Sunday, September 19, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 1

Okay Jeff Probst you need to change the name of the show. You can no longer call this Survivor.

When the show first started Survivor was an appropriate name. People were dropped off on an island somewhere and told to survive. They did.  As far as I know no one died. There were a couple of close calls, but no one died.

As the seasons have gone on I've noticed more and more luxury items. In the early seasons the teams might have won some rice or beans. In one of the early seasons, someone used their glasses to start a fire. Then glasses were no longer allowed.

Now in the more recent seasons people are given everything. I mean rice, beans, corn mix, chickens, fishing gear and one season you built them a toilet and if I remember correctly two more "rooms", I think a bedroom with pillows and blankets and a table.

Here we are episode one. One team wins fire and the other team has glasses to start their fire. Granted its the older team, I don't begrudge anyone their reading glasses, I know I need mine. But the only thing they can use the reading glasses for is to start fires, what are they going to read? Tree mail? That's usually pretty big print.

And what's up with the water, we never see them looking for the water hole anymore. Last season people were walking around with water containers that looked suspiciously like bottled water.  What are they getting bottled water too. Gatorade? Vitamin Water?

You have the first competition and you give them fishing gear. This isn't Survivor. It's camping! Come on I want to see people survive in the wild. If I want to watch people play games and win prizes, I'll watch the Game Show Network. It used to be the point of competition was you didn't have to go to tribal council. No prizes, food, fire, or fishing gear. You got to stay that was it. I mean Jeff sounded like Monty Hall On Let's Make a Deal. Are you going to keep power or trade it for the fishing gear?

I'm thinking Summer Fun with Jeff Probst is a much more appropriate name for the current show.

So Brenda, single single single girl wins the medallion. Should be interesting to see what powers the medallion holds. I think this girl is going to get annoying quick.

The Old vs Young concept is interesting. I think the Old guys as they are calling them will show the young guns something.Not sure what yet, but something.

I like Yve's attitude. She's the one that saw the medallion was gold and said winners carry gold don't they. I like that.

Like Jimmie Johnson, but I think he is at a real disadvantage because of who he is and the fact that he probably doesn't need the money. I'm afraid its going to be held against him and I can't believe he got sick. Probably dehydrated, he should know better.

Holly made a deal the first day with Wendy, and Wendy agreed to it. Not too smart of either of them.

I'm not liking Marty. Why did he call Wendy weird? Just because she has an accent? Didn't seem like he talked to her that long and he has decided she's weird.

Jane is all excited about starting a fire but I started fire with a magnifying glass when I was like seven, it's not hard. Now if she had started it rubbing two sticks together I would have been impressed.

Jud aka Fabio, surfer boy looks familiar. Could he be a hired actor? I think the definition of dumb blond fits this guy. I normally don't like to say stuff like that, but at the rate he's going, he's going to injure himself and have to leave. I really hope he isn't as dumb as he has been made to look.

Kelly B, People have said if they keep her she will get the sympathy vote. It's not like America voting, it's the people on the island voting for her. So I say if she's contributing to the tribe keep her. If she's not contributing or she's holding the tribe back send her home, just like anybody else.  If she makes it to the end they can vote to decide if she wins. I would hope people would be able to vote, based on HER performance, not on her legs' performance.  She finished an Ironman contest, so I'm thinking she can hold her own in competitions. Give her a chance.

Chase, I'm partial to Chase cause he's a NASCAR Jackman, but Chase get away from Brenda. Run! Fast! she's bad news.  A Twittering Nascar buddy who shall remain an unnamed source said and I quote " He's gotta stop walking around in his drawers though" And again I say " No he don't !

Alina and Kelly B have found and  hidden the hidden immunity idol clue. Again with the sympathy vote, where are these peoples heads. Give the girl a chance, or say what you really mean.  You don't want to share the idol.

I love the fact that Jimmy J has told the tribe that he knows no one will give him a million bucks, it's like reverse psychology, probably the best move he could have made, just putting it out there.

The young team dance in to the competition was just stupid, I was happy to see that Chase nor Sash participated in it. Chase was actually shaking his head as they entered.

I can see why the older team made the decision not to use the medallion. I hope it pays off for them next week, since it didn't help this week. Another good thing as long as they don't use it they keep it from the other team.

Ok, I just saw Marty drinking out of a glass bottle/carafe what's up with that? Looks like Wendy has rice already too.

I don't like that Holly told about her conversation with the coach at tribal council. She seems to talk a lot about what she knows. I wouldn't tell her any secrets.

Jeff cracked me up when he sat back down so Wendy could continue speaking. LOL

I think Jimmy T and Marty both have an attitude that is going to get them in trouble if they're not careful.

They need to do something with that snake that's at tribal council, eat him or something, so he quits slithering around.

Poor Wendy she should have known better than to listen to her husband. He might have been right, but he was mean telling her she talked to much.

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