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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

"Vital Signs"

Finally I get to watch Deadliest Catch.

A teaser pre show. Captain Keith Colburn is in a room with the new greenhorn Chris Scambler is on the floor. Captain Keith says he needs a pulse and blood pressure immediately. He needs to call the Coast Guard. He asks Chris are you with me? How many fingers am I holding up? He holds up two fingers. Chris says four. It looks like they are in the fore peak and Chris is on the floor. Captain Keith says alright I'm calling the Coast Guard. He runs to the wheel house, picks up the mic takes several deep breaths and calls the Coast Guard.

For those of you who missed the post with the Coast Guard call in November, here it is again. Coast Guard Call

On the Northwestern. Edgar Hansen is on the phone with someone telling them he is sorry, she was like a mom to him too. He has gotten a call from home, his wife just flew back from Norway, she lost her mom.

In the wheel house Captain Sig just needs 30,000 more pounds and they can go home. The pots have been soaking for five and a half days. The guys are all anxious to see what they have in the pots. The first pot comes up with one crab. Nick Mavar says this sucks. The next pot has eight. They pull the next pot and the line snaps out of the block. No one gets hurt. The line almost got Matt Bradley's fingers but Edgar Hansen threw out some extra line and saved Matt's fingers and the empty pot.

They were hoping for a good string to go home, instead it is their worst so far.

Back on the Wizard. Chris Scambler and Grady Quinn are still struggling with the basics. They are pulling up decent pots and setting back. Captain Keith says Grady and Chris have no clue they are only going to move as fast as they are told. Lenny is tired of babysitting.

They pull one pot and the weather picks up. Captain Keith says we are going to start rolling again. He has two kids out there that aren't ready to work in this kind of weather. Captain Keith shuts down the fishing.

The Seabrooke is in St. Paul Harbor for their second off load. Elliott just lost $1000. Woo HOO! Go Captain Scott. There was no doubt in my mind who would win that contest. But Captain Scott isn't in a mood to celebrate, he only has one main engine working still and doesn't know if they can even find parts to fix it. Trying to haul gear with one main is not going to be fun. The good news, Junior just delivered 60,000 pounds worth over $420,000. I guess he'll have money for parts if he can find them. Junior calls his dad (Colonel) to help find parts. His dad tells him some of the parts need to be made at the factory in Germany. Captain Scott is concerned because the weather is getting bad, 45 mph winds in the harbor. He's afraid if they don't get out of there, they will shut the harbor down and he won't be able to leave. I'm not so sure leaving in bad weather with one engine is such a good idea. Captain Scott's out of there. He says he has no choice. If they don't get the rest of their quota the guys go home broke, so they tough it out with one engine.  I see Captain Scott is advertising for Bass Pro Shops. I wonder if he's met Jamie McMurray. 

Captain Scott's first test, getting out of the harbor. A little tricky with the rocks. If anything happens with the good engine they could end up on the rocks or the beach. They make it. Captain Scott, Jr does not like running with one engine. He says he feels like he is going to school with his pants half down. LOL

On the Ramblin' Rose. The owner wants results now! Lenny the owner has told Elliott Neese to start catching crab or he will send another boat up there to do it. LMAO I love it! Elliott tells the crew they have to pull 6,000 pounds a day for them not to send another boat. So far they have not topped 4,000. Is that Kado eating a Popsicle? I guess he's not cold. LOL. He tells the crew they have to put all the gear together and start turning numbers.  UM I'm pretty sure the crew is doing their job. Heck they are even adding in the babies to increase the numbers. Maybe if the captain would find his own crab instead of stealing half of someone else's they would have better results. Elliott says they need to find 15's and 20's but he doesn't think they are going to find it. They pull a pot with five crab. Elliott says they are going back to the old style of fishing. He's going to grind the crew.  Needless  to say the crew isn't happy. One of them says something is wrong upstairs. Then Steiner catches his leg in the line, Nick yanked him free.

On the Wizard. They have 25 ft seas and are still shut down. Chris is in the galley eating. It doesn't seem like the greenhorns are experiencing any sea sickness. Gary Soper talks about keeping track of the new guys. They are starting to pull pots anyway. They pull a pot, Keith orders the greenhorns to take shelter, he's worried about them being on deck. The crane drops a pot. Brady took the blame for not hooking the pot up correctly. No one was hurt by the falling pot. Captain Keith sends everyone back in the house. He says this is not fishing weather, it is put all the boys in their bunk and hide out weather. Time for a movie!Ya!

Northwestern 123,900
Seabrooke 117,240
Kodiak 93,775
Time Bandit 81,755
Wizard 79,150
Ramblin' Rose 73,200

Finally the Time Bandit! Everyone is tired. Captain Johnathan threw a seal bomb at them. LMAO Someone saw it coming and took off running. Nothing like getting bombed on a fishing boat. Like the pirate days. Where's Errol Flynn? And back to commercial. 

What the heck is this? They did that last week with the coffee scene on the Northwestern. One short scene and then back to commercial. Are the Hillstrands and Hansens fighting with Discovery again? I haven't seen anything. What the heck is going on? This is crap!

Back on the Seabrooke. Elliott calls Captain Scott and congratulates him. Elliott tells Scott he'll have a thousand dollars waiting for him. Captain Scott is going to put it towards his $70,000 repair.

They have hurricane warnings but the skies are beautiful right now. They pull up a pot with 9 crab. The wind is showing up early. The wind takes a pot and swings it back overboard. The crew let it go and no one was hurt.

On the Wizard. The weather has calmed down. Mike Rowe says greenhorn school is in full session. Gary Soper says you have to teach them how to make coffee, how to clean up after themselves. The things their parents should have taught them. Lenny says Christopher is doing way better tying knots today. Then Chris runs over and stands next to the pots. He says his right arm has shooting pains going down it, he doesn't know what is going on. He seems to be short of breath. Gary takes him to talk to Keith. They go in the forepeak and Gary starts helping him take his gear off. Freddie goes in the wheel house and Captain Keith starts questioning him about Soper helping Chris off deck. Freddie takes the wheel while Captain Keith goes to see what is going on. Chris says he feels like he is going to pass out. Dang I hope the dude ain't having a heart attack. He lays down on the deck. Captain Keith comes in the door and wants to know what is going on.

Captain Keith tells him you need to talk to me. Tell me what is going on. Chris says his face is numb. He's all tingly. Chris says he's tingly from his head down to his fingers, he's starting to feel it in his tongue. Captain Keith asks him if this has ever happened before? If he's ever had an allergic reaction. Chris says absolutely not. Captain Keith is asking questions trying to figure out what's going on. He says he wants his feet up in case he is going into some kind of shock. He tells him to breathe regularly. Captain Keith says he's got to call the Coast Guard he doesn't know what's going on. He tells Soper to put something under his head and put his feet up.  He starts to leave then turns back to Chris and says are you with me? Please tell me, talk to me, tell me how many fingers you see Chris. He holds up two fingers. Chris says four. Captain Keith runs for the wheel house. He tells Freddie he doesn't know what is going on with the kid, he doesn't know if he is having some kind of a seizure or if he is going into shock or what. He doesn't call the Coast Guard. He goes back to Soper and Chris and says give me a status report. Is he the same or worse? He tells Soper I want his rain gear off I want to make sure you monitor his breathing. I want a pulse and blood pressure immediately. Soper starts cutting Chris's rain gear off. Captain Keith is out of breath, he's not sounding too good. Someone says he's dehydrated. Captain Keith says lets get some water in him right away. Someone else hollers no he needs Gatorade. Ya, if he's dehydrated. Captain Keith tries to ask him when the last time he had something to drink was. Chris is out of it.

Captain Keith goes to the wheel house and calls the Coast Guard Cutter Sherman. The guys are down in the forepeak pulling Chris's clothes off and moving him to the kitchen table. Someone says he's cold. They put a pillow under his head and put his feet up then start pouring Gatorade down his throat. Chris' fingers seem to be cramping or something. The crew are taking  his blood pressure and pulse, Captain Keith is now calling Com State. He tells them he has a crew member that is showing signs of possibly suffering from dehydration, showing signs of shock, possible convulsions and is barely coherent.

I gotta give Chris credit, he kept working until he dropped. Maybe Monte was on to something. 

The show ended there leaving us hanging. And again with no song. Where are Paul Hepker and J Peter Robinson? Come on Discovery, we need some tunes. Pay the boys to write us some. Call Troy Huls or Captain Andy to write us a song. Something! No Time Bandit, no tunes. I'm feeling neglected and abused. I'm not a happy camper.

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