved with her? Michael, no no. But she didn’t like the article. Bob, who cares. I’m saying get Kate out of your life. Get rid of the chaos, quit worrying about your car and focus on you. You need to take care of yourself so that you can become the dad that you want to be to help your kids out of the chaos that they’re in. Michael, right. Bob, see the chaos you cause yourself? Michael, yeah. Bob, you’ve got to listen that.

It’s day thirteen and family weekend is tomorrow. Dr. Drew says for most patients a visit from loved ones will be a much needed source of support, but I am very concerned about one of Michael Lohan guests. The phone rings. Michael answers its Kate. Kate, do you have any idea what is going on? Michael, no what’s going on? Shelly hollers to Michael as soon as you’re off the phone I need to speak to you. Kate tells Michael she is not allowed to go to the dinner and less she checks herself into the rehab tonight. Michael, you know what? That is wrong and I’m going to address it right now I'll call you right back. Kate, no let me finish. Michael, I will call you right back.

Dr. Drew, my staff and I have decided that Kate will only be allowed to attend family weekend if she checks herself into treatment. It is clear that she is a using addict.

Michael, Shelly you need to talk to me? I need to talk to you too. What did you need to speak to me about? Shelly, I need to speak to you about Kate. Michael, yeah? That’s not happening, there’s no problem if she’s not drunk. She’s on prescribed medication there is no problem with that. She came all the way out here and if she is not drinking and doesn’t test dirty there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to see me. Shelly, first off this is a drug rehab treatment center and if people need to go into rehab they should go into rehab. Michael, I cannot tolerate this. You can breathalyzer her when she comes up and urine test her. If she has anything other than prescriptions in her system you can let her go. Otherwise you cannot do this to her. The rules are that I can have anyone I want visit me as long as they are not high on drugs. That’s the rules. Done. Shelly, OK, Michael, I have to abide by the rules here. So do they.

Michael goes out on the patio and tells Dwight Gooden and Steven Adler that he thinks he’s leaving. I can’t stay in the program I think I’m gonna have to pack. Michael goes to pack Dwight and Steven follow him. Michael, You don’t understand I went to jail for three years because I stand up for what’s right and wrong. If I have to live by the rules they do to. Steve, just walk around the block don’t pack man. Michael, let me ask you something. If someone did this to you what would you feel. Steven, I would be upset. Just talk to the doctor first. Michael, you just gave me a reason to leave. Steven, come on think for a second. Damn it.

Michael walks up to the window at Shelly’s office, I’m walking out of here if I don’t talk to Dr. Drew or somebody right now. Shelly is somebody.

I'm never really quite sure what to say about this show. It's so sad watching people who appear to have everything going for them destroy their lives. It just proves money can't solve everything I guess. It's all so sad and intriguing at the same time. It's heart breaking to hear the story's of  the terrible childhood's often connected with these people. It makes me wonder if they are all true? Are there that many messed up families out there?

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