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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 24, 2011

Rachel Reilly and Daniele Donato are playing the game with the Rice Krispies box.

Shelly Moore and Kalia Booker are in the purple room and Kalia is telling Shelley she thinks the vote might come down to a split. I don’t know what everyone is thinking, other people are thinking fishy things about Lawon Exum. Like they think he could be America’s player, but I think that can be paranoia more than anything. I don’t think there is an America’s player. The person that said that isn’t the smartest person in the room if you know I mean. It’s not necessarily set in stone.

Kalia Booker, I don’t think either of us are targets. I’ve never talked game with you because you and Cassi Colvin we’re really close. I know you and Adam Poch are up early. Shelly, oh no, Adam’s not up early it’s Brendon Villegas. Kalia, that shows you how much I know. I feel pretty safe in the house. I don’t feel like anyone’s gunning for me. But you never know. I guess I just wanted to know where your head is. I trust you.

Shelly Moore, my goal was to get to singles, hopefully with my partner, but that got messed up when Cassi Colvin and I got put on the block. I’m really playing a straight up game. I have no desire to put anyone under the bus, to go tell malicious lies, that’s just not me. I try to listen to everyone’s views and make a decision that’s right for me. While at the same time I’m not going to put my nose out and go against the grain. Well you already did that. I’m aware of where the power is in the house. You have to be aware of that. I think I know who the strong players are and who you have to look out for. I think I have a good idea who is lying and being deceptive. I think to me those people are more fearful than the straight shooters. Kalia, exactly.

Shelly, that’s why I like you, you shoot straight and I know where you stand. Kalia, That’s why if I hear something like a earlier about Lawon. Shelly, Lawon doesn’t really have a barometer, it is just a nervousness us about him. The first week it’s kinda cute, two weeks into the game is still kind of cute, three weeks into the game he gets aggravating. Kalia, there isn’t anybody in the house I think would put me up except for him. I think it’s because he’s the only person I don’t really have a connection with. It’s not even like a dislike because I literally have no feeling for him one way or the other. We probably would not be friends outside of the house.

Shelly Moore says she can’t figure Lawon Exum out. Kalia Booker says she thinks a lot of what he says is lies. I think Kalia is throwing Lawon under the bus. Kalia, there are things he has revealed that have been lies. Rachel Reilly comes into the room to let them know alcohol is there. Kalia, if I hear something I’m going to come up and ask you. Just like I did with Cassi. Kalia, but like with Lawon Exum you only get one time to lie with me.

Shelly, do you want to share what the lie was? Kalia, now I’m saying he lied on me in that whole Keith situation. So because of that I’ve been very leery and selective of what I’ve said to him. Then there were some things I shared with him that got around the house, things that could hurt my game. Like I told him how much I missed my boyfriend and he went around and told people I didn’t wanna be here. It’s like the game with little kids. Once it got back to me it was you need to be careful telling people that you don’t wanna be here. I never told anyone that. I have a hard time transitioning. I said something to like Cassi, and she was like everyone knew that like an hour after you said it. Yes blame it on Cassi they can’t question her.

Shelly, has he said anything to you about college? Because he was talking to me and let it slip that he graduated in 1993. I don’t think even realize to get it. I was asking him about when he decided to become a happy person. He said when he went to college and his grandmother died and that was eight years ago. Why lie about that type of thing. Because he wants you to think he’s younger. He talked about having college debt. Then today he came to me and said he pays all of his bills six months in advance. I mean who does that? Who has that kind of liquidity? I asked him if he had a car payment. He said yes. I asked if he was buying it or leasing it. He said leasing. Why would you pay a lease six months in advance? Leases are for 24 months it’s out in 24 months why would you do that? There is no advantage. He just said I try to be really good I have no college debt. I have no college loans. Right there I knew he was lying. So when people do that I start to wonder.

Rachel Reilly, do you think he is a lawyer? Shelley, I don’t know. Rachel, I think he is and I think he graduated from law school. Duh! You would have to graduate from law school to be a lawyer. He’s like I work in law. Kalia, I think he is a paralegal I don’t think he has a huge job. I just sit back and watch him and honestly I haven’t trusted him since the minute we walked in the door. Rachel thinks he’s an attorney because of where he says he works. Does she not get that paralegals also work where attorneys work?

Kalia basically doesn’t think he’s an attorney because on occasion he slips back into his hometown vernacular.

Shelly, the biggest thing I’ve noticed. Try this next time you go out and sit on the couch with him. Say something like California Pizza Kitchen is the best I’ve ever had. No matter what you say he will agree with you. You could say dog poop smells good and he would agree.

Rachel the other thing is he finishes your sentences with you. That’s a trick attorneys use. So Rachel has a lot of experience with attorneys? This last year I was working with attorneys because I didn’t have a job. So I got this job on Tuesdays and Thursdays with these attorneys on Wilshire. It wasn’t a lot of money but I was working like a front desk assistant just to make a little money. I’ve gotten really close to some of the attorneys and the way they speak sometimes, I can’t believe they have a college degree. This attorney told me to be careful when you go to court because that’s one of the tricks they use and they’ll try to finish your sentences for you. I am not buying this at all. First she said the attorney did civil law, where they do people’s will’s and stuff. Shelly corrected her and said that is estate law. Second, last night she told Porsche Briggs she hasn’t worked in a year.

Rachel says two of her sorority sisters are also in law and they do the same thing. But she doesn’t know what kind of law they do either. She said it must be something they teach them in school.

Kalia, a big part of being an attorney is performance. If you ever sit and talk with him like try and talk game he never contributes anything. He always says I just let my partner figure it out. That way if we ever get put on the block he can just blame it on me. The thing with Lawon Exum, you really have to watch his eyes. Especially now, he’s really paranoid, he’s worried about the veto being used and us going up. Shelly, he told Cassi when he gets out of here she’s going to be shocked at what he does for a living. Shelly doesn’t lie or so she says and so far I haven’t caught her in a lie, but now I'm suspicious.

Rachel thinks he is an entertainment lawyer. He wants to own his own production company when he gets out of the house. Kalia says he wants to be a host that’s why he keeps volunteering to host stuff.

Kalia Booker, that’s one thing with this season pretty much everyone in here is straight shooting. You know what I mean there’s not a lot of back end Betty’s going on. They may leave out pieces and it’s still early in the game. But he is the one person that hands down snake in the grass.

Shelly Moore, do you think he is trying in competitions? Kalia I think he did in this last HOH, because he realizes our time has come. They have evidently played a competition that was a word game and Rachel spelled moisturizing muisturizing. I don’t know how she spelled it exactly, but she used a u instead of an o.

Kalia leaves the room. Rachel leans over and whispers to Shelly I know he may not be a lawyer, but just because he does talk in circles I did think that. Shelly, it’s a good point. Rachel, it’s just an observation from being around attorneys.

They continue debating whether Lawon Exum is an attorney or not.

I decided to Google Lawon Exum to see if anything about him being an attorney came up. I didn’t see anything, but I did find a Linkedin page for a Lawon Exum in the greater Los Angeles area that says he is the owner of Exum Out! Entertainment and entertainment correspondent. Which kind of goes somewhat with Rachel’s saying he wanted to be an entertainment lawyer and Kalia saying he wanted to be a host. I then Googled Exum Out! I found videos of Lawon on You Tube and a Myspace page for the supposed company. 

I say supposed company because I don’t see an address or a phone number listed for it anywhere on any of these pages, which is kind of odd. The Myspace page says he has a degree in communications from The University of Maryland University College and certification in radio and television from Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He interned in the entertainment industry from New York to Washington DC, and he has spoken about living in both of these places. 

 Rachel, When you think about it while nobody trusts him and he’s not doing a great job, nobody is out to get him out either.

Kalia Booker it is now saying that she doesn’t think Lawon Exum has no money at all. That the vintage clothing is a character he creates.

Kalia, I’m still trying to figure Daniele Donato out. I’m trying to figure out if her friendships are real or if they’re all game. Her dad is really good at this game and the apple doesn’t fall far. People like Jeff and Jordan I mean she’s my friend it would hurt my heart to ever put her on the block. Shelly, so here’s my question. Brendon and Rachel or Jeff and Jordan? Kalia, no matter how close we are or you are to them they’re never gonna pick us over one of them. Shelly, but if you had to pick one of those two couples to put up? Kalia doesn’t answer her she starts talking about how she’s glad they’re getting out of doubles. Kalia thinks Brendon runs Brendon and Rachel and Jeff runs Jeff and Jordan. She doesn’t think either girl will do well without them. But Rachel would do better than Jordan. Kalia, so if I ever put anyone up in my heart I just couldn’t put up Jordan, I would put up the two guys. But then you have the physical thing, one of them would probably win the veto and you don’t want those four coming after you. Shelly, right. Kalia, it would have to be the back door thing. You know one shot one kill. Shelly, good scenario. Kalia, ‘cause you can't do anything unless you know.

Kalia is now whispering to Daniele Donato in the kitchen don’t tell her anything I think she’s up to something. Daniele, they’re not talking to anyone they’re not talking to Jeff and Jordan or me. Their acting more weird than usual.

Someone has been put up and someone has won the veto from the sounds of it, but I don't have a clue who. I wonder if Rachel put up Adam and Dominic again and they won the veto again?

They’re playing basketball outside in the backyard. They have a hoop that sits on the ground kind of like a wastepaper basket. They were playing Pig, now they are playing horse.

Lawon is telling Daniele, how much he trust’s Kalia.

I can't wait to see the twist tonight that is supposed to cause the house guests to rethink their strategy.

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