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Private Practice Recap, October 6, 2011

"Breaking the Rules"

Sorry I'm running late on this one. But here it is.

I wasn't all that excited about this episode. I never bought into this whole patient confidentially story line and it's getting old. I hope it's over soon.

We start off with Addison Montgomery back at the shrink talking about when she was trying to save her marriage with Derrick and living in the woods. How she fought for love and got poison ivy on her va jay jay.

Addison and Sam Bennett are getting up for work, but getting side tracked with sex. They are both nekkid, they hear a noise outside and open the blinds to look out.  Someone Amelia has had over is throwing something in the trash. Then they look at Amelia's window directly across from them and she is standing there with her coffee cup waving. LOL

Addison, Sam and Sheldon are interviewing applicants to replace Naomi. They are not having a lot of luck. People worried about parking spots, them getting sued, one guy wanted to bring his cat to work.

In the kitchen. Sam, Sheldon, Charlotte and Addison are discussing the applicants when Pete and Violet come in. Pete Wilder is ready to go back to work, he heads for the coffee pot. Violet reminds him no caffeine.

They are all worried he has come back to soon. Sam Bennett says as long as he sticks to the rehab protocol and he doesn't over do it. It's okay. Violet Turner offers to vet resume's since she isn't doing anything and can's see patients.

Cooper Freedman takes a TV into a little girl's (Carrie) room with the movie Oliver for her to watch. Her test results have come back her leukemia has returned. Her father had previously given bone marrow so Cooper says her only chance is a core blood transfusion. The family did not save her core blood. Cooper tells them it wouldn't work anyway because it would already have the genetic markers for leukemia in it. They need to use an anonymous donor.

Addison Montgomery and Amelia Sheppard are walking down the hall discussing the earlier morning event. Addison says they just aren't used to having neighbors, noisy neighbors.  Amelia assures Addison the party was just a little house warming not a weekly occurrence. Addison tells her just be careful with the partying. Amelia assures her she is not drinking if that's what she is asking.

Addison asks her about the guy. His name is Javier and evidently he has a great six pack.

Cooper Freedman and Charlotte King are checking the donor bank for Carrie. There are no matches. Cooper wants Charlotte to check the private blood banks and she won't because those are private. The blood being saved by families in case they need it.

Back at the office the interviews continue. The next interview is Dr. Jake Reilly. Addison tries to make a graceful exit. Sam and Sheldon won't let her. They want to get this over. Dr. Reilly walks in and says have we met before? He isn't talking to Addison though, he knows Sam from school. They played basketball together at Georgetown. The guys are talking sports and Addison jumps into the interview. She tells Dr. Reilly we are looking for team players not super stars. He's a team player. He plays basketball.

Dr. Reilly says he loves the team approach and is happy they aren't moving away from it. Addison, What does that mean? He tells them they've already given Violet up as a scape goat, they should hire the last person who left the medical board and get them to help them fight the board. To fight for the process.

As Dr. Reilly is leaving the interview he bumps into Violet. Literally, knocking all of the files she is carrying to the floor. He recognizes her from her book and tells her she's probably helped a lot of people. Violet says she has just looked at his resume it is equally impressive. He says maybe you can put in a good word for me. Winks at her and gets on the elevator. He's cute and he knows it.

Violet goes in and tells Addison, Sam and Sheldon she thinks Dr. Reilly would be a great fit.

Pete Wilder grabs Addison and takes her into his office which has been turned into a storage room there are boxes all over, and he's been going through them and moving them. A no no. He shouldn't be lifting those. Addison, said Violet told her he wouldn't be back for three weeks. Pete, did she also tell you she put in shower bars because she is afraid I will slip. Pete seems to have some anger issues going on. Pete goes to lift a box and Addison yells at him because she doesn't want him to tear out his heart stitches. She says she will have them cleared out by the end of the day.

Violet Turner and Cooper Freedman are outside at a table having coffee. Cooper is explaining that Charlotte will not break the rules for him. He says if it were Pete asking you would do it. Violet, he would never ask because that would involve communicating with me. She thinks his early return to work has more to do with getting away from her. Cooper says probably. He loves you but he also hates you. From what I hear this morning in front of all his colleagues you pulled the chair out for him and told him what kind of coffee he could drink. You gotta ease up on the Florence Nightengale routine. Unless it comes with a naughty nurses outfit he is not going to like it.

Addison tells Violet Jake is the Fiji guy. She wants Violet to find something wrong with his resume because right now she is the only one that doesn't like him and she is running out of excuses. Violet, he is not a member of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Addison, you're not serious. Violet, it's his only short coming. Does Sam know? Addison, no all we did is go to the airport and we were broken up. I kissed him once. Actually more than once, but I didn't go to Figi and that's what counts. Sam and I are great. Violet, so why can't we hire him?

Dr. Freedman is visiting Carrie. He goes to watch the movie with her, she is tired and wants to do it tomorrow. Cooper says he can't tomorrow but he can Saturday. Carrie, will I still be alive? Awww heartbreaking. 

Cooper then goes into Charlotte's office, gets on her computer and accesses the private blood bank database. He figured out her password was "big daddy".

Cooper then goes and visits a family that has stored some matching core blood. He takes them a picture of Carrie. This family has stored their two boys cord blood. Their oldest son Kip is a match. The husband starts saying the blood bank was supposed to be confidential. How did he get to look at their records. One of the sons comes in. He is headed out to play basketball. Sidetracking the confidentially question. The son who came in is Matt. Kip died in a car accident when he was 6, but they kept the core blood in case Matt ever needed it. Cooper apologizes for their loss but says Matt is a teenager and that the odds of him needing it right now are miniscule. The father tells him that's easy for you to say when you've never lost a child.

Cooper tells them you have the opportunity to save another family from going through the grief that you have been through.  Wow on so many levels.  My first thought was how can he ask this family to give up the blood that might save their only living child after losing one. But then at the same time I get he is trying to save this little girl and putting everything on the line to do it. 

Back at the hospital. Amelia is showing Charlotte her 30 day chip and asking to be put back on the surgery schedule. Charlotte tells her she will think about it. Amelia, you let me do Pete's surgery. Charlotte, that was a one time exception. Now it's time to get back to saving yourself. Amelia, I haven't had a drink in a month. Charlotte, so you say. Amelia, What do you want me to do take a breathalyzer, pee in a cup?

Sam, goes up to Addison in the break room and kisses her for doing a great job in the office. Not being over bearing just being her. Addison is staring at the coffee pot. She tells Sam she has been reading all these studies about caffeine and pregnancy and she's already had two cups today, so she is staring at it. She then proceeds to tell him she is going off birth control to try and get pregnant so he is going to have to start wearing condoms. He's not thrilled about the prospect, but he gets it.

Sheldon tells Amelia there is a debate going on in his head. Does she want to hear it? She says ok. Sheldon, one side says you are hiding in here because you are avoiding me personally. The other side says that you are hiding in here to avoid the entire world. Amelia very loudly, tells him that Charlotte still won't let her do surgery. She then says she's a bitch, a control freak and a turn coat. At AA they tell you not to tell your coworkers. To keep your mouth shut. Especially if you are a doctor, lawyer or pilot. Anywhere they can use it against you. They tell you to keep your mouth shut even if you have been sober for twenty years because people will use it against you.

Amelia screaming still, I opened my mouth because Charlotte needed me. When she was raped she needed me. I had been sober for years and I am sober again. But do I get any credit from Charlotte no, because I made the mistake of helping her and I had a few drinks a month ago. No credit, no credit. So the answer to your debate Sheldon, I am in here hiding from everyone.

Back at the hospital Cooper is giving Carrie the core blood. Charlotte comes in and ask where he got the blood. He tells her a donor match came through on the registry. He tells her it's amazing right?

Addison gets on the elevator and Dr. Reilly is in there. Addison goes off on him telling him he's got nerve coming into her practice for a job interview. Dr. Reilly, you think I came in for a job interview to get you to go on a date with me? Addison, it's very convenient. He explains her practice is already affiliated with the hospital where he sees all of his patients and only a fifteen minute walk from his house.  So she'll be helping him reduce his carbon footprint. He then tells her he's a catch, he doesn't need to go on a job interview to get a date.

Back at the office. Pete asks how the interviewing is going. Sam says they found someone but Addison doesn't like him. Pete says we are still a cooperative practice right? Charlotte, officially no. We all work for Addison and answer to Addison. Pete, we agreed to that for the medical board to keep the doors open, on paper, I get it. But does that mean we aren't going to make decisions together anymore. Pete getting angry again. Are you guys just going to rollover and let her push us around? It's just like with the boxes. She doesn't respect any of us. Pete leaves the room.

Charlotte someone didn't get enough sleep last night. Sheldon says he's in emotional overload. He's angry. Charlotte, what do we do? Sheldon, give him some time he'll find his equilibrium.

Sam invites Dr. Reilly out for a beer.

Kip's dad shows up at the hospital. He came into check on the cord blood after Cooper left. It's gone. He goes to Charlotte. Charlotte says she has a consent form. Kip's dad says he told Dr. Freedman he couldn't use the blood. Charlotte says she will deal with this. The man says so will his lawyers. He leaves Charlotte's office and is standing at the elevator when he see's Cooper. He goes over to holler at him. Cooper starts talking about how the blood saved this beautiful little girl. The man says you stole the blood and we can never get it back.

Cooper is telling Charlotte that the core blood is working. She is hot. She figured out he used her password to access her computer. They go round and round. Charlotte tells him he broke the law and her trust. He broke the law, he's a doctor, a husband and an adult and he didn't act like any of those things when he made that decision. That he has no self control and she is tired of it.

The guys are at the bar. Sam tells Jake he has a daughter. Cooper says Sam has a grand daughter. He doesn't have any kids but he loves to try. Cooper likes Jake and wants to know why we haven't hired him yet. Sam says there's a process. Jake, you sound like a guy in the know. What do I need to do to get this guy on board? Cooper, start with his girl friend. Sam to Cooper, that's it you're cut off. Cooper, Addison is your ticket. Jake, so Addison is your girl friend? Sam, yes we don't have a non fraternization policy at the office. Jake, she seems great. You are a lucky guy.

Sheldon asks Charlotte for a minute at the hospital. She says she's had it up to here with doctors playing fast and loose with the rules. She is mad about doctors drinking and core blood. Sheldon, I don't know anything about core blood but about one particular doctor drinking. Amelia is an excellent surgeon. Charlotte, her skill is not in question. Sheldon, only her sobriety. Charlotte doesn't want to talk about it. Sheldon, says he knows she cares about her, but she has to stop punishing her. He wants Charlotte to treat her like anyone else. Charlotte walks off.

Sam gets home. Addison is in bed already. Sam tells her they were all at the bar and Jake is cool. He thinks he is a good doctor and a good fit for the practice. He undresses and gets into the bed. He forgot to pick up condoms, he says you know I don't like to wear those. Addison says this is not about fashion. Sam, I'll be careful. Addison, we are not in high school in the back of my parents Mercedes. Addison tells him "no glove, no love" and rolls over.

Violet is setting up Pete's meds. A bunch of pills he has to take for a year. Sheldon says it must be terrifying. Violet, it's not terrifying. It's life altering. Sheldon, I don't think Pete is ready to be back yet. Violet, do you think you are saying anything I don't already know?

Sheldon changes the subject to Addison and Sam and the fact that she wants to get pregnant. Violet, she still wants to have a baby.  Sheldon, she thinks she's gonna compartmentalize. Violet, so she wants to have a baby, but not with Sam the guy who she lives with, and he doesn't want to have a baby.  So she's gonna have one with the sperm donor. And she is gonna deal with IVF and hormonal fluctuations at the same time as she is taking over the practice and handling us. How did you let this happen? Sheldon starts talking about how this is a hazard of their profession and they can't control any of this. Even if they weigh in they're gonna do what they wanna do anyway because they're in love and then we become the I told you so friends.

Jake runs into Addison in the hallway.  He tells her you don't want me to join the practice because Sam is your boyfriend, right? He assures her he didn't say anything about Fiji. Addison tells him Sam and her were broken up then. That this is hard for her and she is not using him as a fertility doctor even though he is the best in the city. That should tell you something. Jake assures her if she hires him he will never ever hit on her. He will not even look her way. And he joined The American Society of Reproductive Medicine so she is fresh out of excuses.

Pete is at the coffee pot. Violet walks in with his meds. She asks Pete how he feels. Pete, fine. Violet, I can see that you are physically fine. I was just wondering how you feel about being back at work because I was talking to Sheldon and. Pete cuts her off. Do you want to know how I feel? How I really feel? I can't get away from you. You're smothering me. It's not enough that you want to be my wife and nurse maid. You want to be my shrink. Go home Violet. Screaming now. Go home and be a mother to our son, because I don't want you here. You don't have patients. You don't have a license. You have no business here. Go home! Yep he has some serious issues about something. I think he's still mad she left in the first place.

Charlotte has Kips dad at the hospital she wants to show him the new protocols that have been set up to prevent something like this from happening again. The man is getting up set. Carrie's dad comes out to see if Charlotte had time to visit Carrie. He figures out (the Westons, just caught their name) were the donors parents he gives them a hug thanking them and invites them in to see Carrie. Cooper comes out of the hallway see's what is going on and thanks Charlotte. She tells Cooper he was wrong and he'd better pray Matt Weston never needs that blood. He's not god. She made this go away because she loves him. But if he ever screws with her again, ever crosses her again. She will call the cops herself and let them through his sorry ass in jail. Well then. 

Violet is home with Pete and Lucas. She tells Pete she doesn't know what her job is anymore. Doctor or wife, but he is right she can't be his therapist. But that he really needs to get one because he was mean. She will be his wife and nurse maid as much as neither of them like it, but she is not going to be his punching bag. Good girl! He needs someone to talk to about whatever he is going through. She takes Lucas and puts him to bed.

Charlotte takes Amelia a breathalyzer test and tells her to blow in to it if she wants to be on next weeks rotation. She passes the test, Charlotte tells her she's back on the schedule. She then says she was going to go to a meeting on her way home does Amelia want to go with her? Amelia, I'm headed there myself and I'd rather go solo.

Addison is outside at the beach. Sam shows up with dinner. Addison tells him she hired Jake. Sam has brought condoms also. He said he thought about it, it is the right thing to do. They listen to the silence.

Amelia is in her house in the dark drinking.

Addison back at the shrink. She cheated on Derrick but she didn't cheat on Sam so there is nothing to confess. For the first time in a long time she is happy she says.

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  1. I loved that song at the end of the episode ("Telegram" by Buried Beds) so much! Kudos to the producers for using that, although I was kind of creeped out by how Addison was saying she was happy at the end - her facial expressions and just overall mannerisms look crazy and psychotically nervous or something! ( )

    Also glad that Violet laid her foot down in this episode and told Pete he needs to seek out a therapist - as she said herself, she shouldn't be his punching bag.

  2. LOL I didn't notice Addison doing that, but I can do without the whole shrink thing. I get that it's explaining how she is growing but it's weird.

    Violet, yes I agree she shouldn't be his punching bag. I'm thinking a therapist wouldn't hurt her either.


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