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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 1

Yea!!!! It's finally here. 

If your not caught up with some of the stuff that happened in the off season look to the right for the Deadliest Catch link for previous posts.

The show starts off with a memorial to Captain Phil Harris. I really wanted to see them trying to get the stuck urn open. They laughed so hard about it at CatchCon, I really thought we'd get to see it.  That man is certainly missed by a lot of people.

The King Crab season begins! Wow has Jake Anderson been promoted? He's in the wheelhouse with Captain Sig Hansen deciding where to go crabbing. Go Jake!

All the Captains are mapping out their routes. I'm ready for the biting off the head of the herring.

We knew Captain Derrick Ray was going to be on the Cornelia Marie for a time, I did not know Jake and Josh Harris asked him to be the Captain. Captain Derrick says Jake is acting coherent. He makes it sound like he normally isn't, which isn't good. A pee test? Really? Well I guess Jake showed him! I'm thinking if they tested all these guys, there would be a lot of crew members not fishing. I do not like Captain Derrick. I don't even want to call him Captain.  Freddie and Steve are still there. I've seen a lot of people asking why Freddie left the Cornelia Marie, I had thought maybe he didn't want to be on the boat without Captain Phil there. I thought maybe it was too hard for him. Evidently that is not the case since he's there right now. Guess Derrick runs him off too. We will find out I guess.

My Time Bandit boys, I just love Captain Jonathan and Andy. The Hillstrand brothers return to the same fishing ground as the last three years. There is a 600 square mile storm coming in and the wind has already shredded the Time Bandits flag. The weather is getting ugly. I hope momma Hillstrand didn't have any bad predictions before they left. We meet Justin Tennison whom we lost earlier this year. RIP Justin.

LOL Captain Sig must have just woke up, he was looking a little rough there. Yea!! Edgar has returned to the Northwestern. 

We meet the Seabrooke boys:

Captain Scott Campbell, Jr (36) better known as "Junior"
Bob Perky (48) "General" Relief skipper, Engineer, Deck Boss
Chris Welch (26) "Whipper" Deckhand also the Captains brother
Mike Bouray (54) "Milton" Deckhand, Engineer
Mac White (46) Deckhand, Cook.  Mac just looks like he is going to be fun.
Kyle Babb Greenhorn, Bob Perky's son
Derek Haist (42) Deckhand

The Seabrooke does a tribute to "Moose" Keith Kriner who was lost getting caught in the bite/a line on the Seabrooke two years ago. Who watched the reruns and Best of's this past week and noticed the Seabrooke in one of the episodes as she came back into port after loosing someone? Who was paying attention? hehe

We are introduced to the Ramblin' Rose.  The crew:

Captain Elliott (28) Neese Capt'n Wood
James Creel "DBJ" Mystery man
Dustin Wilson (23)"The Kid"
Kevin Wilhelm Davis (30) "Kado" He's single ladies, Kevin likes sky diving, poker, golf, traveling & history
Tim Lovins (33) "The Cat" Also single likes big girls, TV, movies, Hawaii, sale fishing, sports & Crown Royal
Faresa Alofa Iaulualo (36) "Face"

Captain Derrick starts showing his hind end. Some of us have already seen his rant on TMZ. Its hard to believe this man was a friend of Phil's. I get being a Captain and your guys disappearing upsetting you, but his rant about Phil being dead was uncalled for. I was really kinda hoping Steve would deck Derrick and that's not me at all.

We have our first Coast Guard call.  A man on the Ever Unique (a container ship) has broken his neck and has a compound fracture. I found a Coast Guard Report that said the 31yo Tawainese man suffered leg injuries from an accident in the engine room. So glad to hear he didn't break his neck.

Our little Jake Anderson is getting all grown up. He's going to Captain school, taking care of his mom and sisters, and what does he get for it? He gets to cook for the crew and be harassed. Poor Jake.

Hmmm, interesting tactic. The Ramblin' Rose poured out the coffee trying to slow the Captain down. Mac, the deckhand is a Navajo Indian, he's doing a crab dance, I knew he looked like fun.

Jonathan didn't find the crab? That's different.

Captain Keith ran over his pot and tied it up in his propeller. He put the boat in reverse to get it untangled. I can't believe it worked. I thought he was just asking for trouble. Keith isn't finding the crab either. The crab are hiding good this year.

The Cornelia Marie is going Blue Crab fishing. Josh had commented that they were only able to go Blue Crab fishing this year. He didn't say why and they haven't addressed it in this episode. I'm wondering if its because the Red King Crab season was over by the time they got the boat ready to go.

Pretty hard core when you get fired for messing up the kitchen.

Where is the Kodiak and Wild Bill??

I'm seeing a lot of people still looking to see if Jake Anderson's dad was found. As of the Deadliest Catch CatchCon 2011 on April 9th, 2011 Jake said he had still not been found. For more information on Jake's father disappearing read my Jan 2, 2011 post. There is a lot of information there about the disappearance. There was also an update on March 30, 2011.

Also a lot of people are asking about Matt Bradley of the Northwestern. As far as I know he is still on the show, he made appearances with the crew members last year and was at CatchCon this past weekend. I saw one person saying in a forum he was in rehab during King Crab season, but I have not seen that anywhere else, so at this point I would like to see information from a more reputable source, before I believe it.

I'm a little tired and cranky right now, but I'm not feeling the love for Captain Elliott.

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  1. I thought I read that about Matt also. I've been searching around to find the source, but can't find it at this time. Pretty sure he was in rehab.


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