Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grey's Anatomy May 5, 2011 New Episode Next Week May 12, 2011

Oh my gosh! I don't know if I can stand it three new episodes in a row. Yippee!

Quite an interesting episode this week.

When the show starts Meredith Grey, Derrick Sheppard and Alex Karev are having dinner. Meredith is thinking about germs and gives Alex an interesting look. Does she think Alex is a germ? What was that about? Oh, maybe because he saw her with the envelope.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 4 Recap Breaking Point

Here we go episode 4. "Breaking Point" I hope we see some Hillstrands, Hansens and Wild Bill.

We start off with the Seabrooke. Getting ready to leave the dock. Captain Scott Campbell, Jr. aka Junior has a replacement arriving for Kyle Babb. A new greenhorn named Josh Fullmer. He'll still be down one man because Bob Perky is on an 8 week leave.

The new greenhorn is all cocky and talking a big game. Usually a sign he won't last long. Josh Fullmer seems like a nice enough guy. I think I'd be scared to wear that lip ring on a crab boat though, how many different things could get a hold of that and rip it out, like a crab. OWWW!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ban On Light Bulbs - Boy Have I Been In The Dark

I'm sitting here with my dad the other night and he asks me if I want a three way light bulb for the lamp at my desk. I say no, because I like a lot of light at my desk so I can see and I didn't see much use for a three way light bulb if I just always leave it on high. Well, a few minutes later he goes out and comes back in with a three way squiggly florescent light bulb. I say I don't think that will even fit in the lamp. He says he'll put the light in the lamp.

Then he tells me there's a federal light bulb law, that starting next year you won't be able to buy regular light bulbs any more. I seriously thought he was BS'ing me. Then he started talking about how SC was fighting to prevent the law. So I get to looking...