Thursday, September 23, 2010

All My Children Recap, Tues Sept 21, 2010

Jake and Tad are at Krystal's restaurant. Liza comes up and tries to be nice. They give her the cold shoulder, she leaves. Jake and Tad drink to PVAD Pine Valley After David.

Frankie and Madison talk, Madison says there is something between them. Flash back to party of Frankie hugging Madison. Frankie, I don't know what that was, but it was all me. Frankie says he's protective of her, that's why he hugged her, but that she's right for a second there was something there.  They both agree it's a bad idea and they just want to go back to normal, being friends.

Ryan/Kendall Ryan still trying to remember, Kendall trying to convince him maybe nothing happened.
Greenlee telling Jesse she killed David. Greenlee, David figured out what was going on the night of the party. Said David had lost everything. She didn't put the poison in the glass, but she may as well have. Jesse, no matter what I thought of David he was pretty driven, not the kind of guy to jump ship when the going got rough. Greenlee says she knew him better than anyone, he would put up a good front. Greenlee goes on about David, then she says in this dresser he had a secret drawer. He thought he could keep things from me but that's how well I knew him. Jesse, putting on rubber gloves, my people swept this room, they didn't find a secret drawer. Greenlee, he didn't keep anything important in there. Jesse finds three letters to Amanda, Marissa and Greenlee. Jesse asks Greenlee if she has ever seen the letters before. Wants to know when she last looked in the drawer. Jesse says the letters are evidence he's going to have to read them. Greenlee says she can't read them there. They go to Fusion. Jesse holds the letter up for Greenlee to read. He says he's guessing the others are similar. Humm Did Greenlee write these?

Ryan arrives at Krystal's sits down with Jake and Tad. Tad asks Ryan again if he's sure he wants him to investigate this. Tad tells Ryan leave it alone in this case ignorance really is bliss. Tad says he'll do it, but if he finds something the cops could use against Ryan, it might just disappear.

Frankie at hospital Randi arrives, he was supposed to meet her an hour ago. Where was he. Frankie tells Randi Madison is his friend but his wife comes first. So why was he with Madison when Randi was waiting?

Madison gets to Ryan's and finds Kendall. Kendall explains what happened and why she is there. Madison admits to Kendall she does think about Greenlee and what she wants. Kendall tells Madison she likes her, and she thinks she is good for Ryan, but she won't take sides. She just wants this whole mess to be over. Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee have unfinished business. He's trying to wrap it up and maybe she is too. Madison, maybe? Kendall, I've known Greenlee a long time. When she wants something, she gets it. Trust me.

Liza working in the park. Tad walks up. Liza tells him be careful there are wild DA's out here. She tells Tad, Ryan is a real suspect. Tad, when I step back and take a deep breath I know you have a job to do. Liza, well that's the nicest thing you've said in weeks. Tad, I just wish you didn't seem to enjoy it so much. Tad leaves, Jesse shows up with the letters.

Greenlee arrives at Krystal's Ryan's there. Tells Ryan about the letters. Now Ryan thinks he forced David to drink the poison. Greenlee thinks he should accept the obvious. Ryan leaves. Jake comes over, Amanda comes in. Greenlee gives Amanda the letter. The letter talks about him loving Trevor and that now her family is safe. Greenlee leaves. Amanda thinks the letter is a gift. Jake gets mad and tears it up. He remembers David forcing himself on Amanda.

Kendall tells Tad she wants to hurry and get the trial taken care. Kendall wants Tad to talk to Liza. Tad says Liza wants everyone to think she's a good person. This might give her a chance to prove it.

Randi and Frankie have sex in one of the hospital beds. I still keep waiting for David to pop out from around the corner.  Frankie wants to start a family, Randi wants to wait. Frankie not looking to happy about that.

Jesse arrives at Ryan's to tell him David might have killed himself. Madison, that's incredible you'll be free. Ryan that's exactly what Greenlee said. Ryan still doesn't believe David killed himself.

Greenlee back at her hotel, laying on the bed crying says forgive me.

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