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General Hospital Recap, Fri Sept 17, 2010

Brenda/Jason Brenda calls Jason a liar, she doesn't believe Sonny didn't send him. Jason, tells her the charges were dropped. Brenda, but he told you he saw me? Jason, He didn't say anything about you. Brenda, No? Oh. Is Sonny seeing anyone? Jason, he's not married. Brenda, Is he involved with anyone? Jason, I don't think its serious. Brenda, so as far as you know Sonny's free. Jason, I already told you charges were dropped. Brenda, I mean he's not living with anyone or anything. Jason, no. Brenda, he really didn't send you? Jason, no. Brenda, but how do you know if Sonny didn't tell you. Jason, Suzanne. Brenda, OMG this woman! Why is she talking to anyone. Jason, you listed me as an emergency contact. Brenda, that's only if I die, your the only one that doesn't care. LOL

Jax tells Claire she's just a means to an end with Sonny. He's done this to other women. Now that she's stepped down. She's no longer a threat. Claire, that is why I did it, now I'll know if Sonny wants me for me. Jax, I practically handed you your career, now your throwing it all away.

Dante tells Sonny he's been where he is with one woman trying to get over another. Sonny, did it work? Dante, not even close. Sonny tells Dante falling for Brenda scared the hell out of him. They are talking back and forth, sounds like there is a Brenda in Dante's past. Hope Carly doesn't find out. Dante is leaving, Sonny thanks him for what he is doing for Micheal. Dante, yeah, just so you know it doesn't change anything, I'm still a cop your still a crime boss. You slip up I'll take you down. Sonny, I would never ever stop you from doing your job. It's just nice for one night it didn't get in the way of you being my son. Dante turns to leave and Claire is standing in front of him. Dante, I guess this is the end of your lecturing me about my conflict of interest, right?  Sonny, I didn't think you'd come tonight. Claire, neither did I.

Siobhan/Ronan. Siobhan tells Ronan he has compassion in his eyes. Ronan, okay you got me I'm an undercover cop. Siobhan, You sounded like a true yank with that accent. Ronan, I had some practice. Siobhan, I've heard the stories, your feared on 3 continents. Ronan, four but whose counting. I'm not Ronan O'Reilly you said so yourself. Siobhan, I've hated that face for longer than you can remember. Seen it in my nightmares long before you murdered my Donny. Ronan, so what are you waiting for shoot me. Siobhan, not before you tell me what happened. Ronan, What to your boyfriend? Siobhan, to you. How did you happen to pick up a soul? Ronan, What does it matter how I've changed, just be glad I did or you'd be buried next to your boyfriend by now. Siobhan, you won't hurt me. Ronan, you sure we are talking about the same Ronan O'reilly. Siobhan, something inside has changed you. Ronan, I found god. Siobhan, are you serious? Ronan, It wasn't like I was looking for him. Tells her a story about hiding out in a church. Siobhan gets up to leave and tells him to be careful, now that he's developed a conscious it could get him killed. Babak calls Ronan and tells him they want to meet. Lucky tells him he can't he's been made, pick someone else.

Maxi/Robin Robin fills Maxi in on the plan. Maxi, there is no excuse for what Patrick did. I don't think its a reflection on how Patrick feels about you. Maxi tries to talk to Robin about forgiving Patrick, but Robin is more worried about keeping Emma safe.

Lisa got tickets to the Nascar Dover race for her and Patrick. She got seats on the bridge. Patrick, Its not a good idea for me and you to take a weekend. Robin is on the edge of a breakdown. Lisa, Robin needs to face reality and so do you. Getting married was a mistake. Make it a clean break and I can help you get on with your life again. She kisses him. Steve sees. Patrick explains to Steve what Lisa wants. Steve is going to try to fix the schedule so Patrick can't leave.

Carly ranting about Brenda to Micheal. Micheal, why does it bother you so much that Jason is seeing Brenda? Carly says Jason should be here helping you. Micheal, He loves you mom he went to prison to protect me, so don't be mad at him. Carly, I'm not mad at him. I'm going to strangle Brenda.

Jason, the Balkins come at you three times. Any idea what you did to make yourself a target? Brenda, denies knowing why, tells Jason she doesn't want his help. Jason calls Spinelli. Carly realizes Jason is on the phone and is chasing him around the room to get it. Brenda takes Jason's phone and says whoever this is tell Jason to come home. Carly takes Spinelli's phone. Brenda says hi Carly. Carly, Brenda. I want to talk to Jason. Brenda, he's busy he's going to have to call you back. Carly doing what? Brenda apparently protecting me.  Carly if safety is such a concern why don't you ask your movie star boyfriend to hire a fleet of body guards too protect you. Better yet you could have the flipping UN put their peace keeping forces on duty. I mean its the least they can do for a humanitarian like yourself. Brenda, interesting idea, but he insists on guarding me himself. Carly, he has a family here. Jason takes the phone from Brenda. Carly, What are you doing there? How could you fly off to Rome? You know while you were off saving Brenda, Micheal almost got expelled? Jason, What happened? Micheal takes phone tells Jason it was a stupid fight I'm fine so's mom here's Spinelli.  Spinelli, you were saying. Jason, run a check on the Balkin , known associates, any family, everyting you can find right away.

Claire and Sonny eating dinner. Go back and forth about Jax. Sonny tells her he doesn't want to hurt her and if she's worried he is then she can leave right now, he won't stop her. Sonny tells Claire he knows how important her career is he doesn't want her to have any regrets. She gets up goes over and kisses him. Sonny says this is your last chance to run for the door. They go up to bedroom. So this will be like baby number 8?

Steve stops by Robins. Tells her Lisa wasted no time moving back in on Patrick. Robin says the only way to turn this situation around is to make her think she's won.

Maxi goes to hospital to see Patrick. Patrick, I'm working right now. Maxi, I'm sure Robin would love to be working right now. But until this whole thing with Lisa is settled Robins suspended. That doesn't seem fair does it? You cheat Robin loses her job. Patrick, this is only temporary. Once I can prove Lisa is doing all these crazy things then Robin will be reinstated. Maxi, I'm trying to be sympathetic here but this plan of yours better work because it isn't helping Robin forget what you did. Patrick, I know just don't get all wrapped up in playing with Lisa and end up in bed with her again. Patrick, that's not going to happen. Lisa's at the top of the stairs. Maxi I hope not I don't think Robin can take much more.  Patrick, I going to pretend to fall for Lisa long enough to prove that she is acting like a lunatic. The chief will have enough evidence to fire Lisa then I can concentrate on getting my wife back. Yep, Lisa heard all that. She knows its a set up. I knew when Maxi showed up there was too much talking going on about this plan and Lisa would find out.  First Steve then Maxi.

Lisa to Maxi if your waiting for an appointment that is what the lounge is for. Maxi, well if it isn't the tramp trying to ruin my cousins life. Don't talk to me ever. Lisa, well Robin doesn't need any help with that actually she's doing just fine on her own, and I hate to break it to you but your cousin is seriously disturbed. Maxi, if that is true its all your fault. You snaked her husband and are trying to destroy her marriage. Your a discusting piece of trash. Patrick, is there a problem here? Lisa, not on my end. Lisa walks away. Patrick you can not provoke her. Maxi I'm just doing my part to keep up the front it just so happens my role happens to coincide with how I feel. Patrick, do not under estimate Lisa, she's not dumb she's smarter than the rest of us so far. We have to prove that she's crazy and Robin is her victim. Maxi and Patrick continue talking, Lisa is hiding around the corner. Maxi tells Patrick she tries to put in a good word when she can. She knows what its like to make the mistake of cheating on someone your in love with.  I have empathy however it will not extend to a second time. Patrick, she wants to go to a Nascar event which I will get out of the last minute. I don't want to be alone with her.

Lisa gives a prescription for Phenosolitol to a nurse.Says, its a new drug on the market, asks her to fill it so she can give it to the patient in person after her consult. She says the drug is to dangerous to not be appraised of its complications. I'm not sure what Lisa is going to do with this drug, but we can be pretty sure it won't be good.

Carly arrives home Jax is there. Jossslyn's asleep Morgans at a sleep over. Jax wants to pick up where they left off. Carly wants to take it slow. Jax works on her some more. He is going to move back in.

Brenda asks Jason about Spinelli. Jason questions her again about the Balkin. Jason, he's not stalking you. He sent people to kill you. What did you do? Brenda, I went to the press and shined the light on these people that are exploiting children, so of course these big shots want to shut me down cause they want to keep the profits rolling in. Jason, maybe that's part of it. What aren't you telling me. Brenda, nothing. Jason, come on you know this guy is going to try and kill you again and your security can't stop him. Brenda, ok look fine you are right, I would love for you to protect me. I have to go to this gala tonight so your gonna have to come with me and be my body guard. Do you have a tux. Jason just stares at her. We all know how much Jason loves a tux. LOL

Spinelli, working. Knock on door, its Dante. Spinelli tells him Jason is aware of what went down with Micheal. Dante sees Spinelli's computer screen and wants to know why he is researching this guy. Spinelli, the jackals queries are none of your concern. Dante, actually if your going through illegal channels they are. So unless you want to take a ride downtown I suggest you tell me everything you know about the Balkin. Spinelli, clearly not as much as you do. Go Spinelli. I notice that when Dante wants something its okay for Spinelli to hack, other wise he threatens to arrest him. I also like that the writers are letting Spinelli appear wiser instead of like a stupid hacker kid. I mean hackers really aren't stupid, they gotta be pretty smart to do all that they do.

Babak calls Lucky says he's not happy about changing the meeting. Lucky, so where does he want to meet? Babak, he's coming to you. Knock on door. Boy thanks for a little bit of warning Babak. This guy is going to get Lucky killed.

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