Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 8 July 24, 2011

Rachel Reilly is HOH again. I'm curious to see who she puts up for nomination. I'm thinking Dominic Briones and Adam Poch again.

I really wish Jordan Lloyd had put Rachel and Brendon Villegas up.

The remark by Rachel in the DR about Cassie was uncalled for. She's such a brat.

Yes Rachel you are on fire. Please burn down.

A luxury competition. This means no have nots. A blessing or a curse? Blessing because there are no have nots, but a curse because there are not enough beds in the house.

Brendon, Yes a microphone is close to Michael but what the heck does soap and sun glasses have to do with Dexter?

Jordan Lloyd was right it was David Hasselhoff. She has won a private party in the HOH with three people. LOL She didn't pick Rachel. She picked Jeff, Shelly Moore and Kalia Booker. Smart girl Jordan. They will watch a screening of Same Names. I won't be watching that show. Even for a reality show that just seems like a bad idea.

Oh David is staying to watch the show with them? That's cool.

And of course Rachel is crying. These two should be nominated worst sportsmen of the year.  They lose, she cries and he comes up with excuses. Just say congratulations to whoever won, and get over it. Geez, it's really not that hard. This is what happens with kids when they grow up with sports like they are today.

Rachel, Not everything is all life or death, not everything is so serious. I can't believe those words came out of her mouth.

Guess the Hoff isn't staying. That would have been cooler if he stayed.

LOL I love Jordan saying she is not bringing Rachel and Brendon up there because they've gotten everything else, and they'd just be kissing and stuff. She is correct. They do seem to have no self control.

I like that Brendon thinks he can put Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd on the block. He isn't the HOH.

Was there only one prize in the luxury comp? That stinks.

Brendon has tears when he cries. Unlike Rachel.

She did go with Adam Poch and Dominic Briones again. They've kept it quite, I couldn't even tell from After Dark. I suspected it was the two of them, but wasn't sure.

For those of you wondering what soap has to do with David Hasselhoff. He used to be on The Young & The Restless, before Knight Rider & Bay Watch I think.

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