How I Chose My NASCAR Drivers

I hadn't watched Nascar since I was a little kid, when Big E, R Petty, and DW were all racing.

Then my sister moved to town and she was a big Nascar Fan.  I started watching races on the weekend with her and her husband.  She is a major Tony Stewart fan, and he a Mark Martin, Carl Edwards fan. They said you have to pick a driver. I said I don't want too. I like all of them. She said you have to pick someone and you can't pick one of our guys it has to be someone different. How about Jr? I said no, everyone likes Jr. I want someone different.  So I ended up picking Jimmie Spencer, because he made me laugh so often.

Well the next year Jimmie retired.  Back to the drawing board, had to pick another driver.  No one really stood out that I just loved, so I went to the Nascar site and looked at the list of drivers.  I said okay I want a driver that drives a Dodge. That narrowed the field.  Then I wanted  a driver that was nice on the eyes, was a Coke drinker or a least not a Pepsi drinker, and the final criteria, the driver had to be young. Didn't want him to retire on me anytime soon.  So with this criteria I had narrowed the search down to the Ganassi Team.  I thought Juan Pablo Montoya is nice to look at, he's new, won't have many fans, I'll pick him.

I had no clue about Juan's background.  Had no clue he was a champion in another series.  But he's turned out to be a really good driver.  My search criteria had worked quite well, even with all the hassling I took about my methods. Everything was good.

Then the merger happened.  I was so upset. While I love Juan, there was no way I was supporting Teresa Earnhardt.  I hate what she did to Junior. I'm sure there is more to the story between Teresa and Junior than any of us will ever know.  I can't think of any reason, good or bad, to take Juniors legacy away from him.  I will never do anything that would put a penny in Teresa Earnhardt's pocket.  So no more JPM Gear.

Off to find  another driver.

Well about this same time, it was time for the All Star Shootout. AJ Allmendinger was trying to get votes. He was using his dog, his wife, anything he could think of. The man wanted to race. No doubt.  So still mad about the merger, I wanted AJ to be my new guy.  But would he have a ride?

As for my Nationwide Driver, about the time I started looking for a NW driver I heard Dale Jr, was getting a new driver on his team, that his father (Dale Sr.) had said he wanted to race. Junior was moving this driver in his house. I said I got to check this guy out, if Junior believes in him enough to move him in his house. Well race day came and there's Brad Keselowski, tall, skinny and in the Navy car. It was a sign. He reminded me of my son, tall skinny and in the Navy.

Well time has passed, AJ has a ride, I couldn't stop rooting for Juan, and Brad has graduated to Cup, so I have three cup drivers I root for.  I have stood my ground and have bought no JPM gear since the merger.  Sorry Juan, but Teresa will never get my money. Hopefully Ganassi will split from Earnhardt.

While my methods for choosing a driver may be a little odd.  They have worked out quite well for me. I have some great drivers.

Juan Pablo Montoya, AJ Allmendinger, Brad Keselowski and yes Junior. How can you not love Junior?

I just loved this book, its not so much about racing as it is about a race car driver and his family. The story is told by the drivers dog "Enzo" from a dogs perspective.

Its so good, I laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more.

My son had to read this for a college course, he loved it, and because he knew I loved to read and didn't have much time, he sent me the audio book. He said I had to read it. Boy am I glad he did.

This is one of the best book's I've read in a while.

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Go Juan Pablo Montoya!


  1. My guy (14) is faster than your guy (42)!

  2. # 24 is the best driver Dale SR made him the best. Juan pablo is a dirty driver loves to pit other drivers. If Dale Sr was still alive Juan would be in the wall every race.

  3. LOL I thought Dale SR made JR the best. Not a huge Gordan #24 Fan.

    Unfortunately do to programming issues, I have missed a lot of races on TV this season. Thank goodness for Twitter.

    But I'm sure whatever you are referring to wasn't Juan's fault or there was a reason for it. hehe

  4. Mornin Patti.. It's Pam.. I think that I will probably start this year as a Danica fan and go from there. Still have old favs like Tony, Jeff G.. anyone but Juan or Robbie G. LOL Have a great day girlie.

    1. I'm not a Danica fan. But good luck to you guys this year anyway. Just cause I like Tony. LOL

  5. Dang it... My post was eaten by some cyber mouse.. I think I said... Go Danica.. I will start the year that way.. go from there... old standby.... Tony, Jeff... anyone but Juan or Robbie... LOL
    Have a great day girlie.
    P.S.. this is Pam


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