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Grey's Anatomy January 19, 2012 Recap

Okay I'm seriously trying to get caught up today. LOL

"Hope For The Hopeless"

Derrick Sheppard and Lexie Grey are flipping a coin to determine whether to do a surgery or not.

Meredith Grey is making a birthday cake for Zola with yay Zola written on it. April Kepner comes down complaining someone used all her deodorant. A strange woman is in the kitchen, she says she had a work out last night. April looks at Avery who says not mine. Alex comes in looking for coffee. They are out. The woman says they are out of OJ too. Alex says oh you're still here. The woman says she was on her way out but she saw these cute little cheeks. She bends over towards Zola. Meredith grabs Zola and tells her not to touch the baby because she doesn't know where those hands have been. Meredith leaves saying party is at 8. Alex and the girl head back upstairs and April tells Jackson Avery we really need to move.

Arizona is getting a hair cut from Julia Mark Sloan's new girl friend. The girl friend tells Mark good bye and she loves him. He doesn't say I love you back, so Callie gives him a hard time after the girl leaves telling him this is classic Mark he just found out Lexie broke up with Jackson. Mark says it's only been three months, it's too early. Mark says it has nothing to do with Lexie.

At the hospital Bailey congratulates Chief Webber he is about to do his 10,000 surgery. Bailey tells him the party plans.

Owen Hunt talks to Meredith about declaring a specialty. He thinks she should do general surgery.

Christina Yang and Teddy Altman are walking down the hallway and someone brought Teddy food. Teddy calls it widow casserole. Teddy, oh hi, your husbands dead have some food. What is that? Owen comes up, Teddy walks off. She's mad at Owen. Christina tells hims Teddy is just busy. She has done like 8 surgeries in 72 hours. Teddy's grief is the best thing that has happened to her. Owen tell's her to go home and get some sleep.

Teddy is down in the ER fighting for another surgery. Owen comes in and tells the other doctor to take the case and for Dr. Altman and Christina Yang to get some sleep.

Derrick Sheppard is talking to a kids mom about doing a surgery that only has a 5% chance of working. He is the ninth doctor she has talked too. He tells her is she is willing he will try. Then the mom tells him the boy is only eleven and does not know about the tumor. He thinks he is there because of a backache.

Meredith, Bailey and Richard check on two sisters, grown women, one is donating a piece of liver. The healthy sister is making it all about her and the sick sister looks like she is ready to tell the healthy sister to keep her liver. LOL

Teddy and Christina want the surgery of the guy in the ER. He has a piece of fence stuck in his chest. Christina goes in and talks to the patients wife and gets her to request Teddy do the surgery.

The two sister patients continue fighting as the healthy sister tells her kid, she has to go save his aunt's life. The sick sister finally tells her sister to keep her liver. The healthy sister calls her a drama queen and the sick sister starts vomiting blood. She is in late stage liver failure. The doctors tell her she has no choice there isn't time to go back on the transport list.

Lexie is with the eleven year old boy and he asks her if the tumor grew more. He over heard doctors talking about it at the last hospital. He tells Lexie his mom cries all the time the only thing that makes her happy is that she thinks he doesn't know. He asks Lexie if she thinks he is going to die. She tells him Dr. Sheppard is the best.

April and Jackson discuss moving out in the doctors lounge. April tells him Meredith and Derrick have a baby and you are living with your ex. Alex comes in and says he'll move. Every girl he brings home wants a baby the minute they see Zola. April says she's not living with Alex. Jackson says he'll live with her she cooks & cleans. April says I'm also your friend. Meredith comes in to find food for Zola's party. She hasn't had time to shop. Christina comes in. Meredith asks if she thinks Teddy will mind if she takes some of her widow casseroles. Christina says no and hands her another one.

Richard starts his 10,000th surgery with everyone in the OR. They take pictures and he gets a page telling him he is needed in the lobby. He tells April Kepner to take care of it.

Christina is sneaking down the hall in scrubs and Owen catches her. She tells him she is going to watch Derricks Neuro surgery. He tells her she needs to sleep. She says she's watching neuro surgery. It's a lot like sleeping. Owen questions her how to make Teddy not mad at him. Christina says she doesn't know, her husband is dead and she is taking it out on you.

April arrives in the lobby to find Adele with a woman who found her on the street. She wants Richard. The lady is a neighbor, April asks her to stay with her until she can figure out what to do. They turn around and Adele is gone.

April finds Adele in Richards old, empty office. Adele freaks out she thinks Richard left her. She's crying saying he never loved me, he always loved her.

Everyone is telling Meredith she should follow in her moms foot steps and do general surgery.

April takes Adele to the surgery. She thinks Meredith is Ellis. Meredith says she will scrub out. Richard says no he needs the extra hands. They are doing the liver transplant. Meredith says tell her something that will ground her. That worked for my mother. He starts singing My Funny Valentine to her. Adele starts singing with him. Richard tells Meredith to tell Bailey to cancel the party.

Derrick and Lexie are operating. Derrick says the surgery will kill him. Lexie says there is a 5% chance he has to try. She tells him the boy knows and he has to try. Derrick orders her out of the OR.

Owen goes into where the party was set up. Karev is eating cake. Owen asks why Karev isn't in surgery? Karev tells him Yang and Altman took that. Owen takes off.

Lexie tells Derrick he has to tell the boy that they didn't do the surgery. His mom is going to tell him we did and he is going to go home thinking we did the surgery and not that he is going to die in three months. Derrick says no it is not their call, they can't tell him anything.

Owen goes in the surgery. Teddy says she is head of the department and it was her call. Owen is upset because he saw Christina earlier and she didn't say anything. Teddy says we didn't know we were doing the surgery then. Owen says he thinks they are both lying to him. Christina says this is a pretty complicated surgery can we do this later? Owen leaves the OR. Christina says did you see that throbbing vein in his forehead. They both laugh. Owen over hears it.

The mom lies to her son and tells him it wasn't as hard as they first thought. He's done no more surgeries. Now they can go to Hawaii. The kid looks at Derrick and says you didn't do it. You said I would be stuck in here a few weeks. Smart little kid. The mom is telling him he is going to be fine. He tells her she is going to be okay too. She doesn't need to worry about him he is going to be with dad in heaven. So sad.

The liver transplant went well. The two sisters are still fighting. Meredith makes them both stop talking.

Teddy's patient made it through surgery. She tells Christina she will stay with the patient she is Zola's god mother she has to go to the party.

Richard made it to the party. Adele is with her night nurse home asleep.

April tells Karev she needs a hundred bucks. Alex, I told you if you are dumb enough to buy groceries I'm going to eat them. She tells him it's for a security deposit. They will lose out on a great three bedroom if they don't get it to them today. Alex, now you want to live with me? April, no. You are gross and a pig and a skank magnet. You leave your dirty boy socks everywhere. You keep going this way and you will end up old and alone with some ancient form of syphilis.

Jackson walks up and says so we couldn't afford the nice apartment just the two of us. April, hardwood floors and a washer & dryer. What can I say I want what I want.

Meredith tells she'll forgive us right. They have Zola's cake in front of them. Derrick says she won't remember. They take a picture of the cake that says Yay Zola. Then take Zola's name off of it and take it out to Richard Webber.

Callie and Arizona are still harassing Mark about Julia. He tells them you two are the ones that love her. You want to knock her up and have all her babies. Mark says he isn't there yet.

Christina is telling Zola about operating on a heart today and she looks up and see's Owen watching her.

Derrick tells Lexie they aren't called lost causes because they are fun. Lexie, I don't need them to be fun. Just not like today. Derrick flips a coin says heads you keep doing lost causes, tails you do fun stuff. Lexie catches the coin mid air and says she is in.

Christina goes in the kitchen to talk to Owen. She says I know you are mad and I am sorry. Owen, sorry that you did it or sorry I'm mad. Teddy never came to see me after the surgery. I'm going to take you off her service permanently. I don't know what she is going to do without you as her security blanket. Christina, absolutely not. Owen, I think thank you is what you are looking for because I could have fired you. Christina, you have no idea what is going on here do you? You let me operate on her husband and now he's dead. She gets whatever she wants from you. Ever.

Richard congratulates Meredith on choosing general surgery. She says she is not sure now. She doesn't want to be her mother. He tells her look at what she did today. This party. She is not her mother. She doesn't have to worry about being anything like her mother. What she did with Adele today. She is not her mother.

The fighting in the kitchen between Owen and Christina is getting louder. Owen, you can't take punishment for what you did today. Christina, you don't get to punish me. Owen, I have no guilt. This is about what you want. It's always about you. You live like you want, how you want, you get what you want all the time. You get whatever you want all the time. Everyone in the living room can hear them screaming at each other. Christina says it was one surgery. Owen, it was not one surgery. It was every choice we've made in the last year. It was a life I envisioned for myself. It was not one surgery. Christina, it all comes back to this? Is was a horrible situation but it's over. Is it too much to ask that we just forget it? Owen, you killed our baby you don't ever forget that.

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