Friday, September 24, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, Wed Sept 22, 2010

Nina is packing Chances things with Phillip, she is talking about sending him his things, Phillip says its too much of a risk. Paul comes in, he says whatever Chris had to say I hope it helped.

Lilly and Kane talking about him leaving. Kane says until Tucker makes up his mind he will be here.  Whatever happened to the guy that was outside the window watching them?

Neil went to see Sophia and told her he worked through her proposal and recommended to Tucker they move forward. So Sophia and Kane are to leave for Australia today. Sophia changed her proposal to pursue cellulosic ethanol instead of corn ethanol to change Neils' mind. Sophia tells Malcolm about her and Neils deal, he says its going to come back and bite her in the backside.

Christine is talking to Catherine about Chance. She asks her to go outside to talk.

Tucker tells Ashley about the family shutting him out. She tells him to trust  his instincts.

Lilly takes the babies to see Nina. What's up with these babies, do they only have one? One is alive and in a onesy the other is much smaller like a doll covered in a blanket that you can't see.

Phillip meets with Kane at the coffee shop and asks the status of his trip. Kane tells him its on hold, Phillip says he can't take care of things until he gets back there. Tells him not to forget they can just show up at his doorstep. Then Neil comes up and tells Kane he's leaving today. Kane says tell Tucker he can't go today. Lilly's out numbered. Neil says he remembers how to change a diaper and hold a bottle. He needs to be ready in two hours.

It appears Christine told Catherine the truth about Chance.

Kane goes and tells Sophia he can't go. Sophia tells him if he don't put his butt on that jet, he will be back on the deportation list. He tells her about the men in Australia. Sophia wants to know if its really that bad. Kane says yes. He's afraid they will follow him home. Sophia says they will go to Australia get his passport stamped have the meeting on the jet, get the contracts signed and fly home. No one will know he was there.

Paul tries to make Nina feel better and she says maybe we should break up. ??? I'm not sure what this is about. Maybe because she can't tell him the truth?

Christine talks to Phillip in the coffee shop. She thinks Nina is never going to forgive her. Nina comes in, Phillip leaves them alone. Christine will still not tell Nina whether she told Catherine the truth or not. Nina says a non denial denial. Then Nina tells Christine, if she'd just shut up she'd like to tell her thank you for telling Catherine what she couldn't.

Tucker goes over to Catherines' Murphy answers the door. Tucker said I thought maybe we had a misunderstanding. Murphy, No your not going to see Catherine. Catherine walks in and says what's going on? Tucker, your looking well, better than I expected. Catherine, you could have seen for your self yesterday. Murphy, he was there, I wouldn't let him. Catherine, Why not? Murphy, because last time he was here you ended up on your back in the hospital hooked up to monitors. Catherine we have to start trusting each other.

I wonder what Malcolm and Sophia are hiding? I wonder if they are working for the bad guys luring Kane back?

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