Monday, September 20, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

Chance tells Nina he has to go into witness protection. Nina doesn't want him to go, but Christine tells her if anyone in the drug ring finds out he's alive, they'll be going to his funeral for real next time.

Nina asks Chance how long he has known Ronan was FBI. He tells her the day of the fight Chloe told him Ronan was his brother. They flashback to the two of them in the room together. Chance asks him if he is really his brother. Ronan, according to a DNA test I am. That answers that question. I wondered if anyone had done a test, how they new for sure he was her son.  The two boys fight, Chance is getting ready to punch Ronan'a face in and Ronan tells him he's FBI, so they developed the plan.

Nina said she didn't think she would ever get over watching one son gun down another. Ronan, You weren't supposed to be there for that. Chance, When I heard you scream I wanted to get up and tell you it was fake, but I couldn't I'm sorry. Nina, after what you put me through! Sorry isn't going to cut it mister. Ronan, says they couldn't have her slip up at the funeral.  Nina's mad cause they lied to her. Chance tells Nina not to be mad at Christina and Ronan. He's gotta go. She needs to make people believe that she has accepted his death. Phillip tells him he's proud of him. Then Nina tells Ronan, I just found my other son, I hope I'm not going to lose you too. Ronan says he's leaving with Chance. His assignment is over. He can't tell her where, the FBI frowns on that when your undercover, he's going. Nina apologizes for the hateful things she said. Ronan says I would have hated me too, that he admires her loyalty to Chance and the way she fought for him. Nina, I would have fought for you too, if I'd have known who you were. Ronan tells her he read her book, the people that raised him were wonderful. He's known a while she was his mother. Nina, why didn't you try to contact me? Ronan found out when he joined the FBI and they did the back ground check that he had been stolen. Nina asks again why didn't you contact me? Ronan, you had your job another son, I was starting a new career. Nina turns to Christine and asks her how long she has know? Christine, When Ronan realized this case would bring us to Genoa City he told me. Christine evidently intercepted the picture Paul had. Chance tells Nina to remember the moon. Oh tears! Its so sad. Ronan and Chance leave in car together.

Catherine is home. Everyone is fussing over her. Catherine hopes the talk goes well between Nina and Christine so they can work things out. Nina comes back in, you can tell she's struggling now with lying to the rest of the family.

Heather in her office with stacks of files on her desk. I mean stacks. Owen must not have done any work. Paul tells her she should go home and get some rest and start fresh in the morning. She says this is where she need to be.

Adam & Skye haven't seen them in a while. Skye says they are the perfect power couple. Adam doesn't want to be the perfect power couple. Skye says tough! LOL Skye has set up a meeting with a photographer and reporter, Adam doesn't want to go. Skye asks him what is your problem? The trust fund is making boat loads of money, your a free man, and you've got all the sex you want.  Skye, I may not be your precious Sharon, but your life could be a whole lot worse. Adam, meaning shut up and dance? Skye, smart boy. Adam asks what if I don't? Skye, there will be consequences.  Adam still says he's not going. Skye threatens him, then comes out with the fact that she knows he helped Patti escape. She leaves. Adam's drinking and talking to himself saying you think I'm just going to lie down and take it.

Victor comes home Nikki hides her drink and pops a mint in her mouth. She's talking in high gear. Victor wants to know whats wrong with her says she's all nervous. Yeah! She almost got caught. She tells him its because of Catherine. Catherine calls and tells her she's home. Victor is still suspicious.

Esther and Chloe make up. Esther asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to move back home. Chloe says it would kill her to walk past this door everyday. She's in Chances room. Jill goes in to talk to Chloe. Boy are these two going to be mad when they find out Chance is alive.

Paul arrives at Nikki's. She had called him. Nikki, tells Paul she's struggling, talking about everything going on. Paul asks her if she was tempted to drink. She lied and said no. She says she has been through struggles before, she doesn't know why this is different. Paul tells her to call anytime day or night.

Victor goes to see Heather. He wants her to reopen all the cases Pomerantz was involved in. He wants her to reopen Adams case. She tells him her priority has to be all the mob guys. Victor wants to know after that if she is elected DA then she would be in a position to make sure Adamdoesn't get lost in the shuffle. Heather says any talk of her running for DA is premature. Victor offers to bank roll Heathers campaign if she goes after Adam with everything she's got. Yup, could see that coming a mile away.

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