Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snake Bites Model's Breast and Dies

Israeli model Orit Fox was bit in her surgically enhanced breast while modeling with a boa constrictor.

"As she maneuvered the snake into position for the "kiss" Ms. Fox loosened her grip on its neck, and after being licked the reptile reacted angrily. It aimed straight for Ms. Fox's prized asset and sunk its teeth into her left breast."  Maybe she forgot to brush her teeth. 

Ms. Fox had to get a tetanus shot. The snake died a short time later from silicone poisoning.

Is it me? If the snake died of silicone poisoning wouldn't that mean it would have punctured the sack of silicone in the breast. Wouldn't you think the model should be seeing about getting a new breast implant? Wouldn't you think it would be leaking. I think more than a tetanus shot is required.

Video of Snake bite.

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