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Homeland Season 1 Episode 8

We  finally meet Thomas Walker who is dressed as a homeless man living in the streets trying to get money from passing cars on the street in front of Capitol Hill.

A car with diplomat plates DKV203 pulls up and gives him a wad of money in a money clip. He unrolls the money and there is a message written in Sharpie that says Wicker Ave Storage. The money clip has 1019 on it.

David Estes is questioning Lucas (Thomas Walkers son) if the man he saw was his father. He told his mom he saw his father at school. She didn't believe him. Now Carrie has told her he is alive and they believe brainwashed. The only reason the wife believes he has changed is because he is alive and hasn't called her.

Saul Berenson is questioning Nicholas Brody about Thomas Walker being beat to death in the middle of the night. Brody, I didn't see it, but it was clear. I wonder how much Carrie Mathison has told Saul? Saul, they made you bury him? Brody, yes just like I said in my original debrief and 100 times since. Saul, just reconfirming. Brody, now do you want to tell me why I was told to drop everything and come running in here. Saul, his wife is trying to close the file. Just trying to oblige.

Nicholas Brody leaves Saul's office and runs into Carrie Mathison. She tells him she didn't say anything. Brody, then why am I here. Two days after I tell you I'm dragged in here to go over Tom's death. Carrie, I can't say. Brody, for a person who lies all the time I think you'd be better at it. Carrie, I'm sorry. Brody, for sleeping with me to get information? Is that part of the job description? Or did you get a promotion for showing initiative. Brody leaves.

Saul comes out of his office and asks Carrie what that was all about. Carrie tells him Brody is mad about having to answer the same questions over and over.

Brody goes home and tells Jessica where he as. She doesn't want to hear it. He apologizes for being gone two days. She says you were gone 8 years what's two more days? Jessica, I held on for six years after they told me you were dead. Then I screwed up. I didn't wait long enough. Brody, it's not your fault none of it is. I don't want everything to fall apart.

Saul, remember when you said Tom Walkers Achilles heal was his family, it got me thinking. Galvez got his phone records for me. Every morning around 8 am he calls the house from a disposable cell. Carrie, so he's been talking to his wife. Saul, no she takes Lucas to school at 8am, he calls and listens to their voices on the answering machine.

David Estes and another man walk in the office and says who does? The other man is special agent Hall. Their FBI liason. Carrie wants the wife to stay home and answer the phone one morning. Agent Hall is concerned she will blow it. Hall wants to put ads on the TV like they did with Whitey Bulger. Carrie points out it took them twenty years to find Bulger and all the information Hall has they gave him. David Estes, he is out there we need to find him fast. I want a recommendation on my desk in two hours.

Brody and his family are playing cards. The phone rings it's Elizabeth Gaines. She wants Jessica and Brody to go to a party. Dana says she is going if he isn't. Lizzy will send a car for them.

Saul and Mira have received an invitation also. Saul says it's better to go than stay home and watch her pack. Mira agrees to go. The doorbell rings it's Carrie. Saul says he is a little busy. Carrie tells him Estes put her in charge of the task force based on his recommendation. Saul, this can't wait? She tells him about meeting with Brody. She tells him it's over. Saul, it should have never have happened. She didn't tell him Brody thinks he killed Tom.

They have surveillance set up at Tom's wife's house. Tom's wife isn't sure everyone is out to help him. Carrie assures her he hasn't done anything yet they want to get him before he does. The phone rings she finally answers it. It is a telemarketer. The wife asks Carrie how she is supposed to tell him she got remarried. Carrie, tell him you kept him alive in your sons eyes. Enough that he recognized him. The phone rings again. She answers. Tom hangs up. They were able to track enough of the call to know it came from DC about a mile from there. Saul tells them to pull up the street cams with facial recognition.

Tom is pulling the battery from his phone, he then looks at the message on the bills again.

Brody's kids are watching for the car. Chris asks Dana if she has noticed they aren't fighting anymore. A limo arrives. Brody is in uniform and Jessica is all dressed. Brody asks how do we look? Dana, I swear I must be adopted.

Saul and Mira arrive at the party. Lizzy tells Mira Saul is even crankier when she is gone. She hopes she stays around this year. Mira sees someone she knows and leaves. Lizzy, did I accidentally hit a nerve? Saul, I doubt it. Lizzy, I may have heard rumors.

Brody and Jessica arrive. Lizzy goes and says hi. She introduces Saul. Jessica and Brody go to get drinks and Saul asks Lizzy what she is up too. Lizzy, they are perfect aren't they? Saul, you've been poking around ever since he became the poster child for DOD. You're grooming him. For what? Lizzy, by the end of the evening you might just find out.

Carrie is still at Tom's house. It's evening now. Lucas is getting put to bed by his step dad Matt.

Brody is at the party telling a story about how they were supposed to be protecting a solid gold head of Saddam that had been replaced by Mr. Potato Head.

Jessica I know I don't have to ask, you've noticed it too. Brody, yes everyone is being really nice to us. It's weird. The head of the DNC told both of them individually, I want you to think of me as your new best friend. They know something is up.

Lizzy is talking to Saul. She tells him he can come talk to her whenever he needs too. Then asks him to get the Brody's to the library. There is a sexting scandal on TV about a Congressman that he is denying. So they are going to have Brody run for Congress? Lizzy whispers to Saul, he'll be gone in two days I have an idea who can replace him. Saw that coming a mile away. So if he just re-enlisted how's he going to run for Congress?

The Congressman's name is Dick Johnson. Jessica is laughing about it in the car on the way home. She is drunk but tells Brody she had a really nice day.

They get home, they kids are watching TV. They sit down and join them.

The phone rings Tom's wife picks up the phone. Nothing there. She says Tom is that you? Lucas thought he saw you at school. Carrie runs upstairs knocks on the bedroom door. Matt is in bed alone. Carrie calls Saul, we're on get up. Ut-oh I'll bet when Saul gets back from work Mira is gone. Carrie finds the wife out in the yard. She tells him I know you are there I can feel you there. I never gave up on you. I never lost hope. A boy needs a father that's what you always said. I never stopped loving you not for one second. Tom, says Helen. She hears his voice and says Tom I've done a horrible thing. Get out of there! Get out of there now! They are listening! Tom drops the phone and runs, he goes up a wall right before the police arrive. Carrie tells the tac team not to lose the target. Helen screams he's not the target. He's my husband!

Tom is running. It looks like he just ran past a car with someone sitting in it. I don't know if there is any relevance to that or not. They tell Carrie he is running for the rail yard. She says no that would be too exposed. He'll stay where there is cover. Tom attacks the guy Carrie is talking to and takes his weapon.  The rest of the team has spotted him busting through a door. Carrie tells them to wait. She says they need to flank him on the next street. To contain him but stay back. It's too late the team went in. They spot someone running. They shoot two men. Neither of them look like Tom.

David Estes arrives at the scene. Carrie and Saul are there. Where ever this place is. It is where the local Muslims were for morning prayer. Agent Hall the FBI guy is saying Tom fired on the team. That's not how I saw it. Someone on the FBI team holler gun then they fired and killed the two men. Carrie, that's very much in dispute. Walker is still on the loose.

Walker is now at the storage unit. Which is empty except for a case with what looks like a sniper rifle in it. Agent Hall wants to go public again. Carrie, asks what about here? Hall, call him a terrorist and what happened here won't matter much. That's just wrong. David, Saul? Saul, I'll draft the language. David, the sooner we get this done the better.

Brody gets a call. Jessica asks who it is and he tells her she doesn't need to worry about it. He gets up and goes outside. It's Carrie. He want's to know what she is doing there. Carrie, there is something you need to know. Brody, not at 6 in the morning. Carrie, Tom Walker is alive.

Brody, you're lying. I killed him with my own hands just like I told you. Carrie tells him there is a manhunt that it's going public in a few hours. She thought he deserved to hear it first. It's still classified. Carrie reassures him she did not betray his confidence to anyone. She knew a POW was turned. She didn't know Walker was alive anymore than he did. Don't hate me because I thought it was you. Brody, you just did what you had to. You just did your job. Carrie, it wasn't my job. Jessica opens the door. Brody goes and tells her she is from the CIA.

Saul gets there as Mira is loading her bags into a taxi. Saul tries to unload them. She stops him. Mira, there hasn't been one day since I came home that you went to bed and were still there when I woke up in the morning. I don't think I can even remember when you were last home for twelve straight hours. Saul, it's my Achilles heal, my weakness. She gives him a hug and leaves. She tries to keep from crying as the cab pulls away.

Saul back at the office with Carrie. We are going to have tips a mile wide by morning. We are going to have to prioritize. Carrie, I had an epiphany today. Saul, about Walker? Carrie, no about me. I'm going to be alone my whole life aren't I?

The car with diplomatic plates DKV203 just pulled up in front of a house. The man gets out goes in the house and turns off the alarm. It says fault zone 2. He turns and looks up the stairs. He goes up stairs the TV is on talking about Walker. The man starts saying Walker you can't be here the whole world is looking for you.  From a chair Brody says you people told me Walker was dead. UT-OH!  He jumps up grabs the man by the throat. Brody, my friend! You told me I killed him. You made me believe! The man struggling to breathe, I don't know! Really you have to talk to Abu Nazir. Brody, I'm through talking to Abu Nazir and you can tell him that. Tell him it's over. Oh wow so they are both turned? They must be. How would Brody know to go to this guy otherwise? And who is this guy? The diplomat?

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