Friday, March 25, 2011

Smart Phone Users Putting Kids At Risk With Geotagging

If you have a smart phone and enable the GPS feature you could be putting your children, yourself or others at risk because of geotagging.

I'll try and put this in layman's terms for those of you who don't speak geek.

Geotagging = GPS location stored in your applications and photos. The GPS function on your phone can be a great feature, but it can also cause problems.

When you use these GPS enabled devices and take pictures, the pictures have stored in the picture file the GPS location you were at when the picture was taken. This is a great feature if your going through old photos and can't remember where you were when you took the picture.

Radiation - Radioactive Iodine ??

Think about this.

Too much radiation causes cancer, yet radiation is used to treat cancer.

Iodine is used to treat radiation exposure, yet people in Japan can't drink their water because of radioactive iodine in the water.

Is it me or is this a tad confusing?

The more I hear about this Fukushima Plant the more I think it's worse than people are letting on and there is less and less news on it everyday. But the news has reported the "important stuff" - Apple's Ipad 2 will likely be delayed. OH NO!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charlie Sheen Found Dead - News Prediction

Charlie Sheen born Carlos Irwin Estevez (born September 3, 1965) was found dead this morning in a local hotel. A fantastic actor gone before his time.

The 45 year old actor, no longer able to find work, finally succumbed to his disease, because he refused to get help for his drug addiction and alcohol abuse. His belief that tiger blood would get him through anything proved to be no antidote at all.

Mr. Sheen was known for many films and TV Shows including: Platoon, Wall Street, Major League, Hot Shots!, Spin City and most recently Two and a Half men.

An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to confirm cause of death.

Mr. Sheen leaves behind five children, his father, mother, a brother and a sister weeping over his exploded body.

 No Longer Winning

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AMC Merging With OLTL - Spoiler Alert - Today's General Hospital

Someone called Raven Beauty, I have no idea who this is or whether or not this information is credible, put out a post/article about a meeting that took place at ABC. Supposedly they tossed around the idea of cancelling AMC all together or moving AMC back to New York and then merging the two shows AMC and OLTL. The post also includes a list of characters that would be safe. Full article here As I said before I don't know who Raven Beauty is and there is no mention of who was at this meeting nor is there any information on the site as to who this Raven Beauty is maybe a producer, writer nothing I could see to give this article any credibility.