Friday, September 24, 2010

One Life to Live Recap, Wed Sept 22, 2010

Inez talks to Clint about her boys. Bo in the background watching them. Bo comes up to table says hi, wants to know what Clint has Matthew doing. Selling?  Buying? Clint more like photo copying. Clint leaves. Bo talks to Inez. Inez says she gets the impression Bo doesn't want her to date Clint. Bo goes through some of the recent events in Clints' life, says they have not all been positive. Tells her Clints a good guy he's just been through some hard times. Inez, so have I. Bo, I just don't know if you react to problems the way my brother does. Bo, tells her about Clint pulling a gun on him at his wedding. Inez, are you telling me Clint is dangerous. Bo, tells her no. Guns are just part of being a Buchannan. Inez, so let me get this straight if Clint comes after me with a six shooter, its just bluster. They are laughing and Nora walks up.

Christian's mom comes to visit him, she found out Layla left the country and she isn't happy. Mom doesn't understand why Christian doesn't go paint in Paris. Gigi arrives to work for Christian.

Matt catches Rex in Clints' office. Matt wants to know why Rex has his uncle Clints' files. Rex can't talk Matthew into forgetting he's there. He says he'll put the files back. He does. Matt picks up the phone and calls security. Rex, security, and Matthew there. Clint comes in, Matt says should I call my dad? no white collar crime that's FBI. Clint sends Matthew back to copying. LOL  Clint pulls the file out of the drawer and asks Rex if this is what he wants. Rex says that looks like a picture of David cleaning toilets in a Moroccan prison. Clint says it would be very wise for not to share that information with Kelly or anyone else. Rex, are you threatening me.

Cole arrives in court for Hannah's hearing. Nora has the charges dropped for pushing Marty down the stairs and the attempted murder of Robert Ford. Files charges for obstruction of justice. Marty took the stand to say Hannah is a victim not a criminal.  Nora cross examines Marty and says Hannah lied about Todd pushing her down the stairs months before Eli was in the picture. Marty explains Hannah's parents. Nora, so because of her home life she should be allowed to disregard the law. Nora, she aided and abetted a murderer. Cole stands up, everything she did, she did to protect me. Cole tells the judge about Hannah trying to save kill herself to save Cole. Marty says Hannah needs released from St. Anne's outpatient care, and supervision. Nora, whose supposed to care for her if her parents aren't interested. Marty, I will. Nora agrees not to file additional charges. The judge releases Hannah to Marty. Cole tells Hannah he's glad she's free. Hannah says just be my friend.

James tells Starr about running into his mom. James says part of him wanted her to make it all better, but he couldn't. Starr, I get what it is like being torn apart by parents, but I still don't get why you kissed me. James, I lied to you, okay I lied to you. He doesn't just want to be friends. Says he kissed her because he wanted to. Starr wants to be friends, James says he can't just be her friend. He says your fine with things just the way they are and starts to walk away. Starr says that's not completely true. Starr, my head wants one thing, but my heart  is really, really complicated. Starr says she has analyzed her feelings over and over again and friendship is all that we can have. You said you don't want to come between a family, Hope is my number one priority and whatever feelings I have for you. I love Cole and I'm committed to him. James, I heard you say all of this before. I just didn't want to believe it. James says he can't just be friends. Starr so that's it, your just going to walk away. James, I have too.

It is rumored that Cole is off the show. I  think Marty will also leave, since she is broken up from John has no real story line. Her real life husband Thorsten Kaye (Zach) from All My Children is returning to the show which is now in CA, so I'm thinking they will both move to CA and Marty will leave One Life To Live. 

Kelly assures Gigi she has nothing to worry about its business. Gigi, the fact that you and Rex keep running into each other naked, that's business too? Kelly, are you talking about the last time? Because Jack sent Rex upstairs and I had no idea, it was a joke. Gigi, I actually didn't know about that time. Kelly explains. Kelly says she hired Rex because he's good and the cash can help her out. Gigi says she independent and Rex doesn't have to work for her on my account. I'm not your charity case.

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