Thursday, September 23, 2010

General Hospital Recap, Wed Sep 22, 2010

Lisa is talking to Maya about the drug she ordered. Lisa says the patient knows it will impair her judgement.

Robin is home taking her meds. She says she's nauseous. Mack is concerned Robin is going to take Patrick back. Robin, why shouldn't I?  Mack wants her to be treated the way she is deserved by a man who appreciates her. Mack is gone now.

Spinelli looking at a picture of Brenda and Jason, Sam walks in and asks what he's hiding. Sam takes the computer. She says she can take it. He lets her look. Carly arrives and wonders what drama Brenda has gotten Jason involved in. Spinelli shows Carly the picture, she just smiles.

Ethan goes to visit Johnny. He wants to know what brought on this sudden bought of sanity. Johnny tells Ethan there was a video, and that while he was lying in the hospital bed he realized his plan to shoot Sonny looked better on paper.

Claire comes by. Says she is there to review his legal situation. The attempted murder of Sonny Corinthos. Ethan says that's not very peaceable of her. She goes just short of calling him an accessory, so he exits. Johnny, If you decide to prosecute me I'm going to have to tell about all the times Sonny tried to kill me, call all kinds of witnesses. You don't want to put Sonny through that now do you? Not after you've pissed away your entire career to get with him. Hey how's that working out for you. Claire says to keep in mind one step out of line and she will prosecute him. Johnny, says he feels sorry for her. She has the same look in her eyes his sister used to get. You know your getting used but you pretend its not happening. Claire, isn't it time you let your sister rest in peace. Johnny, not every woman Sonny used and exploited was on the wrong side of the law. A couple of FBI agents maybe a DA, good smart women, that fell for the mobster with the heart of gold. The stories of his tragic childhood, how he'll go to the wall for his kids. Like you they knew him, but they didn't. Claire, all I care about is peace in the kingdom. Johnny, convince yourself that you haven't taken everything you stand for and tossed it in the harbor. This is going to cost you in ways you can't even imagine. Claire, oh really is that a threat. Johnny, no its actually an out pouring of my heart felt sympathy. You've been reeled in by Sonny, and as soon as he's done using you up for all your worth he's going to toss you aside and move on to whose ever next. Claire consider yourself warned. Honor your truce with Sonny.

Brenda is off somewhere again without security. Jason doesn't understand why people would want to take his picture. Suzanne explains to Jason he's Brenda ex-husband and he has made her more famous than she already was. Murphy knocks on door, Jason answers. Murphy, I'm guessing your the ex-husband. Murphy said he thought it would be a good idea to meet the other man in her life. Suzanne, I still don't understand why she put you down as an emergency contact. Jason, she thought I wouldn't care if she died. Suzanne, well would you? Jason, she's not going to die so it doesn't matter. Suzanne leaves. Murphy asks Jason what his plans are with Brenda as a couple. Murphy tells Jason, Brenda broke it off with him because of some man she can't get over, Murphy thinks its Jason. Jason is trying to get a word in to tell him its not him.

Brook is trying on clothes for Nicholas. She is dressed in a suit looking very uncomfortable. Nicholas wants her to still feel like herself but to fit in. Says he thinks he knows someone that can help. Nicholas called Maxi. Maxi, no matter how much money you invest it's not gonna change who she is underneath, some people are just trash. Brook, Nicholas, here's an idea why don't you take Maxi because she's a slut but at least she has style. Brook and Nicholas out somewhere, she's trying to convince him to take someone else. He convinces her to go.

Lisa asks Patrick to Jake's at first he says no then he says yes. Matt comes up and tells Lisa a man who will cheat on his wife will cheat on you. Then he calls Patrick a son of a bitch.

Matt goes over to tell Robin Patrick asked Lisa to go out for a drink. Robin tells him he shouldn't judge him so hard and fills him in on the plan. Matt's not sure Lisa is guilty. Robin tells him Lisa has been baiting her for months now they are baiting Lisa. Matt, you do realize if she's as crazy as you say, and she finds out Patrick is baiting her, I don't even want to think about the damage she can do. She's still taking pills.

Olivia goes to visit Johnny. She tells him she loves him and they belong together. Johnny says he loves her, he never stopped.

Sam goes to see Jax. Fills him in on Jason and Brenda. Sam tells him he should ask himself why its so important to him. If I were Carly I would want to know. Jax doesn't understand why Sam isn't upset. Jax thinks the whole thing has come out of no where. Sam, Jax if this is keeping you up at night, maybe you should give her a call. That's what it is, you wish you were in Rome saving Brenda. Carly has walked in, Jax and I are back together and we are happy. Jax doesn't care about Brenda at all do you Jax.

Lisa and Patrick meet at Jakes she tells him she thinks they are moving to fast they shouldn't go on the NASCAR weekend until he is free.  They should cool things off and keep it professional.

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