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Grey's Anatomy November 10, 2011

"Dark Was The Night"

Henry is in the ER still coughing up blood. Miranda Bailey and Owen Hunt are working on him.

Arizona Robbins has a kid with half his face torn off coming in.

Christina Yang, Meredith Grey and Alex Karev are at the bar. Christina and Meredith are laughing at Alex because some girl he was trying to pick up told him to go screw himself. Alex evidently had already slept with this girl and forgot about it. Meredith, I have a history of Alzheimer's in my family what's your excuse? Alex blames it on George. He said they were talking about dead people it threw him off his game.

Callie has a patient she is releasing. She would really like to keep her but the patient wants to go home. She has had back surgery. But she wants to get home to her little boy.

Meredith got a call from Janet. She told her that the court canceled their hearing date and it means one of two things. That they looked at their file and they love them and they are giving her to them, in which case they call Janet and tell her or they hate them and they are giving her to another family. Meredith, she didn't get the they love us call. Christina, maybe they didn't get around to it. Meredith, she said we should move on. I'm thinking and hoping the call didn't get made because of some kind of screw up.

Richard Weber orders a CT for Henry. Teddy says they need to scope him and see what's down there. Owen tells her a CT will clarify what they are dealing with and she isn't his doctor Richard is. Bailey, I hear he's good. He's new around here. I don't know. LOL Teddy, I'm coming to CT. Richard, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Christina Yang goes and gets Derek Sheppard and tells him Meredith needs to talk to him. He is online trying to bid for some scalpels from the 1800's for Meredith. Christina tells him Janet called. He goes to find Meredith.

Arizona is sending Alex to pick up a very sick newborn from another hospital not equipped to handle a newborn. She tells Meredith to go with him. The child with his face half ripped off comes in. It's a ten year old male with a dog bite.

Callie's patient is on her way out she runs into Avery who did her surgery they chat for a minute. Avery walks off and the lady bends over in the wheelchair. She appears to be having trouble breathing.

Meredith Grey is telling Derek Sheppard they don't think she should be Zola's mother as they are walking out to the ambulance bay. That Zola was their baby she is gone and she doesn't want another baby. She gets in the ambulance with Alex.

Owen Hunt and April Keptner are working on Callie's patient who isn't doing well. Owen screams someone find Torres.

Teddy tells Henry he is going to be fine and that she wishes she hadn't spent the day trying to kill his hopes and dreams. Henry, that's why I started spitting up blood. So I'd win. Teddy tells him she will help him study and make him flash cards. Teddy gets paged by Owen. Richard tells her he will find her.

Back in the ER Callie has arrived. The patients chest is full of blood. Callie asks what happened. Owen was hoping she could tell him. Callie says she just had spinal surgery. The patient starts arresting.

Alex and Meredith are in the ambulance. Alex is telling her the courts screw up all the time. She can call them in the morning. I find myself wondering here if Alex talking to the judge helped or hurt her case? Alex tells her to get a surrogate or something. Get Yang to carry it for you. She gets pregnant at the drop of a hat. Meredith, if you don't shut up I'm going to shove you out of the back of the rig. And whatever happened with all the fertility shots she was taking? Maybe she's already pregnant.

Callie is staring at a monitor saying what the hell is happening. Owen has cracked open the patients chest. Her pericardium is full of blood. Teddy walks in. Callie says she had spinal fusion three days ago. She had no history of heart disease or risk factors. April asks if it could be a retrograde dissection. Callie, I don't think so no history of marfan's or widening on the x-ray. They have her heart beating again, Teddy says lets get her upstairs. Callie says lets go. Teddy, did you cut her heart open in your spinal fusion? Callie, no. Teddy, then she is my patient now.

They take the patient to the elevator leaving Callie standing in the trauma room with all the bloody gauzes on the floor. Richard jumps on the elevator right before the doors close. He shows Teddy the CT. As they are riding up the elevator Richard says Henry has more tumors because of his tumor condition, he is bleeding into his trachea. He is going to cut him open, take out his lung, re-sect the tumor and put the lung back in. Teddy want's him to use a laser and not cut him open. Richard has not done this procedure with a laser and he doesn't want his first one to be with her husband. Teddy says she thinks they should get another surgeon. Owen and April are just standing there awkwardly as this is going on.

They have gotten off the elevator and Bailey is there. Teddy wants Christina to do it. She says she has done three in the last year. Bailey, it's too much pressure, it's her mentors husband. Teddy, she's a machine she doesn't care if it's my husband. Owen, she's not. We can get Rutsky. Teddy, Rutsky is an ass and he is sloppy. Richard, I don't have anything to prove. If she thinks Yang can do it, let her do it. It's no question Henry's on his feet faster if we don't open him up. Teddy, Yang doesn't have to know. Drape his face and give her a verbal history. Teddy, if you put a bronco scope and a laser in her hand she is not going to ask the guys name. She is going to cut. Richard says he will be there the whole time if she has trouble they will go in the old fashion way and open him up.

Teddy starts operating on her patient. Teddy asks if Owen is scowling. He is. He and Bailey do not like the idea. Teddy, the only thing I feel comfortable with is doing it myself and we all know that isn't going to happen. The closest thing is Yang. She is the only one who would do it the way I would. Owen says fine and walks out. Teddy, Richard watch her like a hawk if she screws this up you are going to have to take out half his lung. The last thing I need is to explain to my husband why that happened. Richard, I'll watch her.

Meredith and Alex arrive at the hospital. The baby they are there to get was born six hours ago and had trouble breathing right away. The hospital isn't set up for anything neonatal or OB. They have just been trying to keep the baby breathing. The hospital has none of the supplies they need.

Owen is giving Lexie instructions about Henry's surgery for Christina. He tells her you know and Richard knows. Christina is not to know.

Derek is telling Mark Sloan about Zola. He says Zola was Meredith's baby she doesn't want another one. Mark, if it doesn't work out you can always share Sophia. Mark, we can work you into the rotation. Derek, she is a baby not a time share in Cabo.

Jackson Avery walks by and updates Mark Sloan on Arizona's patient. The boy with the dog bite. He says he'll let him know when Arizona is ready for him.

Alex Karev calls and updates Arizona Robbins. She tells them how to work around the things they don't have. She tells them they don't have a lot of time. He says he knows that.

Back in Teddy's surgery on Callie's patient she finds a tear in the left ventricle. They are going to put the patient on bypass. She gets a call from Henry, the nurse holds the phone for her. Henry tells her don't worry she can hold his hand in post op. They are an old married couple now. Teddy, don't ask for extra morphine just because you like the dreams. Back to the surgery, a lot of bleeding going on.

Henry tells Lexie he wants to go to med school. She says that is rough on relationships. He asks her about Avery and Mark. She tells him they aren't together anymore. So he asks who is going to be operating on him. Lexie lies and says she doesn't know.

Owen goes to tell Christina she needs to do the surgery. Christina is in the skills lab practicing for a surgery on her bucket list. Christina asks why Teddy can't do it herself. He tells her she is in another procedure. She asks about another doctor. Owen tells her she is giving you a chance to fly solo on a major surgery. Christina, I just did a similar one that I practically did myself while she planned a brunch. Owen tells her to drop the damn suture and go scrub. She says this better be fast, I want to be fresh tomorrow.  Owen, this is emergent. Christina, I'm going! I'm just saying if she is going to make me do every procedure she doesn't feel like doing. I'm not her valet.

Christina runs into Derek in the hall. Maybe it's not the end. Maybe you can call the lawyers in the morning. Derek, Meredith doesn't want kids. I pushed her. She opened herself up. Now I did this to her. Christina, she wanted it too. Derek, she'll blame me, like I've been blaming her. I've lost Zola if I lose Meredith too. Christina, she always comes back. She might back away for a moment but she always comes back.

Teddy is trying to patch the tear. April's hand is stuck on something. She pulls her hand out of the ladies chest and there is a tear in the glove.  It didn't break the skin. Teddy, my god what the hell is that?

Christina goes into the surgery. Richard says they just started the bronchoscopy he is looking forward to seeing her work. Maybe he can learn a thing or two. Christina, it's an honor sir. Lexie gives her the history. Christina being Christina just starts the procedure deciding to time herself. Last time it took her two and a half hours.

Alex and Meredith are taking the baby to the ambulance. You hear wait, wait I'm coming with you. A nurse is wheeling the mother down the hall.  The doctor asks why is she out here? The nurse tells him because she said if I didn't bring her she'd walk and I was afraid she would try it. The doctor tries to convince the mother to stay. Meredith finally goes over and tells her they are going to take her baby to the best baby surgeon there is. Mother, she doesn't even have a name yet. Meredith, she will. You will come to Seattle and give her one. Until then I will take care of her. You hear me. I have her okay. Meredith and Alex leave.

Callie comes into Teddy's surgery. Callie, what happened? Teddy, show her. The nurse show's Callie a basin with a piece of metal in it. Teddy, that's the screw that I just pulled out of your patient. It was stabbing her in the heart muscle every time the heart tried to beat. This thing is like hamburger meat right about now. I'm guessing when they did CPR on her in the ER that didn't help either. Callie, oh god! Teddy, do you want to tell me how this happened?

Alex, why don't you try adoption? Meredith, social services just took our kid away. You think if we wait a week they will forget all about it and give us a new kid? Alex, so get a surrogate. Meredith, I don't want a surrogate. Alex, why not? You don't just give up like that. Meredith, it really isn't any of your business. Alex, it is. I can't be responsible for you not having kids. It's too much. Meredith, it's not your fault. Alex, yeah it is. Meredith, I got the ball rolling. What you did was dirty but what I did was illegal. Alex, who cares you are not a quitter. That's lame. It's not who you are. The ambulance starts sputtering and stops.

Callie is telling Avery the surgery she supervised him on, one of the screws came lose and was stabbing her in the heart, she's half dead. We are about to go tell her husband.

Richard is learning how to use the laser from Christina. All of sudden the screen they are watching goes dark. Richard, what happened? Christina,  I must have nicked a vessel. The whole field is obscured.

The ambulance driver tells Meredith and Alex he has called for another unit but they are out in the middle of nowhere, it is going to take forever. He is putting cones out. It's pouring rain and freezing. Alex, there is no shoulder. It's not like we can just take the incubator out. There is no where to stand. The driver, this thing is loaded with oxygen if you get hit it will go up like a roman candle. Meredith, and leave the baby? She'll die. Driver, do you all want to die? I'm putting these out. I just hope people can see them. You are on a hill, you're on a curve. I'm telling you to get out of the damn rig.

Owen runs into Christina's surgery and asks if she needs help. Christina calmly says there was a nick, I cauterized and his pressure came back up. Owen asks what if it was a carcinoid crisis? Christina, I doubt it, but if his pressure drops again I'll consider it. I'm on a clock and you are wasting my time. What is your problem? Owen, there is a patient on the table. Let go of the clock and focus on what you are doing. Christina, I am focused. I'd focus a lot better if you weren't standing here with your pants on fire. Richard, we got it doctor Hunt.

Avery and Callie are telling the patient's husband that apparently one of the screws came loose. It may be that the bone wasn't strong enough to hold it, but at this point they don't know. Dr. Altman is an incredible surgeon but we won't know for a while what the situation is. The little boy says where's my momma.

Christina is still doing the surgery. They have more bleeding. Richard says you've got some clots in your scope why don't you take out the laser and pass a brush through it. She does. His stats start dropping. Richard says we need to open him up. Christina get out of there you have blood in the ET tube. Christina, I can clear the field. Richard, get his chest ready. Christina, okay okay I'm pulling out. They open Henry's chest.

Callie is giving Avery orders to find all the films. Pre op and post op. She tells him to go over every inch of them. Assuming she survives you get a CT to check the hardware and a bone density test so we can get a clue as to what happened. Avery, gets a page and says I'm so sorry I have to go. Callie is standing there flabbergasted. Bailey walks up and asks what? What? Callie tells her. Bailey says whoa. That's part of the deal we have to let students operate. Callie, I was reading a magazine. Bailey, don't beat yourself up. We all do it. Callie, I know what Jay Lo wore to the coffee house that's what I was doing.

Christina and Richard are still frantically trying to stop the bleeding when Christina discovers the tumor has eroded through the pulmonary artery. Richard, let me see. Let's clamp the hilum. Christina, he's already lost half his blood volume. This lung is like a sieve. Christina starts listing the meds he's maxed out on. Then she says sir I'm not sure what we do next. He's crashing. Richard starts doing CPR. Christina is looking at him like it's a waste of time.

Mark, Derek, and Arizona are working on the boy that got bit by the dog. Mark says he offered to time share Sophia and Derek said no. Arizona, why? Derek, because your child is not a rental car. I'm not going to take her out one week a month. Arizona, have you seen her? Because she is heart stoppingly adorable. Derek, your missing the point. Arizona, no she is delicious, she is adorable. Why wouldn't you want to parent her?

Avery comes in and tells them the ambulance broke down in the middle of the road. They can't move they can't get out. Derek, can they send a back up. Avery, it's coming but it's slow. He holds the phone up to Arizona's ear. Derek says put it on speaker phone. Alex, we can't move.We're fricking sitting ducks. The phone starts cutting out. Alex, we need to take the baby out of here but the two of us can't move the incubator and all this damn crap and set up on a highway. Derek, did you set up the flares? The phone cuts out again. Derek tells Avery leave the phone and see if you can get a helicopter up there.

Back to Henry's surgery. Richard is still doing CPR. Christina tells him it's been twenty minutes. There is no way that heart is coming back. There is no blood left to circulate. I'm not sure what you are... Richard stops CPR the monitor just beeps that long hated the person is dead beep. Christina calls time of death and tells Richard there was no way to take it out without killing him.  That there was no way he could have lived with it for much longer. Christina, says she will write the op note and that if he will write a couple of lines that make it clear that I did not come up with the treatment plan. It's a bad outcome and I don't want to take the heat for it on my fifth year boards. It was Dr. Altman's idea. Owen comes into the scrub area. Richard just looks at her. She still has no clue it was Henry. Richard looks at Owen and shakes his head. Owen's face drops. Lexie is standing behind him.

Christina tells Owen through the glass. Hey, the tumor eroded right through the pulmonary artery. The guy bleed right out. We were done before we started. She turns back to Richard. Is there a family or something we need to talk to? Owen motions for her to come out. You can see them talking through the glass. They pull the cover off of Henry's face. Christina, grabs her head with both hands and turns around and see's Henry laying there. She is screaming and freaking out. Hitting Owen and crying. She collapses in Owen's arms. I can't make up my mind about this. I think not telling her it was Henry was probably the right call. But if she had known it was Henry would or could she have done something different?

Arizona is telling Alex to get the oxygen and swaddle the baby and get out of the rig. Alex says they can't regulate her temperature. Mark, they have to leave the kid. Meredith, we are not leaving the baby. Mark, then at least one of you should get out. Derek, what are they going to do flip a coin? Mark, they are sitting on a powder keg. Alex tells Meredith get out. Meredith, Alex. Alex, there's no reason for both of us to get killed. Meredith, I'm no safer in the middle of the damn road. Alex, I'm telling you to get out of the damn rig. Meredith, if you want to go. You go. I'm not going to fix your guilt by me letting you die in an ambulance so that I. Then they are hit. Meredith and Alex are thrown around inside the rig in slow motion looking at each other. The baby stays put in the incubator. Alex and Meredith weren't wearing seat belts. They appear to be okay so far and no explosion yet. Of course they go to commercial.

Owen goes into Teddy's surgery where she is gripping about how someone doesn't check to see a vertebrae isn't compromised before you drop a screw in it. Teddy asks about Henry. Owen, they are done. Are you almost done here? Teddy, it's going to be a while. Teddy is explaining what has happened, she still needs to do a muscle flap. She asks Owen to explain to Henry what happened. She says she wasn't able to be in pre op. She is a bad wife. Owen, I'll take over here and you can go out. Teddy, all due respect but you are out of your depth. Why does your face look like that? Owen tells her there was an ambulance that broke down on route 2 they lost contact. Teddy, I hope everyone is alright.  Route 2 at night going over those mountains is awful. She starts telling him about Henry wanting to go to med school. Teddy, that's crazy right? Or am I a bad person? Owen, no. Teddy, the patch isn't holding. Please check on him and let me know how he's doing. And if you get bored maybe you could mention that med school is a long haul. And he may want to get a degree in something else. Oh and he's a real stoner on Dilaudid, so don't be surprised if he compliments your eyes.

Arizona, Mark and Derek are listening to a dial tone on the phone and then a fast busy. Avery walks in and says he just spoke to dispatch and another ambulance is coming in, cops are a few minutes out so a helicopter wouldn't be any faster. Are we still on speaker or what? Arizona, we were talking to them on speaker, there was a loud noise and we lost them. Mark, Avery doctor Sheppard is going to put down his instruments and you are going to take over for him. The fancy part is over we will walk you through the rest.  Derek steps back from the table.

Richard and Owen are arguing. Owen, it's not right. Richard, who is going to take over that surgery if she walks out? There is a woman on the table who dies if she walks out. Christina is in no shape to operate that's for sure. Owen, it's her husband Richard.  Richard, another hour isn't going to change anything. Owen, she's my friend. Richard, you are not her friend right now. You are the chief of surgery.  Owen, if she finds out I waited she will never forgive me. Richard, her husband just died in our OR. She will never forgive any of us. Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Derek walks up and tells Richard and Owen he thinks Alex and Meredith just got hit.  We need to get emergency dispatch on the phone. What is it? What??

Teddy is still operating the patients vitals are dropping. She is losing volume. She stablilizes. Teddy looks up Owen is standing there. She asks how is he doing. Owen, fine vitals are good. Teddy, did they run a post op CT? Owen, not yet. Teddy, but Christina felt she got good margins. Owen, oh yes. Teddy, did she figure it out? Who she was operating on? Owen, no. Teddy, see told you. Sometimes her lack of interest in a patient as a human being can come in handy. Did you mention med school? Owen, no. Teddy, you are a coward. If you think you are off the hook you are dead wrong. You do understand this could ruin the next 5 to 10 years of my life? You do understand that right? Owen, fake laughs behind his mask.

Alex and Meredith are getting up. Meredith's head is bleeding. She says get me a blanket as she takes the baby out. Alex, put her back in. Meredith, she just got thrown around in a plastic box. She needs to be held. I'm not putting her back in. Alex, are you okay? Meredith, no I'm not okay. Alex, we've got to get out of here before this thing blows. Meredith, how are we going to do that she has a million things. Alex, you get the bag and the baby, I'll get the O2 tank and the IV. We'll disconnect the antibiotics. Meredith, is that going to be okay? Alex, it's going to have to be. They get out. It has stopped raining. They see the car that hit them on it's side on fire. There are three people scattered across the middle of the road either unconscious or dead.

What is it with this show? Why do they keep killing off the cute good guys? First Denny, then George now Henry. I didn't know who to be mad at Shondra Rhimes for writing him out or ABC for not renewing his contract or something. I went looking to see what I could find. I found this interview with Shondra Rhimes. This is the part about Henry.

TVLINE | Speaking of guest cast with pilots in play: Did you have psychic intel that Scott Foley’s CBS show wouldn’t get picked up?? 

No, and let me tell you, we were holding our breath. I wish all the best for Scott, but we were holding our breath. We fully planned to go forward with [the Teddy/Henry] story in a slightly different way if he had gotten another television show, but we knew we were ending it this way no matter what.

TVLINE | So Foley will definitely be back next season?
I am very hopeful that we will see him again.

I still don't get it. What were they holding their breath for if they knew they were ending it this way no matter what. I guess they will bring him back as a ghost like Denny.  This sucks!

And on top of it all of the original characters contracts are up. I guess that would be Derek, Meredith, Richard, Miranda, Christina, Alex and Callie? Was Callie there from season one? I can't remember right now. I think these are the only original cast members.

Oh and who knew this was the fall finale? I didn't. Now we go into reruns again and wait to see what happens? ABC Sucks!

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  1. Well, I just realized that interview was from May. So this episode may very well have been his come back.

    It was still the fall finale and I still haven't seen anything about who has renewed their contracts. I'll keep an eye out.


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