Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Twitter

Things I Find, See and Do On Twitter

I'm sitting here watching my Twitter timeline on Tweet Deck and smiling. Thinking about all the things I find on Twitter and the things that make me laugh. I thought I would share a few things I love about Twitter.

Instant News

Tweeting with @DanielGoddard OMG!

Meeting new friends all over the world.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ted Shackelford Jeffery Bardwell The Young and The Restless Temporarily Replaced

Ted Shackelford is evidently on a temporary leave of absence from The Young & The Restless. He has been temporarily replaced by Kin Shriner, who most of us recognize as Scotty Baldwin from General Hospital. Reports indicate that Ted Shackelford will miss three episodes so hopefully he will return soon.

I've been a long time fan of Ted's since he was on Knot's Landing.

I don't know what has happened that Ted Shackelford is absent, but I can only imagine it isn't good. I just want to send my best wishes to Ted and his family. I hope he returns to the show soon, and all is well.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

On the last episode I only did a partial recap, because I thought Discovery replayed the episodes on their website. I have since discovered they don't. So for my mates in Australia and those of you who missed or can't get the show I will do full recaps.

To start off with let me say how excited I am last weeks episode of Deadliest Catch had ten million viewers. I think the boycotting of ABC of helped. I saw comments people were watching Deadliest Catch instead of Dancing With The Stars, and since Dancing With The Stars rating were down by 13%, I say welcome all my soap fans and thank you for supporting the soaps. You've found a great show!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grey's Anatomy April 21, 2011 A Rerun Again Bad ABC!

Are you kidding me?

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are both reruns again tomorrow according to my TV guide. SERIOUSLY!

That's the third week of reruns. Is ABC going broke? They can't produce the shows? Why did they start a new season and then start showing reruns. What the heck?

Jake Harris and Jake Anderson Appear On Dr. Drew About Their Addiction - Deadliest Catch

Also Some More Information On Jake Anderson's Missing Father.

Dr Drew opened the show talking about how they have the most deadliest jobs in the world, but it's addiction that threatens their lives.

Dr. Drew introduces the two Jake's. Jake Harris has an addiction with opiates and oxycontin. Jake Anderson has an addiction to alcohol.

Dr. Drew talks about how they both lost their father.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All My Children One Life To Live Soaps Canceled Hoover Pulls Advertising

Well good for Hoover. I support them and I hope other advertisers follow suit. I haven't seen how long Hoover was an advertiser, but I'm guessing it was at least as long as the soaps have been on. And how smart of Hoover was it to hop on Facebook and Twitter and start collecting email addresses of their female audience. Maybe ABC should hire some of the Hoover marketing executives.

I've spent a lot of time this morning reading through tweets of angry soap viewers, articles from soap sites and ABC trying to justify what it has done.

I still believe these soaps are making money. ABC just wants more money, they are just a bunch of greedy so and so's to put it politely. ABC knows it is going to lose the revenue from The Oprah Show and they are trying to make up for it anyway they can. In one article it was revealed ABC has been working on replacing these shows for over a year now. So this is not something that has just happened out of the blue because of ratings. It's just another ABC lie.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Deadliest Catch 2011 Matt Bradley Drug Rehab Rumors Northwestern

I have still been trying to confirm or deny the rumors that Matt Bradley is missing from the Northwestern at the beginning of Season 7 because he is in rehab.

I have found two forums with statements that Matt Bradley was in rehab. One stated no source the other stated that it was on his facebook page and that his wife had posted it on the Northwestern's website. I went through Matt's facebook page and did not see anything of the kind. I also went through all of Angela's forum post's and the only thing I found was her discussing Matt's recovery in 2006. Nothing current about Matt being in rehab. While it is possibly true that he is in rehab, it still appears to be just a rumor, which is really a crappy rumor if Matt is indeed clean. In Season 6 when Jake Anderson received his cupcake for being sober six months, Edgar said Matt Bradley had been sober 18 months. I really and truly hope he has stayed sober.