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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 28, 2011

Kalia Booker, Dominic Briones, Lawon Exum and Daniele Donato are in the have not room whispering.

Kalia Booker, The lines are clearly drawn and honey bear you're not on their side even if you think you are. I said I don’t know how many ways I have to tell you before you realize you’re the first on their pecking list of people to put out of the house. She was like I don’t know. I told her just try to think and then Rachel came in. Daniele, Shelly is gonna be huge because she is teetering about it. She just needs to punch her in the back of the neck and throw her overboard. Kalia, Shelly plays that role of mom and she is very reasonable in this game so if you say this is the move home girl she might be like OK. I wanted to tell her while you think about it don’t talk to anybody else about it except for us because that could cause a lot of drama. I told Porsche Briggs do you realize that everything this week could be hinging on you, this could be your episode. Daniele, you said that? Kalia, now I should have said that.

Daniele, I think Shelly can knock some sense into her. Kalia, I just hope she doesn’t run up there and tell them. I know you say it doesn’t matter but it could make a difference. Daniele, it would be better. Can you imagine the look on their faces? Dominic, someone needs to tell her the stuff Brendon talks about her.

Kalia, I don’t know how they sit together knowing that even if they swear in public that it was all you planting seeds. They know at some point in time they were just as worried that Rachel and Brendon are gonna turn on them and vice versa. I don’t know how they all sit and pretend they are thick as thieves and tight as rice. It just doesn’t make sense. Obviously they have nothing else. Daniele, but they have to stick together. But it’s easy to kick me out and keep each other.

Kalia, I told her last night I just needed a few more minutes to talk to Daniele so I could make sure she was on our side. I hate when we’re on lockdown because everyone is lurking around the house. Dominic, my ultimate goal is to spin this summer with Lawon.

Ohhhh! Shelly Moore is out in the kitchen with Porsche Briggs and Adam Poch. She is telling Adam he should go up to Dominic and say I’m sorry about today. I know you’re going and see what he he feeds you, so you know his true character yourself. Because he sat out here and said it's me and Adam and now he is royally screwing you. He’s got Daniele, Lawon, Kalia and if he gets one more of us, her or I it’s a tie. It’s not going to happen we have your back. I totally trust that you will, but you gotta keep it together. That’s gone on all afternoon. Adam, I want to know more about Janelle. How did you know her?

Now Porsche Briggs is telling Adam Poch how nobody in the house would talk to her and that’s why she became friends with Brendon and Rachel. And how Adam has talked to are but the others have not. That’s because you’re so hot, they couldn’t stand to be near you.

Back in the have not room they’re plotting to tell Porsche how all this is going to be her episode, and then they’re going to tell Shelly that everyone is on board except her to try and get her on board. But since they don’t know Shelly, Porsche and Adam are in the kitchen talking I smell a blowup coming.

Kalia is saying how they should have been nicer to Porsche in the beginning because now she is saying we’re just talking to her because we want her vote. That's true.

Kalia, Shelly and Daniele are in the have not room. Shelly, here’s my thing. Kalia, I don’t trust them I’m here. Shelly, I understand. I ask you before and you said I don’t know I haven’t made my decision. Kalia, now I said I have to decide what is best. I just don’t trust. Shelly, that’s what I’m saying on all the trust stuff, you gotta know that's what makes me nervous, because you come and do that and then flip flop again and then you cut out me and everybody else and I can’t afford for that to happen. Kalia, the main thing for me is that. Shelly, so you’re gonna be able to save to Jeff and Jordan and now I’m with them. Kalia, I have too, but I will stand by what I said to Jordan and I will never put her up. I can’t we pinky swore on that like two weeks ago. Shelly, agh rolls her eyes that just. Kalia, I don’t know how to go back on that. Daniele, I don’t care because when it comes down to it any of us sitting next to Jordan in finals wins. Shelly, I don’t think any one of us sitting next to Jordan wins. Kalia, file of her but I wouldn’t give her the win again, I wouldn’t.

Shelly, I just wanna make sure there is no waffling. Kalia, That’s why after all that crap happened I went and sat down and talk to them. I said I’m really sorry for what happened it’s water under the bridge that that’s the one thing I said I will never put you up. Shelly, but I asked you ten minutes ago and use said I don’t know. Kalia, like I said I just needed to think and I went in there and I decided I just can’t deal with these people, I can’t. Shelly, so you decided this in the last 30 minutes?

Kalia just went through this whole thing about trusting people and how she thinks she can trust Daniele and Shelly, trying to convince Shelly to switch to their side.

Daniel is now talking to Shelley again trying to get her to switch their vote. Basically they are trying to get everyone except the four veterans to vote for Dominic so he can stay instead of Adam. Shelly has told them she will work on Porsche. She may just be playing them though.

Rachel, she won’t even look at me. Jordan, she shouldn’t have called you an idiot. Jeff, she’s very mean. She has no heart. Rachel, she is just a mean girl in general. Jeff, I don’t like her. It’s official. Jordan, I’m going to laugh if they say tomorrow that people with golden keys don’t get to play in the HOH comp.

Porsche is telling Rachel what is going on and told her that if she doesn’t vote with them and one of them gets HOH she will be the first one out. Rachel, If you need to change your vote, I’ll understand. Porsche, Shelly came up to me and said are you really going to vote with Rachel and Brendon, I was like yeah. I asked her if she was, she said yes but I know she if playing both sides.

Rachel, Daniele’s days are numbered. Porsche, maybe I’m just getting paranoid and realizing how hard everyone has been playing while I’ve been hanging out with you. Rachel, she just doesn’t care because she’s selfish.

Kalia and Lawon now have Porsche in the have not room trying to convince her she can be known as the girl who changed the game. They are also telling her she will be surprised when she get's out of the house and see's how the people that she thinks are her friends have talked about her.

The newbies had said in the have not room someone needed to stay with Porsche so she couldn’t talk to Rachel. They blew that.

Rachel and Brendon can’t play in this HOH so if Jeff and Jordan don’t win, a newbie will be HOH.

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