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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 29, 2011

**** Spoiler alert!******

Don’t read this if you don’t want to know who won head of household tonight. I was going to attempt not to give it away and have people tweet me for who won, but that is next to impossible since CBS won’t air who is head of household until Sunday.

The show didn’t start until 1:00 AM tonight I guess they didn’t want us to see any of the competition if it was still going on.

Daniele won HOH! It's going to be interesting now. LOL

Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly are in the orange room. Daniele, last time I was in here I was attacked on a personal level nonstop constantly by a lot of people. So I know how it feels. That’s why I’m not playing personal or trying to play emotional at all. It’s just game to me. You have to think that way or you’re never gonna make it through the summer. I want you to know I don’t hate you, I like you. I have said it to a million people. I didn’t like you in your season and I’ve said that. But I think outside of this house I would like you. I just think you get really emotionally involved in a lot of stuff, which I was trying to help you with. I just don’t want you to think anything is personal. Whether it’s a month from now or yesterday, and I truly apologize for anything I said.

Rachel, I apologize to you and I am really sincerely sorry that Dominic is gone. I promise you 100% that that was never my intention, even when all this stuff blew up. I thought it would be even smarter because even if you were evil and we hated you, having Dominic in the game we could still work with him. I just love Rachel’s backhanded apologizes. He never would’ve worked with you, trust me I know the things he said. The things you guys said to him about me genuinely made me cry. I don’t understand why people would go out of their way to hurt someone for no reason at all if he was already going home. Of course I’m going to go upstairs and tell you I don’t care if he goes home but then you go behind my back and have a meeting an hour later without me of. I’m not stupid like everyone wants to think. A lot of things get back to me just like they get back to you. It just really hurt my feelings the things that were said about him. And to him about me, we talked a lot about it. I know that he truly knows where I was coming from and got that and we will be friends out of this house.

Daniele, in my season I didn’t have any friends in the game a lot of them were terrible people. But I have really good friends in this house. Rachel, I have friends in this house to and my fiancé. I think that’s where it all went wrong and why I thought you was trying to put them in danger. I thought you were going to try and get rid of Jeff and then get rid of Brendon. Daniele swears that was never her intention. The people in this house are too scared to make any kind of move. Lawon Exum comes in the room.

Daniele continues on trying to convince Rachel that it was nothing personal against Jeff it’s just that he is the biggest threat to both her and Rachel. That it would’ve been a brilliant move for the four of them to do that and wipe the rest of this house out. Rachel, I didn’t see it that way. We made deals with Jeff and Jordan on day one or day five. Daniele, you’ve never broken deals with anyone in this house? Rachel, no. I tried to make deals with people last summer and no one would make a deal with me. Daniele, that’s a lie. Rachel, I made a deal with Brendon and I would never go back on that. If I would’ve ever made a deal with anyone last summer I would’ve never gone back on it. What about the deal with Dominic you went back on?

In this type of game I feel like that’s the only thing you have if you have is an alliance. People you trust in people you don’t have to worry about. Daniele, we had like a sub alliance and then you were trying to make a deal with PT as well. When you see moves like that it’s not like you hate these people, you’re just making a move to further yourself in the game. I get that you had the final five, that was never gonna happen. It just can’t happen in this game the power shifts. I don’t really care but when Jordan said that question from Julie, just think about it, that’s all I’m gonna say. Why do they ask questions in the HOH in private? That’s all I’m saying. Rachel, ‘cause they were thinking about doing it to us. Daniele, yeah. Rachel, I know. Daniele, OK then. So it’s not like surprise. It’s something you have to think about in this game. Daniele, I guarantee you it was at least an option. Rachel, I know it was when they were trying to keep Cassi.

Daniele, I’m just saying I’m not the only one that was involved in it. I will take the brunt of it because it was my idea but there was a huge train behind me. Rachel, you wouldn’t be interested in getting rid of other people and making deals would you? Daniele, I don’t know. We can talk later but I don’t know. I will consider all my options. I’m not exactly in the best spot right now after this week. Rachel, yeah because you can’t even be HOH next week. Why didn’t you let Kalia take it? Daniele, because I wanted it and I told PT I would win, because I haven’t had a chance to play, because I want a letter from home. Rachel, ‘cause you know Kalia was gonna nominate me and Brendon. She hates me to I don’t know why? Maybe because you were using her like everyone else in the house. Maybe because your boyfriend is obnoxious. Maybe because she wants to make sure you get nominated and she probably isn’t sure Kalia Booker would do it.

Rachel, I really don’t know what I’ve done to her I’ve never talked to the girl. What a lie! Plus Rachel is discussing game again without Brendon she’s gonna be in trouble again. Daniele, if you wanna talk later we can, I’m not set in stone what I’m gonna do. Rachel, sounds good. Well graduations for real.

Kalia Booker hung on second longest. I knew Kalia and Daniele we’re going to fight hard, talk about two angry women.

Brendon has gone in to talk to Jeff and Jordan. Jordan doesn’t think there’s any way that Daniele will cut a deal even a one week deal. Jordan said Daniele told her she is safe.

ROFL Jordan Lloyd says that slop goes right through her she poops the grains and everything.

Brendon Villegas has gone back to report to Rachel Reilly and Porsche Briggs. Rachel still has what looks like snow in her hair.

There is a lot of whispering going on tonight. Jeff Schroeder won the $10,000.

Kalia Booker, Lawon Exum and Daniele Donato are in the bathroom. The girls have put their makeup on and are doing their hair. They all miss PT. Lawon says he feels like he’s back in high school with the popular kids vs. the kids that ain’t got no sense.

Dominic evidently told Kalia and Lawon to vote him out because he knew he didn’t have the votes to stay and he knew they had to stay in the house and play. That clarifies Kalia's vote to me now I was really surprised when she voted him out.

Brendon and Jordan are discussing where Jordan and Rachel are from in NC. Brendon says once in awhile Rachel slips back into her North Carolina accent. Jordan, the county where Rachel comes from is very backwoods. Brendon, her dad went to Princeton and also speaks seven languages. They aren't the backwoods kind of people. Jordan says where she has been in Cabarrus County it was a two laned road and woods with the houses set way back off the road. They are talking about Concord, Charlotte area near Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Rachel says they live ten minutes away from there.

It should be interesting when Danni gets her HOH room how the veterans react. Will they go up to the room? Will they be all fakey?

Kalia and Lawon are in the purple room. Lawon, you didn’t lose your character. Kalia, we were in the kitchen and she said I was screaming mean names to her. I said I’ve never said anything mean to you I have had four conversations with you. She said she made me cry earlier. I was like how, because I said I didn't like your game play? I said I think you’re really arrogant, you come in here and try and railroad everyone, you treat everyone like crap, you are a mother already until you lose and cry. I could care less about her. She’s so ridiculous. She is so insecure. Lawon, that’s obvious. Kalia, you’re not going to do the same thing to me that you did to Cassi you’re just not. At some point you just have to let it go have. Lawon, you have to let it go. Kalia, I am still really hurt by Jeff and Jordan.

Kalia, everyone talks about it’s just a game then they walk around acting like this.

Daniel has the key to the HOH room. Rachel is the first one to the door. It looks like everyone has gone up to the room with her. Rachel is making odd faces. Kalia has some kind of critter hat on that is all red with eyes and antennas. Daniele got an HOH robe which Lawon is now wearing. She got a letter from her grandma that she said she wants to read alone.

Adam is going to be in an elf suit. He is going to be one big elf.

Jordan thinks her and Jeff are going up on the block. I don’t know why Jordan think she’s going up I think she is forgotten that pairs are over. Because Daniele told her she was safe. I think Daniele will put up Jeff and Brendon in hopes of getting Jeff out and if one of them wins power of veto she’ll probably put up Rachel or some combination like that with those three so she’s guaranteed to get one of them gone.

Rachel, there is still POV and you never know there could still be a twist. Jordan doesn’t think they will do any kind of twist until after this week. Rachel, we still have the votes we just need her to put someone other than us up.

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