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Private Practice January 19, 2012 Recap

"The Time Has Come"

Violet Turner stayed up all night with her new paramedic boy toy, but there was no sex they just talked.

Addison Montgomery is interviewing surrogates today.

Charlotte King tells Violet she thinks someone rung her bell last night because she is smiling go big. That whatever the guy did she should keep him around.

A woman gets off the elevator beaten all to hell. Her name is Joanna, she is saying my baby.

Cooper Freedman tells Charlotte that if Erica wouldn't have gotten sick he would have never met Mason. Erica is still refusing treatment or talking to Amelia.

Joanna is the woman that Violet met at the airport a while back. The one who was afraid of her husband.

They arrive at the ER with Joanna and the husband shows up. Violet says he did this to her even though Joanna has not said that yet. The husband shows up at the ER and almost gets into a fight with Pete Wilder.

Sam Bennett, Sheldon Wallace and Jake Reilly are trying to figure out where to meet smart, beautiful, intelligent and available woman. Jake says he likes to meet them at the gym. He says unlike a bar at least if you don't have any luck you're getting a work out in. Sheldon likes multitasking.

Addison tells Joanna's husband she lost the baby and has a tear in her uterine wall. If she can't stop the bleeding she might have to do a hysterectomy. The husband is very insistent she do the hysterectomy. Violet says he's the one who did this to her he doesn't have the right to make this decision. Charlotte says he's the husband that gives him the right.

Charlotte King says until the police sort it out or Joanna regains consciousness they have to follow the law which means the husband gets to decide.

Mason is reading The Three Musketeers with Cooper. Cooper gives Erica legal guardianship papers for Mason in case something happens to her. She says she will sign them later. She tries to blow it off. Cooper tells her she still has not accepted this and he doesn't think she has given up hope yet. She asks about Amelia, if she's really better than those other doctors.

Addison was able to control the bleeding without doing a hysterectomy. The husband is mad he says he told her not to take that risk. The husband says as soon as Joanna is stable he is transferring his wife and calling his lawyers. Charlotte agrees to transfer her as soon as she is stable.

A police officer walks up and the doctors ask if he can do anything. He says Joanna never filed a police report or got a restraining order. Without evidence he cannot do anything.

Addison interviews surrogates. The first one is talking all business like and says she has a valuable skill set.

Addison talks to Violet and tells her to go for it with her virile young buck. LOL

Amelia looks at Erica's new MRI and compares it to an old one. She says the tumor has grown considerably and surgery is unlikely to succeed. The best they can do is chemo and radiation therapy. It might by her 6 months but it would be rough. Cooper says it will buy her time and new treatments are coming up all the time. He asks her what her and Mason did on his last birthday. She said go carts. Cooper asks what he wants to do on his next birthday. She says screw you Cooper.

Sheldon and Sam go to the gym. A woman comes up to Sam and asks if he is done on the machine. She tells him there is a limit on the cardio equipment. LOL Looks like they both struck out. 

Joanna tells Violet she thought the baby would allow them to start over. David, the husband didn't want a baby. She thought he would be happy to, but he wasn't. She said it happened so fast. He killed their baby. Violet tells her she has to talk to the police, Joanna doesn't want to. She said he punched her in her face and killed her baby. She wants him dead. She wants to kill him. She is going to kill him.

Violet tells the other doctors about Joanna declaration. Charlotte says Joanna didn't tell the police on purpose so she could have a chance to kill him. Addison thinks it's just an emotional response. Sheldon says  Violet is obligated to tell. Pete says technically Violet is not her therapist. Her license was suspended during most of the time she was talking to her. Violet says they are just friends there is no documentation. Pete says what if we warn David and he retaliates. Addison, how do we protect everyone?

Addison looks at another surrogate through a window and says she is not right. Jake asks her if she has secretly giving herself hormone shots again. Addison, I'm going to go in there and she is going to give me some hippy dippy answer. Jake says you have  no idea what she is going to say. They go in and talk to the woman. Addison, What was the best part of your last experience. June, that's easy. They let me keep the placenta. The parents came over to the house and helped me bury it in the garden. They planted a tree there.

David arrives at the hospital and Charlotte tells him Joanna has been released. He's mad because he never got a chance to talk to her and grabs Charlotte. Charlotte tells him to back the hell away from her before she has him dragged out of the hospital. I'd of had him arrested for assault.

Joanna is at Violet's house. Pete is going to take Lucas. Pete thinks Joanna should go to a shelter. Violet says she can take better care of her there and this way she can talk to her and find out if the threat is real. Violet says Joanna is protected because David doesn't know where she is. David is protected because she is not going to leave Joanna's side. And she is protected because both of them are. Pete doesn't like it. Violet says he doesn't get a say anymore but he does get a say about whether Lucas is in the middle of it. Pete takes Lucas.

Pete tells Violet he would have done the same thing if it was him.

Addison apologizes to Jake. He says she is the problem not her.

Erica asks Amelia honestly what she thinks and says she won't tell Cooper. She has read all the documentation and she wants to know if Amelia would put herself through this. Destroying her quality of life or would she spend every minute with the most important person in her life. Amelia looks at the watch on her arm. She tells Erica she wouldn't do the treatment.

Sam and Sheldon are filing out online profiles. Jake tells Sam he can't put that he is bald. Sheldon says put your hair color if it would grow out. And you put that you are a grandpa on the first line? Sam, I'm proud to be a grandpa. Jake, you can be forth coming and be delicate with the truth. So bald is well groomed and grandpa is just a family man. Sheldon thinks the section on physical attributes is depressing in his present company.  Sheldon puts his biggest flaw is he is too sensitive. Sheldon says it's gold. Jake, well maybe for you. Sheldon, what would you put? Jake, I'm passionate about my work.

Cooper enters the room. I see you guys are taking my sage advice. Jake, so Mr. Sage what would be Sam's ideal first date? Cooper leans over types something on the computer and says I used to start with this. They all groan.Oh! Sam says no! Sheldon, Cooper this is a family practice at least. Amelia comes in. Whatever it is I need to see it. LMAO Amelia wants to know why Sam is bothering to post anything. She says he just needs to post a shirtless picture of himself with Dr. Bennett above it. He'll have a thousand dates in an hour. I so agree! Gentleman it's not like he needs the rest of you yahoos to tell him what a girl wants to hear. Amelia exits the room. LOL That was good.

Violet changes Joanna's bandage and talks to her. Joanna has read Violets book. If I remember correctly Joanna was an attorney. She says she should have known better but she has seen those woman in court. She is not a victim. Violet, being a victim does not mean you are powerless. Joanna, but I chose to be with him. It's my fault. She thinks Violet doesn't understand because what happened to her wasn't her fault. Violet tells her it felt like it was. Violet says she has a great capacity to believe people can change. Her patients, her husband. But she can't tell the difference in her own life. It's understandable that she thinks he can change. Violet brings up what Joanna said. Joanna says she was just upset and frustrated. Violets says she can but she knows that people can be pushed past their limit. Joanna says she just wants to be somewhere where she can feel safe and put her life back together again. Violet tells her she is.

Addison and Amelia are out on the deck at the beach house. Amelia asks how the search for the rent a room is going. Addison tells her and Amelia offers to carry her baby for her.  Amelia says she knows she is the anti surrogate. She is an addict and her ex sister in law, she would not pass the psych eval, but she wants to do this one selfless thing. Addison tells her no. That she needs to figure out who she is and it can't be her surrogate.

Erica takes the signed guardian papers to Cooper and tells him this is acceptance. Cooper says you won't try the treatment not even for Mason. Erica says everything she does is for Mason. She says she doesn't want to fight if she can't win. Now Cooper needs to accept it and Mason wants to see the Grand Canyon for his next birthday.

Violet fixes Joanna breakfast and goes to get the paper. When she opens the door David is standing there.  He pushes his way in the house. Violet stands in between the two of them. Joanna tells David she is leaving him. That he is a bastard and a bully and a coward. She could never love him. He starts screaming and tells Violet she did this. He throws Violet across the room and grabs Joanna who is now screaming you killed my baby. Violet gets back up and tries to pull David away from Joanna. He punches her in the face.

They go to commercial when they come back Violet is coming to with a loud beeping, she can hear Joanna saying over and over I hate you. She gets up. Johanna is stabbing David with scissors repeatedly saying I hate you with every swing. Violet tells her he's dead you have to stop. Joanna is covered in blood. She says I had to he didn't give me a choice I had to protect myself and you. You'll tell the police that right?

Jake goes to see Addison. She called him to tell him he was right there is something wrong with her. She just needs a break from all of it. She will have a baby, right now she just needs to be for a while. To focus on something else. Jake agrees it's a good idea and asks if she want's some company. She does.

The police are at Violet's house. Violet tells the police when she woke up he was already dead. The officer, so you didn't see what happened. Violet, well it was self defense. He broke into my home and attacked both of us. It was self defense. Pete arrives. He asks what she needs. Violet asks him to keep taking care of Lucas and says she is just going to clean up.

Cooper tells Charlotte if Erica wasn't sick he would have never met Mason. Charlotte and you feel guilty because of how greatful you are that this happened? Cooper cries in Charlotte's arms.

Violet goes to see her new boy friend. He looks at her nose and says it's not broken but he'll get her some ice. He tells her he's here for her whatever it is whatever she needs.

Sam is now on the deck with Addison. He's still working on his profile. He asks Addison what he thinks his biggest flaw is. Addison, other than the fact that you don't want to have a baby? Let's see. I don't think you truly recognize how great you really are. You kinda the perfect man, but you hold yourself to this impossible standard. You gotta learn how to relax a little. And for the record that is not your only flaw. It's just your biggest. Jake comes out and says I took a chance that you are an out of the bottle kind of girl. He has beers. Sam leaves.

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