Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Feb 2, 2012 Recap

"If  / Then"

Meredith is walking the floor with Zoe thinking what if I chose another life for myself or chose another person. She puts Zoe to bed and climbs into bed herself thinking "What if?"

Meredith wakes up to her mom hollering at her. She goes down stairs and Ellis asks Meredith if she if riding with her or her dad? Richard Weber walks in the room. Meredith says she'll ride with dad.

Ellis Grey tells them both not to be late, it sets a bad example.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Private Practice January 19, 2012 Recap

"The Time Has Come"

Violet Turner stayed up all night with her new paramedic boy toy, but there was no sex they just talked.

Addison Montgomery is interviewing surrogates today.

Charlotte King tells Violet she thinks someone rung her bell last night because she is smiling go big. That whatever the guy did she should keep him around.