Friday, November 18, 2011

Private Practice Recap November 17, 2011 The Intervention

"Who We Are; The Breaking Point"
"The Intervention"

Amelia is remembering collecting pennies from her dad's store. She is remembering the day her dad got killed and Derek saved her. That was way better than Addison at the shrink. 

Amelia Sheppard is back at the practice. She is looking better than she did last week. Addison Montgomery sees her and hollers out to her. Amelia, Morning Addy. Let me grab some coffee and I'll be back. I have news. Violet sticks her head out of her office door and looks down the hall after Amelia.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homeland Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


Eileen is at the bus station trying to get a bus to a ticket to Mexico.

Nicholas Brody and Carrie Mathison are driving down the road. Carrie isn't sure why she is there. Brody asks her if he passed the polygraph. She says yes with flying colors. Brody, so you won't be hauling me in next week?

Brody, I'm taking some time away from home. Away from Jess. She's f'ng someone. Carrie, so what exactly are we doing? Brody, well I'd like drink or three. Carrie, swanky or hole in the wall. Brody, I don't like the word hole anymore. But I do like a good dive.

Private Practice Recap November 10, 2011

"Don't stop until you get enough"

Addison  Montgomery is at the shrinks telling him Pete is keeping watch over her egg.

Addison is awake and dressed, Sam's still in bed. She is getting ready to go to the office but can't find her cell. Sam Bennett tells her she had it on Amelia's deck. Addison tells Sam she can't have sex two days before she is implanted. I'm thinking she's going to tell him she can't after she is implanted too. Poor Sam.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Raspberry Truffle Cream Pie - No More - Recipe

Years ago Hershey had raspberry chocolate chips to bake with. On the back of the bag was a recipe for Raspberry Truffle Cream Pie. It is one of my all time favorite deserts. I never can make up my mind which is better, the Raspberry Pie or Basket Robbins Mud Pie. Both are awesome. But after a year or two Hershey's quit selling the Raspberry chips. So I could no longer make this delicacy.

So this morning on Twitter we were discussing Christmas baking and the subject of sugar cookies came up. All of a sudden I get a tweet from @ HersheysKisses with a sugar cookie recipe. Which also look simple and delicious but I decided to take the opportunity to ask them about the raspberry chips. The first thing that came to mind because this pie is that good. They immediately sent me a list of all the flavors of Hershey's chips or baking pieces available.

Grey's Anatomy November 10, 2011

"Dark Was The Night"

Henry is in the ER still coughing up blood. Miranda Bailey and Owen Hunt are working on him.

Arizona Robbins has a kid with half his face torn off coming in.

Christina Yang, Meredith Grey and Alex Karev are at the bar. Christina and Meredith are laughing at Alex because some girl he was trying to pick up told him to go screw himself. Alex evidently had already slept with this girl and forgot about it. Meredith, I have a history of Alzheimer's in my family what's your excuse? Alex blames it on George. He said they were talking about dead people it threw him off his game.