Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AMC Merging With OLTL - Spoiler Alert - Today's General Hospital

Someone called Raven Beauty, I have no idea who this is or whether or not this information is credible, put out a post/article about a meeting that took place at ABC. Supposedly they tossed around the idea of cancelling AMC all together or moving AMC back to New York and then merging the two shows AMC and OLTL. The post also includes a list of characters that would be safe. Full article here As I said before I don't know who Raven Beauty is and there is no mention of who was at this meeting nor is there any information on the site as to who this Raven Beauty is maybe a producer, writer nothing I could see to give this article any credibility.

There is an article on Soap Opera Network Is AMC On The Chopping Block? which says the network is worried about affiliates with Oprah leaving. That soaps will be affected, but no mention of a merger or AMC returning to New York. My guess, the network has been worried about Oprah leaving for a while, if not and they are just starting to worry about this, then maybe some network executives should be worrying about their jobs.

I hate to see talk of more soaps being canceled. There is so much ugliness and complication in real life. It's nice to be able to watch a soap and get lost in the fantasy or drama of the lives of others. And no I don't mean I wanna see another reality show. I am sick of them nor do I want to see another talk show.

Also On SoapOperaNetwork while looking for information I found out Christopher Tyler's (Nicholas on GH) contract is up in June and will not be renewed.

I hate to see Nicholas go. The article didn't say if he would be replaced or killed off. If they kill him off that's a whole lot of story opportunity gone. If they try and replace him, I think it will be like another Greenlee fiasco.

With the exception of Laura Wright stepping into the role of Carly, I can't think of any long term actor that left and the replacement actor was accepted at least not for a long time. No matter how good of an actor the replacement is, when your used to seeing one actor play the role for years, its just a brain thing, you just don't or cant adjust to the new actor.

After today's General Hospital how can they even think about canceling soaps. Yes, AMC and OLTL need to step it up, but I think they are making a big mistake firing some of these great actors that have been let go over the last year or two. They need to give them better story lines. I mean come on writers, step it up.

Let take today's GH, Steve Burton (Jason) was incredible and without hardly speaking a word he made me cry, every time he cried I cried. Even when he wasn't crying he made me cry. Not to leave out Elizabeth, Lucky, Carly, Jax, Luke, Tracy, Lulu, Micheal, Robin, Patrick heck even Lisa. The whole cast and episode was incredible. My point being, give the actors a good story and they are more than capable of doing the work.  If the soaps had more episodes like today's. The lost viewers would come back and then the network will get their money which is what they are worried about.

To the powers that be, quit firing the actors, challenge them, use them, work 'em hard.  I think you'll find they are more than capable of doing the job. I mean come on you have Shonda Rhimes writing three pretty damn good shows. I don't believe you can't find writers for AMC and OLTL. In my opinion you never found a replacement for Agnes Nixon. Did she leave any children behind that are writers?

Again Kudo's to Steve Burton on your performance today. Incredible.

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