Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Twitter

Things I Find, See and Do On Twitter

I'm sitting here watching my Twitter timeline on Tweet Deck and smiling. Thinking about all the things I find on Twitter and the things that make me laugh. I thought I would share a few things I love about Twitter.

Instant News

Tweeting with @DanielGoddard OMG!

Meeting new friends all over the world.

@JGzGurl telling someone to bite me. Repeatedly. ROFL

Watching a Nascar Race with hundreds of friends. Not having to clean up when they leave is an added perk.

@p337 and @Spectricide 's humor.

People fighting for what they believe in. #FireFrons #BoycottABC #SaveOurSoaps

@Corrine224 's Secret yet not so secret love.

@DaleJrAssWomen - Enough said.

@MPRacing Streaking on Twitter. hehe Yes, I saw!

@Westcoastgal88 's Reporting on Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Pictures of @JPMontoya from @Sherry4CB

Nekkid Cheerleaders - Probably not what you think. Nekkid Cheerleaders are Cheerleaders for the Nekkid.

@Nscrwriter 's awesome Nascar Reports, and

People concerned about people they really don't know. I had really thought the world had become a pretty cold hearted until I met some really warm hearted people on Twitter.

Guess that's the end of the list for now, just found out I'm late for Easter Dinner.  Oops!

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