Saturday, September 25, 2010

All My Children Recap, Thur Sept 23, 2010

I don't think Asher is an experienced thief. He hits Caleb on the head, goes in the house leaves the door wide open with Caleb laying there. Gets in his brief case and steals something and he's not wearing any gloves. Doesn't he watch CSI? Crystal, AJ and Marissa come and find Caleb, Asher is still there they asked what happened. Asher said I think someone tried to rob him, as soon as I showed up the guy ran off. AJ's scared thinks the man might still be there. Boy is he right.

JR still lecturing Colby about how she can do better than Damon. When you think about it JR and Damon are kind of brothers. They both have Tad for a father. Asher comes in and gives JR the file.

Bianca talking to Ryan. Ryan, there isn't a chance in hell David killed himself. David was very angry, he wasn't giving up on Greenlee and he definitely wasn't giving up on life. Tad comes over and tells Ryan David is dead and still pushing his buttons he needs to let it go.

Kendall tells Greenlee, that some people don't believe the letters are real. Greenlee, you have to convince people they are. Greenlee trying to convince Kendall David was suicidal.

Crystal tries to convince Caleb to go to the hospital he won't go. He looks in briefcase and sees the files missing and leaves.

Liza offers Kendall a deal of community service and a large fine. Kendall says she has someplace to be she can't do that. Liza, you stole evidence out of a DA's car not to mention my briefcase, your lucky I'm feeling generous. Kendall, your loving this aren't you. Liza, No actually I'm not, I have a lot more important things to do than coddle you. Kendall, David killed himself, there wasn't even a murder so what I took doesn't even matter. Why not drop the charges all together. Liza, Wow I love the law according to Kendall, but this is the real world, and your getting off easy. Kendall turns to her attorney will you do something please. Attorney, its a very fair deal. Liza, why don't you take this time to beautify the town that you love, the community that has forgiven you again and again and again. Now I have things to do would you please keep an eye on her. And Kendall, matter of fact I am enjoying this just a little. Attorney, your very lucky Mrs. Slater. Kendall, don't expect me to thank you.

Kendall leaves Liza's office and runs into Bianca. She tells her she's not going to prison. Bianca says that's great. Yeah, lets have a party, invite my divorce attorney. I've made Zach so many promises and I've broken every one of them.

Ryan runs into Greenlee at the hospital. He's going back to hypnotherapist. Greenlee tries to talk him out of it again.  Greenlee asks Ryan how is Emma? When was the last time he spent the day with her? Ryan, she's been spending a lot of time with Annie. Greenlee, what about Spike? You have to let this go before you lose yourself too. Ryan calls and cancels his appointment

Colby tells Damon she wants to go out for lobster, JR is paying. Damon says he has studying to do. Asher trying to convince him to go. Damon, maybe I just want his respect. At least if I pay my own way he can't accuse me of dating her for her money.

Caleb goes to JR and tells him he thought he was robbed until he realized the only thing that was missing was the letter from Scott. A letter that wouldn't mean anything to anyone but you. JR, Are you accusing me of something because I've been here all day. I didn't attack you, I'm a business man not a thug. Caleb, your a Chandler.

Kendall calls Zach, he doesn't answer. Kendall thinks he doesn't want to talk to her. A few minutes later the phone rings its Zach. Kendall asks Zach to come for the day. They agree to meet at the park. Kendall tells Bianca she told Zach everything.

Greenlee runs into Marissa at the park asks her how she is. She says she has a different answer every five minutes. Marissa, Davids father killed himself did you know that? What kind of a legacy is that? Marissa, David tried to reach out but I rejected him, I wouldn't return his calls. If I had known the man that wrote that letter maybe things would have been different. Greenlee,  It wasn't your fault. I think David wrote that letter to give you peace. Marissa leaves. Tad comes up and questions Greenlee. He asks like two questions and Greenlee says Ryan hired you didn't he? Tad said I over heard what you said to Marissa. I was impressed. It really looked like you took her pain to heart. Greenlee, Davids letter was supposed to give her comfort.instead she feels guilty. Tad, and that's not the way it was supposed to work was it. David didn't write those letters you did.

Caleb tells Crystal, JR hired someone to attack him.  JR, is mad at Asher, said he didn't tell him to attack anyone. From now on he isn't to do anything he doesn't tell him to do. Asher, the old man went down hard you would have liked it. Asher leaves. JR calls Lennie, he wants him to find out everything he can on Asher Pike if that's even his real name.

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