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Homeland Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


Eileen is at the bus station trying to get a bus to a ticket to Mexico.

Nicholas Brody and Carrie Mathison are driving down the road. Carrie isn't sure why she is there. Brody asks her if he passed the polygraph. She says yes with flying colors. Brody, so you won't be hauling me in next week?

Brody, I'm taking some time away from home. Away from Jess. She's f'ng someone. Carrie, so what exactly are we doing? Brody, well I'd like drink or three. Carrie, swanky or hole in the wall. Brody, I don't like the word hole anymore. But I do like a good dive.

They are playing pool now in a dive. Brody, the more I drink the worse I play. That's not happening to you. Carrie, ya I know it pissed off all my college boy friends too. She beats him. Brody challenges her again and goes to get more drinks.

A guy walks up to Carrie and offers her a ride. He has an 88 tattooed on his arm. He tells her it's his high school jersey number. Carrie, or code for HH. Eighth letter of the alphabet? Heil Hitler. Shoot I thought he was a Junior fan. Man, you're not just a pretty face are you? Carrie, you guys are white nation huh? What's the plan? World domination? Man, ya that's right. Carrie, any time soon? Man, ya you want to hear about it. Come outside we got a van. Carrie, hell ya, I love sucking Nazi dick. Man, I don't like people f'ng with me. Carrie, who does? Brody walked up. Is there a problem? Man, ya this mouthy bitch. Brody, hey look. Are we okay here? Huh? Carrie, so is there a supremacist fist bump or something? What are you a f'ng moron? Man, Bitch! He goes to throw a punch. She blocks it and kicks him in the chest. The man groans and screams don't let them out of here. Carrie and Brody take off laughing and running. A group of guys come out after them as they take off in the car.

Brody, you are a dangerous drunk. Carrie, thanks. Brody, that wasn't a compliment. Look at my hand. Okay where now. Carrie, I have a cabin. My family does. I've been meaning to get there. Brody, sounds like the stars have aligned. Carrie, I-95 hit it.

Jessica is back home giving Chris a hair cut. She tells Dana she is up. Dana says I'm thinking layers. Maybe cut to my shoulders. Where's dad? Jessica, he's taking the weekend away. Dana, he knows doesn't he. Jessica, yes. I thought he was dead. It was a difficult situation. Dana, you gave up and go whoring around with his best friend. It's f'd up. Jessica grounds her.

Saul Berenson is updating David Estes they've tracked Eileen to Texas. They believe Nazir's people killed Faisel and that she will give him up. Saul wants to go to Mexico and get her himself he thinks he can get her to talk one on one. If they put her in a room with a bunch of suits she won't say anything. David says the FBI is going to escort him. Saul, fine as long as they keep their distance.

Carrie and Brody have arrived at the cabin. Carrie can't find the key to the cabin. She calls her sister Maggie and asks. Maggie asks her if she is at the cabin and Carrie tells her no she is at home. She was just wondering. Maggie wants to know what is going on? She tells her to come over tonight and get her meds. Carrie tells her she is going to do that Monday. Maggie, you don't have a pill left for tomorrow or Sunday. Carrie, no I have one left. I'm fine. Maggie, you sound drunk. Carrie, I am. I'm actually at the cabin. I'm meditating. Maggie, with who? Carrie, no one. I'm all alone. I'm meditating. Maggie, okay take your pill tomorrow and come over Sunday. No skipping. She asks about the key again. It's in the old stove. Maggie tells her she is at the girls school but she will drop everything and come get her if she needs too.

Carrie runs around back and gets the key from the stove. Opens the door in the back goes in the house, gets a gun out and loads it. Then goes out front and gets Brody who is standing in front of the lake watching a star. He says he is wishing on it. Carrie, I'd ask you what you are wishing for but how would I know if you are telling the truth. Brody, ahh the polygraph. Carrie, did you learn that over there? How to beat the box? Brody, I had to lie sometimes to save my life. Maybe I became an expert. Carrie, How'd you resist cooperating? I mean you were in a hole, they were beating you. Brody, I don't want to talk about it. Carrie, sorry.

Brody, you are a pretty good drinking buddy. Carrie, I got a little carried away with the Nazi's. Brody, I figure we're safe here. Carrie, unless my sister sends in the dogs. Brody, I've been thinking about you. Carrie, yeah. Brody, and last night. Carrie, parking lot sex. Classy. Brody, can we graduate to cabin sex. They go inside. They start having sex. I wonder if she is on the pill or is going to get pregnant. I haven't seen any condoms. 

Eileen is on the bus. She gets off and there are Mexican police all over. She puts her hands on her head and drops to the ground. Saul is there. He says hi Eileen. Eileen, who are you? Saul, your ride. Unless you prefer the federales.

Saul, yes we have company. In case you try to bolt the feds are there. I told them you weren't dumb enough to do that. We're headed to McLean VA. So it should be thirty hours. I've got what they call a heavy foot so maybe twenty five. Then I turn you over to the FBI. Frankly they are chopping at the bit to put you away Eileen. See they frown on terrorists. Particularly wealthy American terrorists. I'm looking forward to the drive frankly. I've had some upheaval at home. I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet. You're obliging me with that. He basically tells her he can cut her a deal but once they get to DC it's out of his hands.

Carrie and Brody are sitting out on the dock with hangovers. Brody, says he should go home.

Saul is still working Eileen. Saul, you are the safest you've been in two days. He asks her why she bought the house under the flight path? What's plan B? He is letting her know he knows all about her. He brings up Raqim and them meeting when she was thirteen. She says he had a horse. Saul, did you love him then or did that come later. Eileen, you don't know me.

Carrie and Brody are walking up to a waterfall that she and her sister used to go to as kids. Brody asks her about Bagdad and what sent her to the support group. She tells him she lost her translator. A mob got crazy and hung him from a bridge. I was pinned down. Brody, yeah. It's hard to find people to talk to about it. Carrie, how about your wife. Brody, it's like she doesn't know who I am now. I can't be with her. I just can't. I thought he could be with Carrie and not his wife, because he knew his wife was sleeping with his friend. I mean he did have sex with her the first night he came home. Brody, but I can with you. Carrie, we were drinking heavily. Brody, it's free. Carrie, as in I don't charge. Brody, laughs. As in since the first time since I've been back I have found some peace. Carrie, yeah me too. That's pretty rare for me. Brody, so are we going to try this sober?

Dana is at has several of her friends over. They are outside drinking and smoking pot. One of the guys wants to go out. She says she can't she's grounded. He says she's working all day. She'll never know. Dana turns around and puts her elbow through the glass door. She gets a big gash on her arm. She didn't even feel it.

Saul and Eileen are at a diner. Saul says thirty miles to Memphis. He asks her if she's ever been to Graceland. She says her dad thought Elvis was the devil. Saul, Hoover thought he was a national security threat. Saul says he's been in touch with him. Eileen, I haven't. Saul, I know. Six long years. He's worried about you. Eileen, he's worried about what their friends will think. That their good little Princeton girl was shacked up with a poor brown Saudi. Planning to give the US the F you it deserves.

Saul, do you understand how serious this is? You could get the death penalty. Eileen, why do you care? You could have had the FBI deliver me. That would have been standard right? Saul, I thought we'd understand each other. Saul, I thought we would understand each other. He brings up her childhood again. She says it was okay until her father seen them one day on the horse. Saul, is that why you were shipped off to boarding school? Eileen, what do you know about it? Saul, more than nothing. I married a brown girl. You should eat. ETA twelve hours. Think about what you want Eileen.

Mike is at the house and has put plywood in the door. Jessica comes in with Dana. He asks if everything is okay. Jessica, nineteen stitches. Dana goes to bed. Mike asks Jessica if she is okay. Jessica, Dana's like this surly stranger in my house. You and Brody having it out. He's gone I don't even know where he went. I just want things to be simple again. They start kissing. Dana calls her mom and tells her Chris wants her. Jessica thanks Mike for watching Chris. Dana tells Mike it would help the peace if he stayed away. There is no place for her dad when he is there. He just looks at her.

Carrie and Brody are cooking dinner. Brody, hungry? Carrie, Thirsty. She puts her hand on the wine bottle. We are not doing that. Brody, nope. They are acting all awkward. Carrie, shit I feel like a scared teenager. Brody, okay I'm just going to ask. Will you go to the prom with me? Carrie, do I get a corsage? Pin on or wrist. Carrie, actually I'll take a nosegay.  Brody, I don't even know what that is. Carrie, it's a kind of bouquet from mid evil times. She explains it more. He asks are you still thirsty? She says not at all. She takes off his shirt and runs her fingers across his scars. It's thundering outside. They have sex. Brody stops. Carrie asks if he wants to stop? Brody, no I just want to live here for a second. They finish having sex and fall asleep. Brody starts talking in his sleep about Issa. He's saying where are you Issa? Carrie is trying to wake him up. He screams Issa no! He wakes up. Carrie tells him you are with me everything is fine.

Saul stops at an old barn. Eileen walks up and says where are we. Saul, Calliope Indiana. I know my geography stinks, but if they were just near Memphis and now they are in Indiana, either he's lost or they are taking the long route to Virginia. Saul, says he grew up there. Four families. His dad was the local drugist. The nearest synagogue was three hours away. So we came here to pray. Eileen, you are religious? Saul, my family was. He wasn't allowed to be on a baseball team because the game was started with a prayer. He says he was the dutiful kid. He did as he was told. Eileen, gladly? Saul, I just wanted to play ball. Man I hated this place. It is the reason I was different. Eileen, They f you up. Saul, we've got to get going. Agents await. I don't know what happened to you. How you went from angry teenage girl to joining the jihadists. If your interests are truly geopolitical then I can't help you. I think you wound up here because you fell in love with a boy. I want to get you through this the best I can.

Brody wakes Carrie up. She says I know we have oatmeal, but no Yorkshire gold out here in the sticks. Brody, how do you know what tea I drink? Carrie, I don't know. You probably had it at Langley. She says she needs wood and goes outside.

Eileen, so what's the trouble at home? Saul, nothing much just the love of my life walking out the door. Eileen, for good? Saul, I hope not. Cause I can't imagine being that lost. Eileen, what happened to his body? Raqim. Saul, it's probably in an Ohio morgue. Eileen, he'd want a muslim burial. Saul, if no one claims him he'll be buried in a potters field.

Saul calls David Estes from Wyatt, West Virginia. He tells him he has a deal with Eileen. We need someone up on the roof of that house, under the flight path now. She doesn't have the full story. She was just told to buy the house and wait for a visitor to arrive. He did on Monday. She doesn't know his name, he was American, she is with a sketch artist now. They didn't say a word. They went right to the roof and spent an hour up there. David, doing what? Saul, I don't know. That's what we have to figure out.

Carrie comes up on the porch with the wood. Brody says I didn't drink tea at Langley. That wasn't just a lucky guess. Are you watching me? Carrie, I don't know what you mean. Brody, you are a spy aren't you? That's why you ran into me at the support group. Why you slipped me your number. Carrie, your wrong. Brody, don't lie to me. Carrie, it was my job. It is my job. Brody, so you're still spying on me. Carrie, I'm always working. Brody, on what suspicion? Carrie goes to go in the house. Brody won't let her in the door. He says are you looking for this? He holds up the gun?

Carrie, Abu Nazir's prisoner told me that an American prisoner of war had been turned and that he was coming home to carry out an attack. Brody, and you believed that? He told me minutes before he was executed. Brody, so. Carrie, so he was my prisoner. I interrogated him for months. He was cooperating at the end. There was no reason for him to lie. Brody, and you think I am that POW? Carrie, there's no one else it could be. Brody, the CIA thinks I'm working for alquaeda? Carrie, I think you're working for alquaeda. Brody, what about the gun Carrie? Bears, intruders? Carrie, we just keep it in the cabin. Brody, plus you never know when a terrorist might darken your door. Carrie, I never said terrorist. I said turned. Brody, if that were true, if any of it were true. Wouldn't I just kill you right now? Carrie, not if you're playing the long game. Brody, lays the gun down on the table. Ask me anything. Hold the gun to my head and ask me anything you want to know. I'll show you how wrong you are.

Carrie, Afzal Hamid. Brody, what about him? Carrie, did you slip him the razor blade in the safe house? Brody, how could I do that? Carrie, answer the question. Brody, no but I wish I had. I hope he bleed slowly and died in a lot of pain. Carrie, who is Issa? Brody, where did you hear that name? Carrie, who is he? Brody, he was my guard. He was nice to me. Carrie, what goes on in your garage? Brody, my garage?
Carrie, you said ask anything. Brody, I take the trash bins in and out. Fix a bicycle sometimes. Carrie, why do you go there late at night and early in the morning. Brody, to pray. Brody is moving his fingers like he was on TV. Carrie, what is that? Brody, it's a habit. When I don't have my prayer beads. I thought maybe it was a nervous tick of some sort caused from being on TV. Carrie, you're a muslim? Brody, yeah. You live in despair for eight years you might turn to religion too. And a King James Bible was not available. Carrie, why did they kill Walker and not you? Brody, you asked me that in the debrief. Carrie, and you were evasive. Brody, it doesn't matter. Carrie, I'll decide that. Brody, you don't need to know. Carrie, I need to know everything. Brody, I killed him. Okay? I killed him. They told me to beat him to death or be killed myself. And so I did it and I vowed to never tell another living soul. Carrie, who told you to kill him? Brody, Abu Nazir. Carrie, so you did meet him. Brody, yes. Carrie, you lied to us about meeting one of the leaders of alquaeda? Brody, that's right. Carrie, you want to explain that? Brody, I was embarrassed. Ashamed. Carrie, why? Brody, because he offered me comfort and I took it. Carrie, and you became his follower? A soldier in his jihad? Brody, no. Jesus don't you understand anything I'm telling you. I'm not made of that stuff. I'm no hero. I have nothing to give. I was broken living in the dark for years and a man walked in and he was kind to me. And I loved him. Brody looks like he could cry. Carrie looks confused.

David & Saul are talking to someone who is on top of the roof. He says it is clean. Not even a leaf. He cleaned his work space. Saul, face the airport Galvez. We are looking for direct line of sight targets. What do you see? A bunch of airport hotels. Saul, how about further out? Do you have binoculars? Galvez, terminal B Air France terminal thirty. Saul, what is that? It's small has a helipad out front. David, any signage? Galvez, reserved m-1. Saul, Marine 1. It's a landing pad for marine 1. David, oh shit. Saul, a mile is well within a snipers range. David, an expert sniper. Saul, an American military sniper. David send me Sargent Brody's picture. David, Brody? Why? Saul, so Eileen can look at it.

Brody, so are we done here? Carrie, you have an answer for everything. Brody, but you still don't believe me. Carrie, I know an American POW was turned it has to be you. Carries phone rings. Brody says he is leaving. Carrie, no we aren't finished. Brody, if you want to arrest me, come to my house. Or maybe you want to shoot me now. It's Saul on the phone. Saul, we were wrong about Brody. Carrie, what do you mean? Saul, a POW was turned, but it wasn't him. Carrie, I don't understand. Saul, Eileen just ID'd Thomas Walker the other soldier. Carrie, Tom Walker died. Saul, no. He's alive. He's the terrorist. I nailed that one as a possiblity the first episode. I knew Brody being the turned one was too easy.

Carrie puts the phone down and runs to the car. She tells Brody wait I made a terrible mistake. Brody, don't you think I already know that? Carrie, I am sorry. I am so sorry. This weekend that we spent together it was real. The parts.. the important parts. Brody, Carrie F you. He drives off. Carrie starts to cry. Now she doesn't have a ride home either. I guess she'll have to call her sister.

Brody goes home. Checks in on Chris. Then Dana. Then he looks into his bedroom. Jessica is laying there awake with her back to the door. He closes the door. He sits down on the couch and starts crying.

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  1. Thank you and keep up the good work .. I still think that Brody is part of the plan and we never know may be POWs were turned !!

  2. Haha I just looked up Calliope Indiana because I thought "wow, they're really off course" and here's your post. Though maybe Saul had some particular reason for showing Eileen the synagogue etc ??


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