Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grey's Anatomy January 19, 2012 Recap

Okay I'm seriously trying to get caught up today. LOL

"Hope For The Hopeless"

Derrick Sheppard and Lexie Grey are flipping a coin to determine whether to do a surgery or not.

Meredith Grey is making a birthday cake for Zola with yay Zola written on it. April Kepner comes down complaining someone used all her deodorant. A strange woman is in the kitchen, she says she had a work out last night. April looks at Avery who says not mine. Alex comes in looking for coffee. They are out. The woman says they are out of OJ too. Alex says oh you're still here. The woman says she was on her way out but she saw these cute little cheeks. She bends over towards Zola. Meredith grabs Zola and tells her not to touch the baby because she doesn't know where those hands have been. Meredith leaves saying party is at 8. Alex and the girl head back upstairs and April tells Jackson Avery we really need to move.