Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Thur Sept 23, 2010

Ford goes to talk to the dean. Tells the dean he is human and he made a mistake, but I am a good teacher, I can be an inspiration to the students. Dean, by inviting them into your bedroom. I'm sorry the decision stands.

Dorian and Langston are out shopping. Dorian is in disguise. Hat, sun glasses and a blond wig. LOL Langston tells Dorian she got Ford fired. Dorian is so proud of her. Langston is feeling bad about James. Dorian says when Ford kissed you, you were still his student right? So he brought this on himself. It is not your fault. Darling the only one you should be concerned about is you and sometimes there is collateral damage.

All My Children Recap, Thur Sept 23, 2010

I don't think Asher is an experienced thief. He hits Caleb on the head, goes in the house leaves the door wide open with Caleb laying there. Gets in his brief case and steals something and he's not wearing any gloves. Doesn't he watch CSI? Crystal, AJ and Marissa come and find Caleb, Asher is still there they asked what happened. Asher said I think someone tried to rob him, as soon as I showed up the guy ran off. AJ's scared thinks the man might still be there. Boy is he right.

JR still lecturing Colby about how she can do better than Damon. When you think about it JR and Damon are kind of brothers. They both have Tad for a father. Asher comes in and gives JR the file.

Young & Restless Thur Sept 23, 2010

Heather gets Chances wire recording. She doesn't want to listen to it, because it has Chances death on it. Paul says he can stick around. She puts the tape on her desk. Seems like she should have locked it up somewhere. Paul tells Heather not to under estimate Victor.

Adam tells Skye he doesn't care if she slept with Jack. He says were married not friends. Skye, we used to be friends. Adam, that was before you started controlling my life.

Nicks at the club at a table talking to Victoria on the phone. Victor comes and sits. Victor, you don't need to hide that your talking to your sister. Nick, I'm not, I just don't want to be in the middle of your fight. Victor, everything I did was to protect Victoria as you would for Sharon from Adam. Nick, dad you know I am no fan of Billy's but he is no Adam. Adam comes into bar. Victor, no he's in a class all by himself. Jack comes up to Adam at the bar. Shouldn't leave the wifey alone, no telling what kind of trouble she'll get into. Adam, you don't think I know what your doing with Skye. It's pathetic and ain't going to work.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Survivor Episode 2

That little Holly has a temper first throwing out the snails then drowning the shoes. Then she confesses to it?

Now Nayonka is getting upset cause someone took her sock. It was probably a monkey. Now she just steals someone elses. That's pretty rude.

That was nice of Jimmy J to convince Holly to stay. One coach to another. Pretty clear who the stronger coach is.

The older tribe wins immunity and fishing gear. So now both teams have fishing gear and fire. Like I said camping. There's no surviving here they get handed everything. Guess next week they'll get soap and shampoo.

One Life to Live Recap, Wed Sept 22, 2010

Inez talks to Clint about her boys. Bo in the background watching them. Bo comes up to table says hi, wants to know what Clint has Matthew doing. Selling?  Buying? Clint more like photo copying. Clint leaves. Bo talks to Inez. Inez says she gets the impression Bo doesn't want her to date Clint. Bo goes through some of the recent events in Clints' life, says they have not all been positive. Tells her Clints a good guy he's just been through some hard times. Inez, so have I. Bo, I just don't know if you react to problems the way my brother does. Bo, tells her about Clint pulling a gun on him at his wedding. Inez, are you telling me Clint is dangerous. Bo, tells her no. Guns are just part of being a Buchannan. Inez, so let me get this straight if Clint comes after me with a six shooter, its just bluster. They are laughing and Nora walks up.

Christian's mom comes to visit him, she found out Layla left the country and she isn't happy. Mom doesn't understand why Christian doesn't go paint in Paris. Gigi arrives to work for Christian.

All My Children Recap, Wed Sept 22, 2010

Bianca asks Kendall who makes better breakfast, me or the Pine Valley jail. Bianca gives her a hard time about skipping bail and speeding.

Marissa drops AJ off at Bianca's so she can take him to school. Marissa took the bar feels good about it. She has her letter from David, she says she can't bring herself to open it, she's going to return it to the sender. Marissa goes to clean out Davids' room because Greenlee didn't want to deal with it. Wads up the letter and throws it on the bed. Bianca and Kendall walk in and say they were worried about her. She can't keep holding everything in. Marissa tells them all the reasons she has too. Kendall hands Marissa a lamp and tells her to throw it, stop being a good girl and let loose. She throws the lamp, some books, and clears off the bed. They take her back to Wild Wind so she can practice primal scream therapy on the grounds. Marissa finally reads Davids letter, she tells Kendall and Bianca, he loved her.

Young & Restless Recap, Wed Sept 22, 2010

Nina is packing Chances things with Phillip, she is talking about sending him his things, Phillip says its too much of a risk. Paul comes in, he says whatever Chris had to say I hope it helped.

Lilly and Kane talking about him leaving. Kane says until Tucker makes up his mind he will be here.  Whatever happened to the guy that was outside the window watching them?

Neil went to see Sophia and told her he worked through her proposal and recommended to Tucker they move forward. So Sophia and Kane are to leave for Australia today. Sophia changed her proposal to pursue cellulosic ethanol instead of corn ethanol to change Neils' mind. Sophia tells Malcolm about her and Neils deal, he says its going to come back and bite her in the backside.

Eddie Fisher Has Died

Eddie Fisher probably most known for his marriages to Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens died Wednesday from complications of hip surgery.

Eddie was a popular singer in the 50's, he had a TV show and made a couple of movies. He was father to four including Carrie and Joely Fisher.

Eddie has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Digital Age and the Death of Books Continues

On Monday I wrote an article wondering if the digital age would be the death of books.

Just now I turned on CNN and they were talking to Stephen King. They asked him if  he thought books would go all digital. It sounded like he thinks they will but he didn't want to say it out loud. He did say the futures going to be what the futures going to be. He also said that if you drop a book in the toilet you can fish it out, dry it off and read it. If you drop your Kindle in the toilet your done. I hadn't thought of that one.

General Hospital Recap, Wed Sep 22, 2010

Lisa is talking to Maya about the drug she ordered. Lisa says the patient knows it will impair her judgement.

Robin is home taking her meds. She says she's nauseous. Mack is concerned Robin is going to take Patrick back. Robin, why shouldn't I?  Mack wants her to be treated the way she is deserved by a man who appreciates her. Mack is gone now.

Spinelli looking at a picture of Brenda and Jason, Sam walks in and asks what he's hiding. Sam takes the computer. She says she can take it. He lets her look. Carly arrives and wonders what drama Brenda has gotten Jason involved in. Spinelli shows Carly the picture, she just smiles.

One Life To Live Recap, Tue Sept 21, 2010

James goes to school and finds out the life grant is no longer available. Inez shows up at the school, to see where Ford works. James tells her he had to drop out because Bobby got fired. Inez asks why Bobby got fired. James says he doesn't think Bobby would want him to say. Inez, there's gotta be something we can do to fix this. She reaches out to touch James hand and he pulls away. Inez says she has a job now, they'll find a way. James, I can't take your help its not like your really my mom anyway. James, tells her about hiding in the skinny closet to keep his dad from beating him. He says its not like he needs a mom anyway. 

All My Children Recap, Tues Sept 21, 2010

Jake and Tad are at Krystal's restaurant. Liza comes up and tries to be nice. They give her the cold shoulder, she leaves. Jake and Tad drink to PVAD Pine Valley After David.

Frankie and Madison talk, Madison says there is something between them. Flash back to party of Frankie hugging Madison. Frankie, I don't know what that was, but it was all me. Frankie says he's protective of her, that's why he hugged her, but that she's right for a second there was something there.  They both agree it's a bad idea and they just want to go back to normal, being friends.

Ryan/Kendall Ryan still trying to remember, Kendall trying to convince him maybe nothing happened.

Young & Restless Recap, Tues Sept 21, 2010

Victoria and Billy have all the kids over. Reed, Delia, and Summer. Delia has been aged. Very Cute. Vicky sounds like she is ready to go back to work.

Nick and Sharon play with Faith. Noah arrives home. Noah is now being played by Luke Kleintank, and I believe I mentioned before he's a real cutie pie. Eden stayed in Paris. They broke up. Noah talking about using Faith as a babe magnet. Noah says to Faith I give it a month before Nick and Sharon are back together.

Phyllis at bar watching Adam & Skye's interview. Jack arrives. Jack's flirting with Phyllis. Jack says so should I get us a room now or wait to finish these drinks. Phyllis tells Jack not a good idea.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Really Liked The New Hawaii Five-0

It's been many years since I watched the original Hawaii Five-0.

Other than the names and being in Hawaii, I'm not remembering a lot of similarities in the two shows. The characters look a little like the old characters. I don't remember a woman being on the team. I also didn't remember McGarrett being a pilot and having a team with pretty much full reign to do what he wants.

I was a little kid last time Hawaii Five-0 was on so it could just be I don't remember, could be they changed it for the new show.

Regardless I really enjoyed the first episode. Looks promising.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

General Hospital Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

Dante takes Spinelli's computer. Spinelli, I beg your pardon. That is most rude and presumptuous. Not that I'm surprised considering the source. But you have no right. Dante this is one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Spinelli, GIVE IT BACK! Dante, not too many people draw the attention of the Balkin and live to tell about it. I love Spinelli! 

Dante, its not that hard to figure out really. Maybe Sonny wants to work with the Balkin or maybe the Balkin is moving in on Sonny's territory and he's gearing up to defend it. For it not being to hard to figure out he is way off base. Spinelli, I will not divulge privileged confidential information, especially to you. Dante, you people have no idea who you are dealing with. Spinelli, True. I never heard mention of the Balkin until I was asked to research him. He's somewhat of a legend in Europe but virtually unheard of in the states, so how would you a lowly New York cop come to know of a man like this. Dante, I'm a cop, the son of a mobster, its my job to know the where abouts either here or abroad. Could you just tell me if you found something. Spinelli, If I had I wouldn't share it with you. Dante, We were on the same side with this.

Spinelli, You seem to think that your betrayals carry some kind of expiration date, that over time all should be forgiven, but the repercussions of your gross misdeeds continue to reverberate. Young Sir was sent to prison. Stonecold was forced to follow to ensure Michael's safety. Heinous events occurred all of which you are responsible for. Dante, That was the biggest regret of my life so far. If I could take it back I would. But since that's not a possibility, I've done everything in my power to make it right, I got Michael out of prison. I got the charges against Sonny in Johnny's shooting dropped. Don't you think I deserve a couple of check marks in the plus column. Spinelli, I see how you do it. The affable mean, the feigned honesty, I mean its quite appealing to the unexpected. And fair Lulu she still has no idea what a smooth liar you are. Or how easily you could just drop kick her heart. Spinelli goes to door and opens it. Dante, I love Lulu and she means everything to me, I would lay down my life for her in a heart beat if I had too. Spinelli, I sincerely hope fair Lulu comes to her senses one day and leaves you. So that you can experience the broken heart that you so richly deserve. Dante leaves. Oh, I'm so proud of Spinelli, remember when he first came he would talk to people and get all flustered and give up stuff without meaning to. He just seriously went a round with Dante and didn't tell him a dang thing, and he told him off pretty good in the process too.

Lucky still on the phone with Babak while someone is banging on the door. Babak tells him the Balkin is coming there. Its Siobhan telling him he has to leave right away. Ronan tells Siobhan to leave if the men from the restaurant see her, they'll know she came to warn him. She won't leave without him. Says he's a miracle. He's not a heartless assassin anymore. Siobhan pulls a gun, says she can pull her own weight.  Ronan tells her put it away. She kisses him and leaves. Hmmm This Sibohan reminds me of Sibohan Ryan on Ryan's hope. Ronan calls Dante tells him is going to meet the Balkin. Dante tells him screw what interpol says get the hell out of there. Knock on door. Three guys come in put a hood of Ronan's head and take him out. I'm thinking Siobhan is outside and going to follow them, she doesn't seem like the kind to do what she is told.

Sonny and Claire are making out. I'm feeling no chemistry here, actually it's kind a grossing me out. weird. OMG he actually said was it good for you. Claire tells him for all the money, wives, women and children he has. He is the loneliest man she ever met. I'm really not liking these to together, sorry, this is just bad.

Jason, I'm hear to make sure you don't get yourself killed and I don't do parties. Brenda says its not work its a gala. Do you know what that word means? Geez Brenda what a brat. Jason says he's not going and neither is she. Suzanne arrives, Jason tells her Brenda's not going. Suzanne suggests Jason talks to security. They have implemented several of his ideas. Jason leaves. Suzanne thinks he is very talented. Brenda thinks Suzanne has the hots for Jason. LOL Suzanne says Jason's cuddly ROFL She likes him. Jason, comes back and says Brenda still can't go. Suzanne explains the importance of the gala. Jason apologizes to Brenda.

Carly/Jax. I'm really tired of these two. Make up your mind already. Ok Jax is moving back in.

 Max still in blue looking good. Diane has papers for Sonny to sign. Max says Sonny's not around. They go out to terrace and see the candle light dinner, Diane says Sonny's either taken his seduction elsewhere or Claire Walsh finally got wise and Sonny's off tracking her down. Max rubbing Diane's shoulders. Diane, either way thats a lovely table. Max, shame to see it all go to waste. Diane, who says it has too? Diane and Max are eating Sonny and Claires dinner Diane says she has mixed feelings. On the one hand my shoe closet and I would have adored all of those billable hours we would have racked up if Sonny would have gone to trial for shooting Johnny Z. Then my ego would have been enormously gratified had I wiped the floor with that self righteous Claire Walsh. LOL On the other hand I realize its better for all concerned the charges were dropped especially for the children. Max, I'm really surprised Sonny came back at all. Diane you know why he came back don't you? Because Brenda Barrett turned him away. Sonny turned up torch flaring and Brenda had put hers out a long time ago. Max, I only met Brenda once but wow she does leave an impression. God that womans hot I mean for real. Probably the sexiest woman I.... Ohhhh foot in mouth Max Diane laughing. Max, what I meant was except for you of course. Diane, yes. Max, its a different class of hotness altogether. Doesn't compare. Diane, I suggest you start immediately start trying to convince me of that. Max gets up and goes to other side of table and kisses her. These two I love, complete opposites, but they crack me up.

Dante calls a friend at his old precinct to get information. Tells him he needs it ASAP someones life depends on it.  Lulu walks in on conversation. Dante tells Lulu whats going on. Lulu, you think something bad is going to happen to my brother. Dante says the Balkin is like a walking death sentence. Lulu asks him if he's ever dealt with the Balkin. Dante, I was involved on a case peripherally that involved the Balkin, what I do know is that he is violent, unpredictable and elusive. Lulu how is Ronan involved with the Balkin. Dante, just speculation I m guessing they were working together, fell out of favor, if the Balkin gets his hands on Lucky there's no telling what will happen. 

Carly tells Michael she is not threatened by Brenda Barrett. Jax comes in with a smiley faced pizza. Carly tells them now that they are a family again. Total honesty. Morgan, now that you are back together again, Jax will be my stepdad again. So there's no reason for him to adopt me right?

Jason is in a tux. Brenda asks Jason to at least say hi, how are you back to people. Brenda tries to fix his tie. Jason, says don't touch. LOL

Ronan is in a warehouse type room hands tied behind his back. Not looking good for him.

Sonny and Claire come downstairs to eat and walk in on Max and Diane on the floor of the terrace. Sonny, this is my house, my food what are you doing here? Claire says looks like someones been eating your porridge. Diane, I guess congratulations are in order. Sonny has slept with the prosecutor which means he's effectively weakened her to the point where she can not go up against him in court. You do realize don't you that you just got played. Zing! All this while in her bra hopping around on one shoe.

Jason and Brenda arrive at gala, they are in the limo camera lights flashing outside and Brenda starts saying oh no, no, no, no. The corsett just came undone underneath my dress. Jason, I don't even know what that is. Brenda, just unzip the top of my dress and reconnect the corset. Jason, my job is to make sure you stay alive. I don't fix dresses. LOL  Brenda, oh no Ernesto going to be so mad please please. Jason gets out of the car. Paparazzi everywhere.  He goes around to the other side of car to get Brenda out. They pose for pictures. Hmm no picture of him fixing her corset to make Sam jealous?

So I've been thinking about the Balkin and today I'm really leaning towards it being Alcazar. If I remember correctly didn't Jason help Skye kill Alcazar? So he should be good and dead right, but this is a soap after all.  I'm thinking Alcazar had world wide connections, he was evil enough to act like Dante portrays him. It could be him.  And where is Skye she was in town, then she was gone, did she tell anyone she was leaving? She disappeared about the same time Luke did now that I think about it. Hmmmm the unanswered questions.


One Life To Live Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

James tells Starr it was Langston with Ford. James say he's learned not to count on anything. Now that Bobby lost his job he lost his chance to go to college. Guess he should have applied for the grant. James says his dad was right all he is good for is stealing cars. Starr says your right you are a good car thief, and if that's what you want to do then good luck, but if you want something more your going to have to fight for it. Starr tells James to apply for a grant, she will help him. James is going to apply for the life grant again. The same one Gigi was applying for.

Langston tells Ford she was the one who gave the dean the photos. Ford finds out the whole Langston visit was a setup. Ford,I trusted you I believed everything you said. Langston, now you know how I felt. Ford tells Langston she not only hurt him she hurt James. Langston, he's better off without you. Ford, You got me good. I'll miss you.

John has a tail on Ross, who is sitting in his bar Rodi's. Ross is talking to Eli, says its convenient Tea died just in time for him to swoop in and get Dani. Eli starts telling Ross about how Tea got sick. He has a flash back of going into Greg's office when Greg initially got the tests back. Greg tells Eli Tea is fine there is nothing wrong with her. Damn, girl went through radiation for nothing.  Ross asks Eli after you recover whats your next step. Eli, to live happily ever after. Natalie walks up and grabs the phone out of Ross' hand. Natalie hears Eli say Ross that's it. Then she claims to Ross it looked like her phone that she lost at the memorial. Natalie tells John she only talked to Eli a couple of times but she's willing to bet Ross was talking to his dead brother Eli. The caller Id was blocked. John can't trace the call.

Greg is confessing everything to Tea, who appears to be sleeping. .I think she's listening, even if she's in a coma sometimes people hear and remember things. Greg tells Tea she was perfectly healthy until she met him. Eli slipped something into her water in court that is why she passed out. He told Greg to tell her she was dying or Destiny and everyone would find out what he didn't want them to know. Greg prescribed medication to cause the symptoms of a massive tumor. Eli even suggested the hospice, he knew she would want to spare her family. Greg was supposed to kill Tea, but since he couldn't he said he pulled every favor he could to get her back in the states, close to Todd and Dani. Then he bought himself some time to figure out what to do next and for her to recover. Greg tells Tea he put her in a coma so he can flush the drugs he gave her from her system, but he has to go back to Eli to convince him he needs surgery. He's fine, he just needs to get him on the operating table so he can kill him. That explains why he didn't just let him get on the plane and let his head explode.

Todd's at the court house talking to Blair about Tea.

Dani is telling Destiny that Greg kept her from her mom and if he would lie about that he would lie about anything. 

Ross arrived at the court house Blair started talking to him about the case and ended up screaming at him over and I hate Eli.

Nate left Dani in the park alone. I don't like that. She said she would never leave without saying goodbye. Okay, she's with Destiny again, I feel better. Destiny asks about the hearing and why Dani isn't there. Dani, because Todd and Blair told me to stay away. Destiny, since when do the D girls ever do what they are told.

With about a two minute hearing, the judge says the will appears to be fairly straight forward. The will is signed and notarized, it appears to be genuine. Therefore according to the terms of the will custody of Danielle Rayburn goes to Mr. Rayburn. Todds' lawyer gets up and argues that Todd is the biological father. The D girls are hiding in the back of the court. Judge agrees to hear Todds' lawyer. Ross stands up and says he has something that might clear things up. It's Dani's birth certificate naming Ross the father.

Eli calls Greg and wants to know why he isn't there. Greg tells him to relax you wouldn't want that blood pressure to spike, that could be fatal. If Greg stays gone to long and Eli really doesn't have a subdural hematoma, I would think he would be feeling better, so why would he let Greg operate on him? It could be Greg is giving Eli medicine to give him a headache too, but the hospital staff would have to give the medicine since Greg isn't there, and Eli is looking better. So I don't think that is the case. And we still don't know what Eli has on Greg. I wonder if Destiny is his daughter? That would be an interesting twist.

Starr confronts Langston and tells her she set Ford up just so she could get him fired. Langston says so what if I did. I think some of that Kramer if rubbing off on Langston.

Ford sits down at the park and kicks his box of stuff from the school he's been carrying around. Nate walks up.

Eli looking at a picture of Todd and Dani, says sorry Ross you might be getting custody of Danielle but you won't be seeing a lot of her. So now its looking like Eli used Ross too.

All My Children Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

Angie is setting up her house for blind person. She trips over a stool and gets mad because someone left the stool pulled out.

Brot comes over for a visit. Angie successfully pours Brot a glass of orange juice then drops it when she trips over a table leg. Brot and Natalia pretend to leave, Angie knows they are both still there. Natalia leaves, Brot stays. Angie says she don't need a baby sitter. Brot, good I don't do babysitting. You don't have to hold back because of me. Angie, Hold back? Brot, your frustrated, pissed off, and your on the verge of losing it. So lay into me. Angie says she won't and then Brot tells her about Iraq and the RPG that hit his vehicle and what he went threw. Angie, what you've been through the physical torture of it all cannot compare. Brot, yeah, but you don't feel like the old you, do you? Angie, no. Brot and it feels like the old you has died doesn't it.  Angie, yes. Brot, instead of me working through my feeling and dealing with my pain. I decided not to deal with anything at all and the worst part of that was I was right back where I started, lost, scared alone. Angie don't do what I did because I guarantee you you'll regret it.  Brot is my hero in real life and on the show.  Angie do you believe things happen for a reason? Brot, I did, then I didn't and now I think I do again. Angie thinks God has a master plan. Angie says she will never see her child. Brot, but you will know your child. Angie, It's not the same, nothing is the same. I know God never gives you more than you can handle. I've just been lying to everybody. I've been lying to myself because, I can't handle this, I don't want to handle it. I don't want to. Angie's crying. I'm crying. Brot's giving her a hug.

Madison walks into Fusion on Randi and Frankie kissing. Frankie says sorry my bad. ??? Randi says we're married. I'm pretty sure PDA's are allowed. Then leaves. Frankie is going to police station to give statement, even though he wasn't at party when David collapsed. Madison, what did happen between you and me. I told you those two were missing. Randi returns and says to Madison we didn't talk about the party you were there with Frankie. Madison, tells Randi Ryan had to leave, she drank too much and Frankie took her out of there before she made a fool of herself. Randi says Frankie didn't mention any of this to me. Madison, that was my fault, I asked him not to. Randi, I get it, but maybe you ought to find someone else for that job.

Kendall, still at police station with Jesse. Kendall calls the boys while Jesse is sitting there listening and tells them she is going on a sleepover, doesn't know how many nights. Jesse, I'll see what I can do.

Ryan with hypnotist. Says he hates David because of what he was doing to Greenlee. The world would be a better place if someone would just get rid of him. Ryan, remembers David standing there with a glass but can't remember if he's drinking. Greenlee busts in and stops everything. Ryan wants her to leave. The Dr. says they can't continue with him in the state he is in. Greenlee questions him about what he remembered. He tells her everything about David, she says that's all nothing else? He doesn't tell her he loves her which is what I think she wanted to hear. Course the way he said it he could have just meant he loved her as a friend.

Jesse tells Frankie he will be interrogated by someone else, then he starts interrogating him. Frankie flashes back to him and Madison on the patio at the party.

Ryan goes to police station to talk to Jesse, sees Kendall. Jesse tells Kendall the Judge owes him, but he doubled the bail money and a with a guarantee she'll stay in town she can go home. Kendall says the bail money isn't a problem but if she takes it out Zach will know. Ryan says he will pay the bail and guarantee she doesn't leave. Jesse leaves to go talk to judge again.

Ryan tells Kendall about the session. Says every time him and Greenlee get together they go up in flames. Its over, I can't love her anymore. I am not good for Greenlee and she is not good for me. Ryan says he has moved on with Madison, he thinks he can make her happy. Kendall What about you? Jesse comes back in, says the judge wants more insurance. Kendall, please don't tell me I have to wear an ankle monitor. Jesse, It worked for Annie. Kendall yeah, yeah, she's my idol. Jesse, no house arrest, no monitor but the judge wants Ryan to know where you are at all times.

Greenlee goes to see Jake asks him about hypnosis. Greenlee swears Jake to secrecy. Tells him about Ryan. She tells Jake Ryan remembered he loves her and she still loves him too. Jake, Well I think its great with David out of the picture, you and Ryan. Greenlee, with David out of the picture? Jake I didn't mean it like that. Greenlee, yes you did. Jake, no I didn't . Greenlee, yes you did. Jake okay, I don't care that David's gone personally, and you can feel the same way its fine. Greenlee, he was my husband. Jake, I know its complicated, he's gone there's nothing you can do about that. It's okay to have your happiness with Ryan.
Greenlee, he didn't tell me he remembered. Jake, well that's a little awkward you know, your husband just kicked the bucket. LOL  Greenlee, Nice. Jake, I don't sorry, its not the best time to profess you love to someone is all I'm saying. Greenlee, what if he doesn't want to love me? Listsoff all the reasons why. Greenlee wishing she never got on the bike, should have stayed and worked things out with Ryan. Greenlee, he's protecting himself. Jake, you can either get up and walk away or you can fight. What's it going to be?

Frankie goes to Fusion to talk to Madison who tells Frankie it's not a good idea because Randi over heard them before. Frankie asked what Madison told Randi, she said the truth well most of it, that I was drunk and you looked out for me. She wasn't happy, kind of like Natalia the other day. Your sister thinks there is something going on between us. Madison says Natalia was wrong I was drunk and you did help me but there's more than that and we both know it.

Natalia comes homes, Angie and Brot are cooking. Angie, says this guy right here knows how to cut right through it. He knew just what to say and when to say it. Brot tells them they are like family. Natalia and Brot have a food fight with carrots. When Brot goes to answer the door. Angie tells Natalia Brot likes her, you can hear it in his voice. Randi arrives. Angie asks where is Frankie? Randi, I don't know I thought he would be here.
Greenlee calls Jesse and tells him she needs to see him about Davids murder.

Kendall and Ryan arrive at Ryans apartment with her bags.  They discuss the differences between Madison and Greenlee.

Greenlee at hotel room with Jesse. She tells him she killed David.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

Chance tells Nina he has to go into witness protection. Nina doesn't want him to go, but Christine tells her if anyone in the drug ring finds out he's alive, they'll be going to his funeral for real next time.

Nina asks Chance how long he has known Ronan was FBI. He tells her the day of the fight Chloe told him Ronan was his brother. They flashback to the two of them in the room together. Chance asks him if he is really his brother. Ronan, according to a DNA test I am. That answers that question. I wondered if anyone had done a test, how they new for sure he was her son.  The two boys fight, Chance is getting ready to punch Ronan'a face in and Ronan tells him he's FBI, so they developed the plan.

Nina said she didn't think she would ever get over watching one son gun down another. Ronan, You weren't supposed to be there for that. Chance, When I heard you scream I wanted to get up and tell you it was fake, but I couldn't I'm sorry. Nina, after what you put me through! Sorry isn't going to cut it mister. Ronan, says they couldn't have her slip up at the funeral.  Nina's mad cause they lied to her. Chance tells Nina not to be mad at Christina and Ronan. He's gotta go. She needs to make people believe that she has accepted his death. Phillip tells him he's proud of him. Then Nina tells Ronan, I just found my other son, I hope I'm not going to lose you too. Ronan says he's leaving with Chance. His assignment is over. He can't tell her where, the FBI frowns on that when your undercover, he's going. Nina apologizes for the hateful things she said. Ronan says I would have hated me too, that he admires her loyalty to Chance and the way she fought for him. Nina, I would have fought for you too, if I'd have known who you were. Ronan tells her he read her book, the people that raised him were wonderful. He's known a while she was his mother. Nina, why didn't you try to contact me? Ronan found out when he joined the FBI and they did the back ground check that he had been stolen. Nina asks again why didn't you contact me? Ronan, you had your job another son, I was starting a new career. Nina turns to Christine and asks her how long she has know? Christine, When Ronan realized this case would bring us to Genoa City he told me. Christine evidently intercepted the picture Paul had. Chance tells Nina to remember the moon. Oh tears! Its so sad. Ronan and Chance leave in car together.

Catherine is home. Everyone is fussing over her. Catherine hopes the talk goes well between Nina and Christine so they can work things out. Nina comes back in, you can tell she's struggling now with lying to the rest of the family.

Heather in her office with stacks of files on her desk. I mean stacks. Owen must not have done any work. Paul tells her she should go home and get some rest and start fresh in the morning. She says this is where she need to be.

Adam & Skye haven't seen them in a while. Skye says they are the perfect power couple. Adam doesn't want to be the perfect power couple. Skye says tough! LOL Skye has set up a meeting with a photographer and reporter, Adam doesn't want to go. Skye asks him what is your problem? The trust fund is making boat loads of money, your a free man, and you've got all the sex you want.  Skye, I may not be your precious Sharon, but your life could be a whole lot worse. Adam, meaning shut up and dance? Skye, smart boy. Adam asks what if I don't? Skye, there will be consequences.  Adam still says he's not going. Skye threatens him, then comes out with the fact that she knows he helped Patti escape. She leaves. Adam's drinking and talking to himself saying you think I'm just going to lie down and take it.

Victor comes home Nikki hides her drink and pops a mint in her mouth. She's talking in high gear. Victor wants to know whats wrong with her says she's all nervous. Yeah! She almost got caught. She tells him its because of Catherine. Catherine calls and tells her she's home. Victor is still suspicious.

Esther and Chloe make up. Esther asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to move back home. Chloe says it would kill her to walk past this door everyday. She's in Chances room. Jill goes in to talk to Chloe. Boy are these two going to be mad when they find out Chance is alive.

Paul arrives at Nikki's. She had called him. Nikki, tells Paul she's struggling, talking about everything going on. Paul asks her if she was tempted to drink. She lied and said no. She says she has been through struggles before, she doesn't know why this is different. Paul tells her to call anytime day or night.

Victor goes to see Heather. He wants her to reopen all the cases Pomerantz was involved in. He wants her to reopen Adams case. She tells him her priority has to be all the mob guys. Victor wants to know after that if she is elected DA then she would be in a position to make sure Adamdoesn't get lost in the shuffle. Heather says any talk of her running for DA is premature. Victor offers to bank roll Heathers campaign if she goes after Adam with everything she's got. Yup, could see that coming a mile away.

Is The Digital Age Going To Be The Death Of Book Stores & Libraries?

I just read an article about Barnes and Noble. The article said the companies market value dropped under a billion dollars, due to being squeezed by Amazon and Walmart.  The share holders are fighting, they are talking of selling the store, all the sounds of a company going down.

All this made me wonder once again with all the new digital items; Kindles, Readers, IPods and such, if some day in the near future there will be no new books.

I guess it would be good for the trees, I get that they are lighter to carry around. You can press a few buttons and instantly have a new or old book to read. I imagine at some point there will be a digital copy of every book ever printed. I get it. I'm a computer geek.

But I love my books. I look at the walls of my house, lined with bookshelves, loaded with books. They look good. I don't know what it is, I love the look of floor to ceiling books. I love book stores and libraries. Maybe it's just another geek thing. But I love my books.

I don't own a reading device. I've considered getting one from time to time. I think if I'm going to pay say $10 for a book, I want the book. Kind of like a back up copy. Its the same with music downloads.  I could probably count on one hand the number of music downloads I've paid for. I buy the CD. Maybe its just that I want to see what I'm paying for, to know that I got something for my money.

If there are no books, why would you need bookstores and libraries? You just need a website. There will be nearly no human interaction. Okay that could be a whole other topic. LOL

What do you think? Hardback or reading device? What's your preference? Do you think books will soon be a thing of the past?

Solitary Man - The Movie

Just watched Solitary Man. I thought it would be pretty good.

It starred Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon, Danny Devito, and Mary Louise Parker.

It was about a man going through a mid life crises that looses everything.  These are great actors, I guess I just expected a better story.

On a scale of 1-5.  I gave it a 3.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 1

Okay Jeff Probst you need to change the name of the show. You can no longer call this Survivor.

When the show first started Survivor was an appropriate name. People were dropped off on an island somewhere and told to survive. They did.  As far as I know no one died. There were a couple of close calls, but no one died.

As the seasons have gone on I've noticed more and more luxury items. In the early seasons the teams might have won some rice or beans. In one of the early seasons, someone used their glasses to start a fire. Then glasses were no longer allowed.

Now in the more recent seasons people are given everything. I mean rice, beans, corn mix, chickens, fishing gear and one season you built them a toilet and if I remember correctly two more "rooms", I think a bedroom with pillows and blankets and a table.

Here we are episode one. One team wins fire and the other team has glasses to start their fire. Granted its the older team, I don't begrudge anyone their reading glasses, I know I need mine. But the only thing they can use the reading glasses for is to start fires, what are they going to read? Tree mail? That's usually pretty big print.

And what's up with the water, we never see them looking for the water hole anymore. Last season people were walking around with water containers that looked suspiciously like bottled water.  What are they getting bottled water too. Gatorade? Vitamin Water?

You have the first competition and you give them fishing gear. This isn't Survivor. It's camping! Come on I want to see people survive in the wild. If I want to watch people play games and win prizes, I'll watch the Game Show Network. It used to be the point of competition was you didn't have to go to tribal council. No prizes, food, fire, or fishing gear. You got to stay that was it. I mean Jeff sounded like Monty Hall On Let's Make a Deal. Are you going to keep power or trade it for the fishing gear?

I'm thinking Summer Fun with Jeff Probst is a much more appropriate name for the current show.

So Brenda, single single single girl wins the medallion. Should be interesting to see what powers the medallion holds. I think this girl is going to get annoying quick.

The Old vs Young concept is interesting. I think the Old guys as they are calling them will show the young guns something.Not sure what yet, but something.

I like Yve's attitude. She's the one that saw the medallion was gold and said winners carry gold don't they. I like that.

Like Jimmie Johnson, but I think he is at a real disadvantage because of who he is and the fact that he probably doesn't need the money. I'm afraid its going to be held against him and I can't believe he got sick. Probably dehydrated, he should know better.

Holly made a deal the first day with Wendy, and Wendy agreed to it. Not too smart of either of them.

I'm not liking Marty. Why did he call Wendy weird? Just because she has an accent? Didn't seem like he talked to her that long and he has decided she's weird.

Jane is all excited about starting a fire but I started fire with a magnifying glass when I was like seven, it's not hard. Now if she had started it rubbing two sticks together I would have been impressed.

Jud aka Fabio, surfer boy looks familiar. Could he be a hired actor? I think the definition of dumb blond fits this guy. I normally don't like to say stuff like that, but at the rate he's going, he's going to injure himself and have to leave. I really hope he isn't as dumb as he has been made to look.

Kelly B, People have said if they keep her she will get the sympathy vote. It's not like America voting, it's the people on the island voting for her. So I say if she's contributing to the tribe keep her. If she's not contributing or she's holding the tribe back send her home, just like anybody else.  If she makes it to the end they can vote to decide if she wins. I would hope people would be able to vote, based on HER performance, not on her legs' performance.  She finished an Ironman contest, so I'm thinking she can hold her own in competitions. Give her a chance.

Chase, I'm partial to Chase cause he's a NASCAR Jackman, but Chase get away from Brenda. Run! Fast! she's bad news.  A Twittering Nascar buddy who shall remain an unnamed source said and I quote " He's gotta stop walking around in his drawers though" And again I say " No he don't !

Alina and Kelly B have found and  hidden the hidden immunity idol clue. Again with the sympathy vote, where are these peoples heads. Give the girl a chance, or say what you really mean.  You don't want to share the idol.

I love the fact that Jimmy J has told the tribe that he knows no one will give him a million bucks, it's like reverse psychology, probably the best move he could have made, just putting it out there.

The young team dance in to the competition was just stupid, I was happy to see that Chase nor Sash participated in it. Chase was actually shaking his head as they entered.

I can see why the older team made the decision not to use the medallion. I hope it pays off for them next week, since it didn't help this week. Another good thing as long as they don't use it they keep it from the other team.

Ok, I just saw Marty drinking out of a glass bottle/carafe what's up with that? Looks like Wendy has rice already too.

I don't like that Holly told about her conversation with the coach at tribal council. She seems to talk a lot about what she knows. I wouldn't tell her any secrets.

Jeff cracked me up when he sat back down so Wendy could continue speaking. LOL

I think Jimmy T and Marty both have an attitude that is going to get them in trouble if they're not careful.

They need to do something with that snake that's at tribal council, eat him or something, so he quits slithering around.

Poor Wendy she should have known better than to listen to her husband. He might have been right, but he was mean telling her she talked to much.

General Hospital Recap, Fri Sept 17, 2010

Brenda/Jason Brenda calls Jason a liar, she doesn't believe Sonny didn't send him. Jason, tells her the charges were dropped. Brenda, but he told you he saw me? Jason, He didn't say anything about you. Brenda, No? Oh. Is Sonny seeing anyone? Jason, he's not married. Brenda, Is he involved with anyone? Jason, I don't think its serious. Brenda, so as far as you know Sonny's free. Jason, I already told you charges were dropped. Brenda, I mean he's not living with anyone or anything. Jason, no. Brenda, he really didn't send you? Jason, no. Brenda, but how do you know if Sonny didn't tell you. Jason, Suzanne. Brenda, OMG this woman! Why is she talking to anyone. Jason, you listed me as an emergency contact. Brenda, that's only if I die, your the only one that doesn't care. LOL

Jax tells Claire she's just a means to an end with Sonny. He's done this to other women. Now that she's stepped down. She's no longer a threat. Claire, that is why I did it, now I'll know if Sonny wants me for me. Jax, I practically handed you your career, now your throwing it all away.

Dante tells Sonny he's been where he is with one woman trying to get over another. Sonny, did it work? Dante, not even close. Sonny tells Dante falling for Brenda scared the hell out of him. They are talking back and forth, sounds like there is a Brenda in Dante's past. Hope Carly doesn't find out. Dante is leaving, Sonny thanks him for what he is doing for Micheal. Dante, yeah, just so you know it doesn't change anything, I'm still a cop your still a crime boss. You slip up I'll take you down. Sonny, I would never ever stop you from doing your job. It's just nice for one night it didn't get in the way of you being my son. Dante turns to leave and Claire is standing in front of him. Dante, I guess this is the end of your lecturing me about my conflict of interest, right?  Sonny, I didn't think you'd come tonight. Claire, neither did I.

Siobhan/Ronan. Siobhan tells Ronan he has compassion in his eyes. Ronan, okay you got me I'm an undercover cop. Siobhan, You sounded like a true yank with that accent. Ronan, I had some practice. Siobhan, I've heard the stories, your feared on 3 continents. Ronan, four but whose counting. I'm not Ronan O'Reilly you said so yourself. Siobhan, I've hated that face for longer than you can remember. Seen it in my nightmares long before you murdered my Donny. Ronan, so what are you waiting for shoot me. Siobhan, not before you tell me what happened. Ronan, What to your boyfriend? Siobhan, to you. How did you happen to pick up a soul? Ronan, What does it matter how I've changed, just be glad I did or you'd be buried next to your boyfriend by now. Siobhan, you won't hurt me. Ronan, you sure we are talking about the same Ronan O'reilly. Siobhan, something inside has changed you. Ronan, I found god. Siobhan, are you serious? Ronan, It wasn't like I was looking for him. Tells her a story about hiding out in a church. Siobhan gets up to leave and tells him to be careful, now that he's developed a conscious it could get him killed. Babak calls Ronan and tells him they want to meet. Lucky tells him he can't he's been made, pick someone else.

Maxi/Robin Robin fills Maxi in on the plan. Maxi, there is no excuse for what Patrick did. I don't think its a reflection on how Patrick feels about you. Maxi tries to talk to Robin about forgiving Patrick, but Robin is more worried about keeping Emma safe.

Lisa got tickets to the Nascar Dover race for her and Patrick. She got seats on the bridge. Patrick, Its not a good idea for me and you to take a weekend. Robin is on the edge of a breakdown. Lisa, Robin needs to face reality and so do you. Getting married was a mistake. Make it a clean break and I can help you get on with your life again. She kisses him. Steve sees. Patrick explains to Steve what Lisa wants. Steve is going to try to fix the schedule so Patrick can't leave.

Carly ranting about Brenda to Micheal. Micheal, why does it bother you so much that Jason is seeing Brenda? Carly says Jason should be here helping you. Micheal, He loves you mom he went to prison to protect me, so don't be mad at him. Carly, I'm not mad at him. I'm going to strangle Brenda.

Jason, the Balkins come at you three times. Any idea what you did to make yourself a target? Brenda, denies knowing why, tells Jason she doesn't want his help. Jason calls Spinelli. Carly realizes Jason is on the phone and is chasing him around the room to get it. Brenda takes Jason's phone and says whoever this is tell Jason to come home. Carly takes Spinelli's phone. Brenda says hi Carly. Carly, Brenda. I want to talk to Jason. Brenda, he's busy he's going to have to call you back. Carly doing what? Brenda apparently protecting me.  Carly if safety is such a concern why don't you ask your movie star boyfriend to hire a fleet of body guards too protect you. Better yet you could have the flipping UN put their peace keeping forces on duty. I mean its the least they can do for a humanitarian like yourself. Brenda, interesting idea, but he insists on guarding me himself. Carly, he has a family here. Jason takes the phone from Brenda. Carly, What are you doing there? How could you fly off to Rome? You know while you were off saving Brenda, Micheal almost got expelled? Jason, What happened? Micheal takes phone tells Jason it was a stupid fight I'm fine so's mom here's Spinelli.  Spinelli, you were saying. Jason, run a check on the Balkin , known associates, any family, everyting you can find right away.

Claire and Sonny eating dinner. Go back and forth about Jax. Sonny tells her he doesn't want to hurt her and if she's worried he is then she can leave right now, he won't stop her. Sonny tells Claire he knows how important her career is he doesn't want her to have any regrets. She gets up goes over and kisses him. Sonny says this is your last chance to run for the door. They go up to bedroom. So this will be like baby number 8?

Steve stops by Robins. Tells her Lisa wasted no time moving back in on Patrick. Robin says the only way to turn this situation around is to make her think she's won.

Maxi goes to hospital to see Patrick. Patrick, I'm working right now. Maxi, I'm sure Robin would love to be working right now. But until this whole thing with Lisa is settled Robins suspended. That doesn't seem fair does it? You cheat Robin loses her job. Patrick, this is only temporary. Once I can prove Lisa is doing all these crazy things then Robin will be reinstated. Maxi, I'm trying to be sympathetic here but this plan of yours better work because it isn't helping Robin forget what you did. Patrick, I know just don't get all wrapped up in playing with Lisa and end up in bed with her again. Patrick, that's not going to happen. Lisa's at the top of the stairs. Maxi I hope not I don't think Robin can take much more.  Patrick, I going to pretend to fall for Lisa long enough to prove that she is acting like a lunatic. The chief will have enough evidence to fire Lisa then I can concentrate on getting my wife back. Yep, Lisa heard all that. She knows its a set up. I knew when Maxi showed up there was too much talking going on about this plan and Lisa would find out.  First Steve then Maxi.

Lisa to Maxi if your waiting for an appointment that is what the lounge is for. Maxi, well if it isn't the tramp trying to ruin my cousins life. Don't talk to me ever. Lisa, well Robin doesn't need any help with that actually she's doing just fine on her own, and I hate to break it to you but your cousin is seriously disturbed. Maxi, if that is true its all your fault. You snaked her husband and are trying to destroy her marriage. Your a discusting piece of trash. Patrick, is there a problem here? Lisa, not on my end. Lisa walks away. Patrick you can not provoke her. Maxi I'm just doing my part to keep up the front it just so happens my role happens to coincide with how I feel. Patrick, do not under estimate Lisa, she's not dumb she's smarter than the rest of us so far. We have to prove that she's crazy and Robin is her victim. Maxi and Patrick continue talking, Lisa is hiding around the corner. Maxi tells Patrick she tries to put in a good word when she can. She knows what its like to make the mistake of cheating on someone your in love with.  I have empathy however it will not extend to a second time. Patrick, she wants to go to a Nascar event which I will get out of the last minute. I don't want to be alone with her.

Lisa gives a prescription for Phenosolitol to a nurse.Says, its a new drug on the market, asks her to fill it so she can give it to the patient in person after her consult. She says the drug is to dangerous to not be appraised of its complications. I'm not sure what Lisa is going to do with this drug, but we can be pretty sure it won't be good.

Carly arrives home Jax is there. Jossslyn's asleep Morgans at a sleep over. Jax wants to pick up where they left off. Carly wants to take it slow. Jax works on her some more. He is going to move back in.

Brenda asks Jason about Spinelli. Jason questions her again about the Balkin. Jason, he's not stalking you. He sent people to kill you. What did you do? Brenda, I went to the press and shined the light on these people that are exploiting children, so of course these big shots want to shut me down cause they want to keep the profits rolling in. Jason, maybe that's part of it. What aren't you telling me. Brenda, nothing. Jason, come on you know this guy is going to try and kill you again and your security can't stop him. Brenda, ok look fine you are right, I would love for you to protect me. I have to go to this gala tonight so your gonna have to come with me and be my body guard. Do you have a tux. Jason just stares at her. We all know how much Jason loves a tux. LOL

Spinelli, working. Knock on door, its Dante. Spinelli tells him Jason is aware of what went down with Micheal. Dante sees Spinelli's computer screen and wants to know why he is researching this guy. Spinelli, the jackals queries are none of your concern. Dante, actually if your going through illegal channels they are. So unless you want to take a ride downtown I suggest you tell me everything you know about the Balkin. Spinelli, clearly not as much as you do. Go Spinelli. I notice that when Dante wants something its okay for Spinelli to hack, other wise he threatens to arrest him. I also like that the writers are letting Spinelli appear wiser instead of like a stupid hacker kid. I mean hackers really aren't stupid, they gotta be pretty smart to do all that they do.

Babak calls Lucky says he's not happy about changing the meeting. Lucky, so where does he want to meet? Babak, he's coming to you. Knock on door. Boy thanks for a little bit of warning Babak. This guy is going to get Lucky killed.