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Grey's Anatomy Feb 2, 2012 Recap

"If  / Then"

Meredith is walking the floor with Zoe thinking what if I chose another life for myself or chose another person. She puts Zoe to bed and climbs into bed herself thinking "What if?"

Meredith wakes up to her mom hollering at her. She goes down stairs and Ellis asks Meredith if she if riding with her or her dad? Richard Weber walks in the room. Meredith says she'll ride with dad.

Ellis Grey tells them both not to be late, it sets a bad example.

At the hospital all the doctors are gathering in a meeting room. Addison Montgomery is there. Callie Torres arrives outside the room with 3 kids. Owen Hunt walks in and the little girls says hey daddy to him.

The meeting begins Ellis is the Chief of staff. Addison congratulates her on her third Harper Avery award. They are all discussing their procedures. Ellis tells them are they aren't innovating to be generating. Derek only has one surgery scheduled. Callie has a kid with an artificial lung that is waiting on a transplant. Arizona Robbins speaks up and says she doesn't agree with the treatment. Bailey is young and very shy and/or timid. She is doing a whipple, Ellis tells her she will do it. Richard leans over to Bailey and tells her it's not a reflection on her.  Richard says she wants the surgery to take her mind off all the Harper Avery fuss.

Meredith shows April Kepner her engagement ring she just received last night. She asks April if she is going to be okay because she knew this was going to be hard for her. Meredith tells April she will find someone and that Charles is really into her. April is her person in the dream. April tells her they are going to be the next Sheppards. Meredith says screw that we are going to be the next Webbers.

Christina comes in with bangs. LOL Jackson says good morning to Christina Yang. She says are you talking to me? Meredith tells him not to feed the animals. Christina says every single one of them can suck.. Alex walks in with a pair of BCG's on and cuts her off. He's all happy and cheery. This is a freaky dream. He runs the boards with them. Alex is acting like a cheerleader. Everyone leaves. He asks Meredith to talk to her. She is engaged to Alex.

Addison asks Callie how Owen is doing. She tells her he seems to be okay he won't talk to her but this guy in Iraq, Teddy seems to be helping him through it. He's good now.

Addison is pregnant. Richard asks Derek about a clinical trial. He says he's about to have a baby. He doesn't have time for a clinical trial. Meredith comes up to wait on the elevator. She starts to talk to Derek he says the elevator isn't working and walks off. She calls him an ass.

Down in the ER a patient is arriving with an overdose. It's Lexie. Avery and Owen are working to save her. She is covered in tattoos and piercings.

Ellis talks to the press. Meredith asks to scrub in on the whipple. Ellis asks her why? She says you aren't going to get a cardio fellowship doing a whipple. Christina Yang is doing a solo aortic aneurysm today. Meredith, that came in last night and had I been here... Ellis, yeah but you weren't because you were busy getting engaged. So now that that's over what do you want to do? Do you want to do an aortic aneurysm? Meredith, yes. Ellis, Do you want me ask Dr. Torres to give it to you? Meredith, no mother I can get if myself. Ellis, there you go.

Cheerleading Alex asks Bailey if she is stoked about doing a whipple today. He says Mandy we talked about that. She very politely says I told you don't call me that. Alex, no we talked about this. You have to stand up for yourself. Bailey, not if Ellis Grey I don't. Alex, come on the next best thing to operating is watching Ellis Grey do it. Alex, we got to get in on that surgery. Remember what we say? We create our own destiny.

Avery is telling Lexie she OD'd and her heart stopped. He is asking her for her name. She wants to know why so he can call the cops? She tells him it's Lucille Ball. She asks where she is. He tells her Seattle Grace Hospital. She says oh god.

April is in with a woman screaming that is delivering a baby. Addison goes in and orders an OR and stat C-section.

Callie and Arizona are with the little boy with the artificial lung. He detached his artificial lung but he is breathing good. Callie doesn't think he is going to need a transplant now.

Bailey is telling her patient she won't be doing surgery that Ellis Grey will be doing it. Ellis comes in and starts telling the patient how she will be doing a procedure she invented. Ellis is all technical and leaves. On her way out Alex asks to scrub in with her. He tells Bailey see you have to speak up for yourself. The patient asks Bailey if she understood anything that woman just said. Bailey excuses herself.

Christina Yang is now with Lexie Grey. She is telling her her heart stopped again. She is going to need a pacemaker. Avery asks her if there is anyone he can call. She tells him her parents are dead. Her mother died of a stomach thing and her father killed himself. She then tells him she has a half sister that works at the hospital. She has never met her.

Derek and Charles go into the OR with Addison and the lady giving birth. Addison tells them to look at the ultra sound. Charles says that is a massive tumor. Addison delivers the baby. Derek tells Addison the surgery is going to take all day on the baby. Addison says I'm sorry I know you weren't planning on spending the day with your wife. Derek walks off and Addison hollers at him it's a beautiful day to save lives.

Meredith goes and tells Richard she has to steal a surgery from Yang. He tells her her mother just wants her to succeed.

Christina Yang is sitting by herself. The other interns are laughing at her saying that's what happens when you screw an intern. That Burke had to leave the state. Alex says she if probably going to go full on Izzy one day and shoot up the hospital. Avery asks what's Izzy. Meredith tells him she was a girl in their class who fell in love with a patient and stole a heart for him. Alex, until Meredith turned her into her mom and got her fired. Avery asks how many people washed out. Alex, two her and O'malley. 007 he failed his intern exam and was never seen again.

Bailey is telling Callie that the patient Ellis is going to do the surgery on has bilateral deep vein thrombosis his veins aren't going to be usable. She says she'll look though right?  Callie is asking who Arizona is talking too. Bailey tells her it's an ortho doc. Callie says she should have gone into ortho but when Ellis Grey says you are good for Cardio. Meredith goes to Callie and asks to do the aneurysm surgery. Callie says no. Meredith tells her her mother suggested she ask. Callie tells her to share the surgery with Yang.

Avery walks in on Lexie trying to leave. He tells her he knows it's scary. She says she read the brochures and starts quoting them back to him word for word. She says she has a photographic memory. Avery tells her she should go to med school. Lexie says or I could be a ballerina. He tells her she is sharp and beautiful. She could have a whole new family.

Yang sees Meredith's name on the board with her surgery. She goes in to ask Alex why and walks in on him and April making out. She just laughs and walks out. Alex goes running down the hall after her. He tells her he will make sure she never sees the inside of an OR again. Christina says she isn't sharing her OR. Alex tells her he didn't change the board. Torres did. Christina goes to find Torres.

Addison and Derek are working on the baby. Addison asks Derek to go to a preschool to meet someone. Derek asks why they are talking about that now. Addison says because you are never home, you are always in that stupid trailer, planning that stupid house you are never going to build. The baby starts crashing.

Bailey goes in and tells Alex to tell Ellis that she doesn't think the veins are suitable for grafting. Alex says she knows what she is doing.

Avery is getting on Christina because she hasn't done Lucille Ball's (Lexie's) pacemaker. Christina says Avery can do it. Owen tells her she is the cardio consult she can do it. Christina is telling Owen to tell his wife... and he punches a window telling her to back off. He goes into a room. Christina follows him and starts cleaning his hand. She tells him he won't need stitches this time. I thought it was getting better or are you going to hit another intern? He asks why she keeps helping him. She says because she is a doctor. Owen asks her to please not tell his wife.

Ellis is doing the surgery and grilling Alex about wedding plans. Alex tells her he was thinking Hawaii. She tells him no he'll do it here. Then she discovers the guys bad veins. All the press are in the gallery watching. She tells them to page Bailey.

Meredith and Yang are fighting over which way to do the procedure.

Owen goes up and tells Avery someone made off with a bunch of drugs. The dispensary was accessed with his ID card. He goes to Lexie's bed. She's gone.

Ellis is giving Bailey a hard time. Bailey keeps telling her it was in the chart and that is why she picked the jugular. Mean while Alex nicks the guys carotid and blood squirts everywhere.

Addison and Derek are out of the surgery. Still arguing. Addison asks him if he even wants this baby? She asks if he loves her. He says he does but he won't look at her.

Christina and Meredith are doing the surgery. There is a leak in the patients heart. They argue over how to fix it. Callie tells Yang Meredith is right. Meredith starts to fix it and Yang jumps in to do it her way.

Ellis tells Derek that Addison just threatened to quit. That she is very disappointed in him. That the residents have a nickname for him and it is not flattering. She tells him if she has to make a choice between the two of them he needs to be very clear which one she will choose.

Charles, Meredith, April and Avery are in the intern locker room discussing Christina being a maniac when she comes in and announces her patient is fine.  Avery says that's great because OD girl bolted. Meredith starts arguing with Christina who tells her Dr. Torres only sided with her because she is a pathetic little lacky. Meredith tells her they could be working under Dr. Burke but she screwed them out of that opportunity literally. What did you do to him anyway? He had to leave the state. Christina, if you want to get personal why don't you ask Prince Charming and the Virgin Mary what they like to do in his office? Meredith turns around. Alex says you can't believe a word she says, she's a lunatic. April busts into tears apologizing.

Callie and Torres are talking about how amazing the little boy with the lung problem is doing. Callie leaves with her kids.

Meredith cries on her dads shoulder. Her mother comes in and says she heard what happened. She starts talking about how she heard Yang showed her up in the OR. She should be upset. Meredith says she shouldn't have been in there, she wasn't prepared and that she's mad because she embarrassed her. Meredith leaves and Ellis tells Richard she wants him to fire Mandy Bailey. She made a complete full of her. Then she starts crying and says she was humiliated in front of all those people. She gets her cry out then asks Richard to talk to Meredith because she doesn't know how.

Owen runs into Christina. He thanks her for helping him again. Christina tells him to tell his wife and get help. He says he'll loose his kids. She's afraid he'll hurt one of them. Christina asks aren't you? Callie walks up and asks what happened to his hand. He tells her some junkie knocked him into a tray of instruments.

Mark Sloan comes into the ER carrying Lexie in his arms. He says she was laying in the street, he almost ran her over. I wondered where he was. Lexie is coding again. They are telling Mark to move. He says he is   a doctor. They get Lexie back. He is looking for Dr. Sheppard.

Richard goes to see Meredith who starts yelling at him not to clean up after her again. She tells him he does it every time. Meredith, I figured out why. She wants everyone around her to be ordinary so she can be extraordinary. Wow that's quite the revelation. She wants everyone around her small. That's what she has done to you.

Derek tells Addison he doesn't know what is wrong with him. It will get better. Addison looks at him and tells him it isn't his baby. Mark comes out with his shirt off going on about his brand new shirt having junkie blood on it. He sees Derek and says this is awkward.

Meredith is going by the ER. Lexie is coding again. Christina is working on her. Meredith wants to crack her chest. Christina says it isn't indicated. It's an OD. Meredith, so she's going to die anyway, what do we have to loose? They crack her open.

Bailey gets on the elevator. Alex is on there crying. Bailey has all of her stuff in a box. She tells him she just lost her job. Does he see her crying?

They get Lexie back. Then Christina and Meredith go to the bar. Christina is showing Meredith how to drink. IE, Lick it, slam it, and then lime. I would guess tequila. LOL  Meredith says to herself somethings are going to work out no matter what happens. Christina tells her to go home she looks like crap. Meredith tells her she looks better than her. Christina, not possible. She walks off. Meredith turns and looks in the other direction. Derek is sitting there. He says you mom says the interns have a name for me what is it? She tells him McDreary. He laughs and says that's sad, but it's his life. Meredith says how about tonight you are not McDreary, you are just a guy in a bar. Derek, and you are just a girl in the bar. Meredith, I am and I drink tequila. And they are right back where they started.

That was a very odd episode. I didn't care for it all that much. I want my regular story line.

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